Digimon Mentions in Toei Fiscal Quarter 1 (Ending in June) 2022 Report- Digimon Continues to do Well


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Sep 8, 2006

A few Digimon mentions in a new Toei fiscal report. This covers the fiscal quarter (the 1st for fiscal 2023) from April 1st, 2022 through June 20th, 2022.

They note that their copyright business is up 12.6% from the previous fiscal period. Digimon Adventure is mentioned once again, as it often is, this time game rights are mentioned (likely for appearances in other games, apps, etc. & mobile and MMOs in a few countries.)

This is reiterated when going over overseas copyright stuff in various places, game rights for Digimon in China were especially strong and pointed out.

Not much of note in the calendar. Survive is there with the Japanese release date (which is today.)

No mention of Ghost Game outside of the currently running on TV section.

This, and related financial documents show that continuing the general trend we've seen in the last few of these, the brand is doing well, and is a major part of business for Toei. Licensing for the brand outside of Japan even has it outpacing various other franchises in those segments that tend to do well for Toei, such as Sailor Moon for example. (The prior part of this small section is functionally a copy paste, as it generally still applies.)

One change is with the continued growth of Digimon outside of Japan, Digimon very well might be the 3rd biggest brand for Toei Animation, behind Dragon Ball and One Piece.

The equivalent reports last year cited Digimon as the 4th largest brand for Toei.


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