Digimon Neo-Tamers United: A Charioteer Mode (djdeathspider) Fanfic


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Jun 17, 2014
Chapter 1: A New Hero Is Chosen
The clock struck ten as Parthasarathi Singh let out yet another yawn, and almost fell off his wooden double-bed. His little brother had already gone for his tennis game, and he knew if he didn’t get up soon, he would be late for his swimming camp. Throwing the blanket aside, he stood up and stretched his arms. Still drowsy, he walked out the door of his room, heading for the washroom, hitting his toe on the hinge. Swearing under his breath, he put on his stylised slippers (he hated crocs; according to him, they were the gayest things in the world) and brushed his teeth. Then, slipping off his pants, he put on his swimming costume, and slipped on a pair of jeans over his swimming costume. At precisely 8:35 AM, he bolted out the door, and ever wary of his ‘stalker’ stray dog, brisk walked all the way to the IIT Sports Complex. “All right everybody, line up”, said the instructor. And then everybody robotically murmured their roll numbers, and jumped into the water. After two rounds of nonstop paddling, it was finally his turn to do a width. Drawing in a breath of fresh air with his mouth, Parth dived into the water like a dolphin, and then almost went underwater, when he saw something that vaguely reminded him of disco lights. His train of thoughts was interrupted by the fact that he had exhausted his supply of oxygen, and had tightened his body too much to come to the surface. As he lost all consciousness, he thought he saw something that looked like a large mantis with a frilled neck.
“You alright, son?” asked the in-charge of swimming, Mr. Hemant. “He’s lucky he didn’t hit the surface of the water. That was the deep end in which he was running. Why on earth did you suddenly stop mid-paddle, kid?” asked the instructor, who seemed livid with rage. “I-I saw a bright light, and then-then...” “He’s delirious, Rama”, said Mr. Hemant. “Yes, I can see that”, snapped the instructor, Rama. “You,” he said pointing at Parth, “stay out of the water for another five minutes. And after that you better not drown again like a wimp. I won’t have any excuses.” Parth nodded, his imagination racing ahead of him. Just what was that giant mantis he had seen earlier? It couldn’t be, could it? Almost ready to throw up again, Parth continued his silent rumination, until it was his turn to do a breadth again. This time he ignored everything else, and made it to the other side of the pool. “Okay, that’s enough for today,” said Rama. “Class dismissed!”
Parth kicked a can of Kingfisher’s beer out of the way, as he sat down on his friend’s motorbike. “Don’t exert yourself, man”, he said. “I’m back”, said Parth. “Your breakfast is ready. Today’s special is kebab sandwiches”, said Parth’s mom. “Ok”, he said, trudging glumly into the kitchen and picking up a plate, squeezing a generous amount of tomato ketchup into it. He then headed to his room and switched on his laptop. He had been lately downloading old episodes of the anime Digimon Tamers, and today he was going to watch the 9th episode. As he poured himself a glass of Tang, reclined in his revolving chair and grabbed his breakfast, he waited for VLC Media Player to load. The preliminary growl of Guilmon that preceded Wada Kouji’s ‘The Biggest Dreamer’ sounded. However, something was wrong. The electricity suddenly went out, and the laptop screen started to glow cyan. “Talk about immersive cinema”, commented Parth. However, he didn’t have time to say anything else, as he was sucked, it seemed, into the computer, spilling his glass of Tang, and knocking over his breakfast. He found himself floating in an empty space, with a blinding light before him. “Human, do you wish to be a Tamer?” said a voice with a double timbre that seem to come from nowhere in particular. “Huh?” said Parth. And then what seemed like an old mobile phone appeared before him, except that it didn’t look anything like a mobile phone. It had speakers like a walkie-talkie, two buttons that looked like direction keys, a central button, a weird-looking button, an SD card slot, and an overlarge

screen. It was completely white. It had the letters ‘XJA’ written on it.
“Do you wish to be a Tamer?” repeated the voice. “Yes”, said Parth. “Then grab your destiny. Take this Digivice XJA, and say your name out loud.” “Parthasarathi Singh!” said Parth, grabbing the Digivice, his voice seeming to reverberate everywhere. As he touched the Digivice, it changed colour. “Then it is time,” said the voice, “that you meet your Digimon partner.” Without warning, Parth was unceremoniously swung into a vortex at warp speed, and landed on terra firma. The purple mantis-like creature appeared before him again. As he looked carefully at his new Digimon partner, its resemblance to a mantis became less pronounced. Its head was the shape of a pumpkin, it had thin hands that looked like vines, and it had legs that most certainly did not look like those of an insect. “Keramon?” mouthed Parth. “Hi partner. I’ve waited for you for a long time. It’s time for some fun”, said the Digimon.

Chapter 2: Xros, Jogress, Armor
Still bewildered by the impact his feet made on the ground, as well as his unexpected meeting with a partner Digimon, Parth gradually began to take in his surroundings. That he wasn’t on earth anymore became apparent the second he saw a mountain floating in the sky. “I see you’ve made it to the Digital World safe and sound”, said the same voice, this time without the double timbre, from behind. “Who’re you?” asked Parth, as he turned around to face a tall and handsome man clad in some sort of regal robe. “The name’s Gennai, kid. I’m the one who chose you, as well as the rest of the thirteen other Neo-Tamers.” “Neo-Tamers?” asked Parth. “Yeah, that’s right”, said Gennai. “Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait...so this whole franchise, this whole Digimon story is true? The Digital World is for real? HYPNOS exists? There was a man called Oikawa? There really was a D-Reaper? Is this a dream?” said Parth, frantically. A tall and blonde Japanese youth, wearing a tweed jacket, descended from a hillock and pinched Parth hard. “Ow! What was that for?” complained Parth. “For convincing you this isn’t a dream. Buckle up kid. There’s no room for weaklings around here”, said the blonde guy. “Kiriha?” ventured Parth. “Close enough. I am the firstborn son of Kiriha Aonuma and Nene Amano, Chiaki Aonuma.” “Nene and Kiriha got married?” said Parth, with the air of someone who had been given the spoiler about a new instalment of his favourite book series. “Such frivolity”, hissed Chiaki. “You’re treating our forefathers’ lives as nothing but old stories. Tell me, do you have a Xros JA?” “Pardon?” asked Parth. “A Digivice Xros JA, or in short, a Digivice XJA. This.” And then Chiaki pulled out his own Digivice from the pocket of his jacket.

“Oh, a Digivice?” said Parth. “Yeah, I have one.” And he pulled out his own from his jeans pocket. “Hmmm....” Chiaki seemed to be deep in thought. Then, he suddenly spoke again. “You probably have no idea how it works, do you?” he said. Parth nodded. “For starters, what’s this SD card slot for?” he asked Chiaki. “We’ll be getting to that in a moment,” replied Chiaki. “But first, you need to know what XJA stands for.” Parth nodded again, uncertainly. “X is for Xros, Digixros, that is. J is Jogress, or DNA Digivolution, and A is for Armor.”
“So wait, I can have more than one Digimon at a time?” asked Parth. “Let me give you an analogy”, said an Indian guy in a striped shirt, who was roughly Parth’s height. Beside him a Patamon was floating in the air. Parth instantly recognised his friend. “Rachit!” exclaimed Parth, as he went and hugged his friend. “Umm...okay,” said Rachit uncertainly. “Now let me continue. Suppose you have a football team. You have an ace striker, a goalie, and other support players. If you only had the ace striker in your team, you would no doubt be defeated by the other team, since the other players of the opponent’s team would overwhelm your striker. Similarly, without a goalie, your team would never be able to save their goal. In the same manner, one main Digimon partner would be the main player of your team, but if you don’t have other Digimon to Digixros with, or other Digimon for Jogress evolution to take your game to the next level, you would most certainly be defeated.” “Okay, I think I get it now”, said Parth. “This is a lot like Digimon World DS, right?” “Right,” said Rachit, “but this time it’s for real, and the stakes are high. We’re talking about the fate of the Digital World and the Real World, as well as our own lives. If we’re not careful, we could very well die here.” “I have two questions. How do I add other Digimon to my team? And who is the villain this time?” (Chiaki rolled his eyes at this.) asked Parth. “You remember Digimon Hunters? And the gameplay of Digimon World Dawn, as well as that of Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars?” asked Rachit. Parth nodded. “Well, yes”, he replied. “So do we get DigiMelodies or do we hunt Digimon? Or do we Digiconvert?” “It’s something in between, kid”, said Chiaki. “You see, you can obtain the 100% percent scan data of any Digimon you defeat, the moment you defeat it. You can also revive a Digimon using its Melody. Furthermore, if you’ve defeated a Digimon, you have the choice to either use its scan data to create a fresh copy, or to use its melody to revive the Digimon concerned.” “Okay, now what is the threat the Digital World faces?” asked Parth earnestly. “It’s really not a single threat,” said Gennai. “Are you familiar with the Demon Lords?” “Those flunkies who stand for the seven cardinal sins of man?” asked Parth. “Precisely. You see, global warming has been tearing apart the boundary between the Digital World and the Real World. As a result, more Digimon are Bioemerging in the Real World, and computer viruses from the Real World are infecting the Digimon of the Digital World. A computer virus has corrupted Yggdrasil, and somebody, we don’t know whom, has been using the hole in the security to initiate the process of reviving the Demon Lords. The virus’s effects are far-reaching. There was a built-in vaccine program in Yggdrasil that prevented Digimon from Digivolving beyond Mega Level, because that would disrupt the networks in the Real World, and would ever so slightly physically warp the Digital World, gradually changing it into a distorted world. We need to find out who did this, and we have to stop them. That’s where you Neo-Tamers come in. Because there are no restrictions on Digivolution now, your Digivices enable you to access all forms of evolution, excluding of course Spirit Evolution as well as Digisoul Charge. Any other questions?” “Um..., yes. What is the effing SD Card slot for?” asked Parth. “Good question”, said a blonde girl with a cockney accent, beside whom a Biyomon was floating. “Ever thought where you’d store all the scan data? Or the DigiMelodies?” “Uh, no?” ventured Parth. “You see, scan data and DigiMelodies both basically store the highly compressed source code of a Digimon. DigiMelodies, in addition to the basic source code, also contain the memories and information from the Digimon’s past configuration. The Digimon’s source code is stored as a melody in a wave PCM file, which is then dumped onto the main memory of the Digivice, which reads the data and converts it into a Digimon. The temporary files created in the process of conversion of scan data or DigiMelodies into a Digimon rarely exceed 4 gigabytes, whereas the maximum storage capacity of a Digivice 1 terabyte. For this reason, your SD card has a storage space of 64 gigabytes, and you can convert only one Digimon at a time. Conversion of Digimon from DigiMelodies is faster than conversion from scan data, because wave PCM files are uncompressed audio.” “All that is fine, but where is my SD card?” asked Parth, irritated. “It should reach here any moment”, said Gennai, with a smile. And sure enough, a small bubble carrying a microSD card came floating from the sky. “Grab it”, said Chiaki. Parth nodded uncertainly, and then reached out to grab the bubble. Instantly, the bubble busted in his outstretched hand, and the feather-light SD card was in the palm of his hand. “Insert it”, said a red-haired youth with a strange accent and a kindly face. Beside him stood a Stingmon. “Cool”, said Parth. And with that he inserted the SD card into the SD card slot. The Digivice momentarily glowed white and then its screen turned on. “So, where are we?” asked Parth. “This place is called New File Island”, said Gennai. “After DarknessBagramon was defeated, the Digital World was rebuilt. This is the northernmost end of the new Digital World.” Suddenly, they heard the flapping of wings above them. A green beetle-like creature was hovering above them. The Digivice displayed a visual in mid-air. Snimon, it read. “Let me handle this”, said a Romanian guy with olive-toned hair, and an Omnimon beside him. “Negative”, replied Omnimon. “I won’t attack a Digimon that is of no use to you, Master Amadeus.” “Let the new guy get some action”, said Gennai, smiling. “Let’s show ‘em what we’re made of, partner”, said Keramon. “BUG BLASTER!!” The attack hit the Snimon’s right flank, but it seemed unhurt. “Hahahaha! My turn!” it cackled in a voice full of malice. “Shadow Sickle!” “Everybody run!” ordered Gennai. Parth and the other didn’t need telling twice. They ran into the forest overhead, disappearing in a thicket of trees. “You can run, but you can’t hide!” As trees and twigs fell over the dodging and jumping Neo-Tamers, Parth’s Digivice started beeping. It showed a direction arrow, mounted on the circumference of a dotted circle. “Why is his Digivice reacting?” said Amadeus, apparently shocked. “It can’t be!” exclaimed the blonde girl with the cockney accent. Gennai grinned. “It most certainly is”, said the Romanian youth. “You all are literally going to kill me with the suspense!” bellowed Parth. “Follow that arrow, kid”, said Gennai. “That arrow will lead you to your first ever Digimental. Everybody follow the new kid!” “It’s Parthasarathi”, said Parth scathingly. Running frantically and dodging the falling debris of trees and branches and twigs, the fourteen Neo-Tamers soon reached the foot of the stairs of a temple. “Everybody stay low. Pat, you go up the stairs of the temple, and pick up the Digimental. Do not come back without it.” “It’s Parth!” he moaned, and began his arduous and steep climb up the twenty-four steps of the temple. “Oh no, you don’t! Shadow Sickle!” The impact hit the centre of the thirteenth step, and the golden steps started to crumble beneath Parth’s feet. Parth jumped onto the golden railing, clinging on for dear life. Snimon made another attack, but instead of brutally flinging Parth off the stairs, the impact of the attack landed him face-first onto the floor of the temple itself. “Ow!” said Parth. His Digivice beeped even faster and loudly. Parth looked up to see a gilded silver Digimental that seemed to have eyespots, bearing the symbol of the Crest of Miracles on it. In that moment, Parth knew what he had to do. Grabbing the Digimental, he lifted it effortlessly, as though it were a balloon. “DIGIMENTAL UP!” he shouted. Keramon was surrounded by a golden light, and a miraculous transformation took place. “Keramon Armor Digivolve to.....MechaArgomon!” “What!?” exclaimed Parth. “This is...this isn’t the right evolution.” “I’m a Virus Attribute Digimon”, said the giant MechaArgomon, lifting Parth and placing him onto his shoulder. “This is the way I’m supposed to evolve, partner. Now, let’s beat the crap out of him.” “In your dreams”, said the Snimon. “Shadow Sickle!” Argomon blocked the attack with his bare hands. “My turn”, he said. “Vines of Armageddon!” Snimon was caught up in MechaArgomon’s vines and seemed paralysed. Even Parth could feel the tremor of the electric shock flowing out of the vines and into the Snimon’s body. “Let me go!” it complained. “As you wish,” said MechaArgomon. “Time to end this. Defrag Punch!” MechaArgomon raised a large hand to punch the Snimon in its thorax. The Snimon fell down with a decisive finality and disintegrated into a thousand tiny particles. “Scan data captured”, said a female voice from Parth’s Digivice. “You might want to get down now, partner”, said MechaArgomon, putting Parth down. “Thanks. And call me Kiwi, dude.” The imposing figure of MechaArgomon reverted back to the small Keramon, with a bright light. “Good work, slick”, said Gennai. “But now it’s time to get you to the Neo-Tamers camp.”

That's all for now. So what do you think? Does this story have potential?

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EDIT: Here's the story on Wattpad - http://www.wattpad.com/story/17976482-digimon-neo-tamers-united/parts
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