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Sep 8, 2006

A small update for the Digimon Kitchen Car for anyone visiting Chiba who planned to nab something from the Digimon Kitchen Car.

After talking with venues over coronavirus concerns, various Animate food truck collaborations and events have had changes made (with some being cancelled.)

The first 2 periods for the Digimon Kitchen Car already took place as scheduled over the past 2 weeks.

The 3rd and final period of the Digimon Kitchen Car (February 29th thru March 1st) will not take place at the Ario Soga shopping center in Chiba as scheduled.

The 3rd period has not been cancelled. During the same periods it was scheduled for Ario Soga it will be held at the Ario Ichihara shopping center (also in Chiba.) The menu and products should be the same (based on availability.)

This is the only change for the Digimon Kitchen Car currently planned (they put up their page about changes about 20 minutes before this post went up.) Further changes may be made and if so the page will be updated, and they will tweet updates.

Previous updates about the current version of the Digimon Kitchen Car can be found here and here.


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