Digimon League (RPG, mix between NDS games, RPG Maker and a bit of Pokemon?)

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Feb 14, 2015
-Name: Digimon League
-Current Version: 0.4.0 (Incomplete, Demo)
-Website: Gamejolt

Most of the info is on the website, I just want to know if I failed by doing this, or if it needs few tweaks? Most of the base is done (You can evolve/devolve, buy, sell, equip, level up, train, feed, day/night cycle), the message down below if a copy paste of the website (Looks better in here, writting tools on that website sucks...)

Images at the bottom of the post!


WARNING, THIS PROJECT IS INCOMPLETE, DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH ABOUT IT! (Current Version 0.4.0, Compared to 0.3.0, this one is big!)

Sorry for writting so much, that was why i used to upload often, now everything is accumulated, i should fix it later.


-I tested the game A LOT, and just once while recording with the program opened, just after getting out of the tamer home i opened the menu and it lagged a second (The program showed an error log, but the game continued), after getting to a new zone with new music, the old music didn't stop, is a big problem, but it just happened once, probably i was overloading my PC, you can see that the "speedrun" video seems a little laggy (It showed 57-60 fps while recording, maybe wrong setup)

Due to lack of references (And/or creativity)

-Some assets (Character/Digimon drawings) are really... bad?, i didn't fully paint some because i wasn't happy with the size and pose. (I was ok with slightly cheap art, but, highly cheap like now feels bad)

If your digimon gets hungry, you can get 3 pieces of meat daily in the farm, you can also defeat enemies, they can drop 3 of the low tier food, you could also get other drops, sell them and buy meat from Etemon.

More information or "guides" can be found in "qGuides.txt", i sort it as good as i could.

I fully tested the main goal, and i didn't found any error. (I did it on one run, but closing it and open it again shouldn't cause any issue, probably it would be better that way)

Well, the game has an "anti-cheat" feature, it should work as expected, but once it triggered without a reason, i don't know if it was something that i did or it was a bug (It happened in one fight at Data Forest, just once and never happened again, if it happen to you, report it here please)

This system is currently causing fps leaks, i want to know if it really works to fix it or if doesn't work to just erase it, i tried the easy method with Cheat Engine and it worked, i don't know if there is any better method

The game is really short, but it already has the shape, i just need to think of better conversations and mapping.

The enemies are randomly placed, sometimes even over blocked zones, i was thinking on selecting specifiq spots for them to spawn, what do you think? (For example, Gekomon appears near "water" by that you can farm your desired ones?, it could show at least 1 of the spot and the rest could be random)

If i do that i suppose some spots could be, little straw (Birds), Scratches on trees, floor and rocks (Horned Creatures or with Claws)

Or even more specifiq ones (Because the enemies in each area aren't random) like poop for Numemon and Sukamon family :3

The first "Raid"/"Miniboss" will be Bakemon, isn't in yet (I didn't even draw it), but i tough in it's spawn point, so don't wait for him if you find where it is (At least not in this version)


Welcome to the Digital World, where "you" are a hero whose job is to keep peace and harmony between humans and Digimon (Short for Digital Monsters)

One of the first "humans" to step in the Digital World, was a little but powerfull being, then, plenty of humans started apearing in this quiet world

these newcomers wanted to take over everything, they were selfish, they desired power, the first "human" punished these dangerous humans expelling them

from the Digital World, most of them stopped doing harm and lived happily along Digimon, both sides considered her as their "goddess", she made everything possible to keep the harmony between species.

Humans were tagged with Digimon partners and were called "Heroes", but there wasn't good without evil, some humans started to get greedy and once again, the peace was broken.

It didn't matter if they were good or bad, everyone feared the powerfull goddess, until one day... that she vanished.

The Digimon League was established, a place were heroes fight each other in order to claim the title of the "strongest", was this what the goddess wanted?

The heroes who had made important achievements claim to have seen the goddess, the only being in this world that knows it only exit, "you" should meet her to understand

everything, why are we here? why she vanished? any question that only one god could answer.

Danger has come, your chance to do something important is here, your only way out, grow strong with your partners to discover the mistery of this new world.


  • D-Pad/Arrows: Move
  • Shift: Run while moving
  • Z: Accept
  • X: Cancel/Menu.



Junior Commander
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Sep 9, 2017
This is really impressive! Especially since it looks like you made all(?) of the assets yourself! I'm looking forward to seeing how you flesh this out going forward :]


Ain't got no mojo...
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Feb 14, 2015
This is really impressive! Especially since it looks like you made all(?) of the assets yourself! I'm looking forward to seeing how you flesh this out going forward :]
Thanks, yes, all made by myself, well, human characters are made with a base that I didn't made, so... human characters are only 50% made by me... kinda? (I have less than 10 Digimon made in 3D, which I think would be an better aproach for this... 2D seems dead, at least with Digimon? unless is a sick modern one?)

I was working on the fandom website (Actually, the Digimon one in a Fan games branch)

The only worth information there is the item List (Name, Description, Buy and Sell Price) and the currently available Digimon, that list is really small, I'll post it here too:

Babies/In Training II
  • Koromon
  • Motimon
  • Pukamon
  • Pyokomon
  • Tanemon
  • Tokomon
  • Tsunomon
  • Agumon
  • Renamon
  • Veemon
Calumon's graphics were kinda made, but I didn't felt like adding it now...