Digimon Journal 7- Omegamon Alter-S, WereGarurumon, & Lilithmon


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Sep 8, 2006

The new Digimon Journal has gone up, and we get a new Digimon Highlights!

Each Digimon highlights features 3 Digimon and includes:
Various art displayed at a decent resolution (not amazing, but decent), including some art never before seen clean or at good resolutions before.
A text profile, giving information on appearances and the character.
A list of Main Appearances
Showing off a card from the Card Game featuring them.
A link to their reference book entry.
At the end of the Journal, each Digimon gets a high resolution zoom in of some of their art, framed for use as an avatar whether square or circle.

The translations for these at a glance are decent, not quite as choppy as some of Digimon Profile was, although there are mixes of terminology.
For our coverage of these, we'll start with the auto-translation from the site, and clean up as we can, along with the various art.

Digimon Journal 7 features Digimon Highlights: Omegamon Alter-S, WereGarurumon, & Lilithmon


Omegamon Alter-S

A subspecies of Omegamon that first appeared in the Digital Monster Ver. 20th. It is the combined form of BlitzGreymon and CresGarurumon, and unlike the orignal Omegamon, it is a Virus-type.

The normal Omegamon wields the Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon, whereas Alter-S uses the Garuru Sword and Grey Cannon.

Omegamon Alter-S’s first animated appearance was in Digimon Adventure:, the TV anime broadcast in Japan from 2020. In that version, it is depicted as a formc change for Omegamon.

When the true form of the Digital World’s apoptosis-inducing factor Abbadomon, known as “Abbadomon Core”, started erasing Omegamon’s data, the power of the Chosen Children’s crests awakened its Alter-S form, allowing it to defeat Abbadomon Core once and for all.

Main Appearances
Digital Monster Ver. 20th
Digimon Adventure:
Digital Monster COLOR
Digimon ReArise



This is the first Perfect form Digimon in the Garurumon family, with popularity that rivals the Greymon family. WereGarurumon was first included in Digimon Pendulum 3 Nightmare Soldiers, the LCD toy released in March 1999. It appeared on the evolution tree of Child-level Gabumon and Adult-level Garurumon, introduced in Digital Monster Ver. 2, sold in December 1997. This appearance would officially establish WereGarurumon as part of the Garurumon evolution family.

In the Digimon Adventure anime series, Gabumon has acted as the long-standing partner to the Chosen Child Yamato Ishida. WereGarurumon strikes a memorable figure in its 3D evolution scene, howling against the backdrop of the moon.

Main Appearances
Digital Monster Ver. 2 [the page currently says Ver. 2, this is likely a typo for 20.]
Digimon Pendulum 3 Nightmare Soldiers
Digimon Adventure series



A demon Lord Digimon that rules over Lust of the seven deadly sins, the only female member of the Seven Great Demon Lords. First appeared in the LCD Toy Digimon Pendulum Progress 2.0 Armageddon Army, which released in September 2022. Since then, her bewitching appearance has made it a popular character.

It made a first appearance voiced in Digimon Savers: Another Mission, for Playstation 2, released in 2006.

It made its anime debut in the TV anime Digimon Xros Wars, which started airing in 2010. They play an active role as one of the three leaders of the Bagra Army, which plays to rule the Digital World. Although portrayed as an intelligent commander who devises schemes & fights, she settled into the position of "a comical villain you can't quite completely hate" in the series.

It also appeared in the portable video game Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode, in the additional scenario, "The Scheming Demon Lords."

Main Appearances
Digimon Pendulum Progress 2.0 Armageddon Army
Digimon Savers: Another Mission
Digimon Xros Wars series
Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

And the avatars for them...


They continue a run of interesting choices in a single batch, not quite as disconnected as they often are though.

More to come!

The final Digimon Profile, the predecessor to Journal, can be found here. It includes an index of all Profiles.
Digimon Journal 1 through 3- Alphamon, Dorugoramon, Gammamon, Beelzebumon, BelleStarmon, Clockmon, WarGreymon, Shoutmon x4, & Ginryumon
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Digimon Journal 5- Agumon, Arresterdramon: Superior Mode, & DarkKnightmon
Digimon Journal 6- Susanoomon, GeoGreymon, & Jellymon


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Sparrow Hawk

Seized the time
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Feb 23, 2007
Wow I didn't expect WereGarurumon to get selected but it said Garurumon family rivals to Greymon family?! Uhh what about the previous vote results?!

Omegamon Alter S is pretty much Omegamon "Antibody XX" or Antibody X but 50%. But I freaking love that badass design. Pity it didn't mention any special history on this design.


I come from the net
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Apr 30, 2017
I keep forgetting Alter-S is virus! I didn't use him much in ReArise, but also typing didn't do anything in that game anyway. Love that alternate art too.


I come from the net
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Jan 21, 2011
Although portrayed as an intelligent commander who devises schemes & fights, she settled into the position of "a comical villain you can't quite completely hate" in the series.
And that was a shame.

I love the alternate artwork for Alter-S and WereGarurumon.


I come from the net
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Aug 1, 2019
dn ǝpısuʍop
Journal release schedule is twice a month with 6 digimon. That means l, excluding the first three Journals, 72 digimon will casually get their Journal entries in a year. That means, theoretically the 1156 registered digimon (per today) in Reference Book will be Journal-ed in about 16 years. Wow. Bandai really whisper to us Digimon fans to be super patient about everything that actually can be done not this slow. 16 years! There would be Digital Monster 40th Anniversary edition.