Digimon Journal 6- Susanoomon, GeoGreymon, & Jellymon


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Sep 8, 2006

The new Digimon Journal has gone up, and we get a new Digimon Highlights!

Each Digimon highlights features 3 Digimon and includes:
Various art displayed at a decent resolution (not amazing, but decent), including some art never before seen clean or at good resolutions before.
A text profile, giving information on appearances and the character.
A list of Main Appearances
Showing off a card from the Card Game featuring them.
A link to their reference book entry.
At the end of the Journal, each Digimon gets a high resolution zoom in of some of their art, framed for use as an avatar whether square or circle.

The translations for these at a glance are decent, not quite as choppy as some of Digimon Profile was, although there are mixes of terminology.
For our coverage of these, we'll paste in text information as is, with some cleanup, along with the various art.

Digimon Journal 6 features Digimon Highlights: Susanoomon, GeoGreymon, & Jellymon



A Digimon that appeared in Digimon Frontier, the TV anime broadcast in Japan in 2002.
Having collected all of the Spirits, protagonists Takuya Kanbara and Kouji Minamoto utilized a type of fusion known as Ancient Spirit Evolution to realize this form.

Susanoomon made its appearance at the climax of the tale to stop Lucemon, the root of all evil aiming to destroy the real world.

Lucemon put up an incredible fight with its transformations into Falldown Mode and Satan Mode, but Susanoomon made quick work of the fiend with its Ama-no-Habakiri and Yakusa-no-Ikazuchi techniques.

Its body would be pierced through by the enemy’s true and final form, Lucemon: Larva; still, the power of the split Legendary Warriors put a stop to Lucemon’s ambitions, returning peace to the Digital World.

Crushing the machinations of the evil that drove its world to the brink, and guiding the Digital World toward revival—a fitting turn of events for the veritable god of destruction and regeneration.

Main Appearances
Digimon Frontier
Digimon Story series
D-Scanner Version 3.0 Custom Master
D-Scanner Ver. Ultimate Red/Blue



A Greymon-type Adult form that first appeared in Digimon Savers in 2006, the first Digimon animated adventure in three years at that point.

The version of Agumon who evolves into this form boasted an updated design for the series.

In the very first episode, it ends up throwing down with protagonist Masaru Daimon. Wowed at the latter’s strength, it ends up referring to Marcus as “Brother” or "Boss". This incident alone showed viewers that they had a different type of Digimon anime on their hands.

And to top it off, GeoGreymon showed up in this episode as the story’s first evolution, acting as an important tone setter for the series as a whole.

The massive physique and aggressive design made for a whole new Greymon. Living up to its namesake, fans were charmed by its no-nonsense, feet-to-the-floor fighting style.

Later, when it would evolve into Ultimate ShineGreymon, this name would be inherited by its new weapon, the GeoGrey Sword.

At the time of its appearance, it was active as the face of the Adult, decorating the package of "DIGITALMONSTER Card Game Alpha" and the linked arcade cabinet "Kyoku Taisen!! Digimon Battle Terminal".

Main Appearances
Digimon Savers (Data Squad)
Digimon World Data Squad
Digivice iC (toy)
Digivice Burst (toy)
Ultimate Fighting! Digimon Battle Terminal



Partner Digimon to Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai, a character from the TV anime Digimon Ghost Game, ongoing in Japan since 2022.

The mischievous Jellymon finds Kiyoshiro’s cowardly personality hilarious, even going so far as to play tricks on its partner to get a rise out of him.

Despite this, it shares a deep bond of trust with Kiyoshiro, even calling him “darling” out of affection once he’d learned how to conquer his fear.

Jellymon itself is a skilled hacker; combined with Kiyoshiro’s programming ability, the pair have overcome all sorts of predicaments with their combined strengths. In battle, it tends to employ a mix of melee attacks and electric shocks to get the job done. Jellymon can also suck its body into its head, letting it float around in a cute, compact form.

And in direct contrast to its partner, its incredibly inquisitive nature gives it a natural resistance to the occult. That being said, it did seem oddly afraid of the Zassoumon that appeared in the show (given their penchant for sucking up water, and Jellymon’s mostly-aquatic body, one can hazard a guess as to why).

Just like Gammamon and Angoramon, you ought to keep your eyes peeled for the acts of heroism this Digimon’s got in store for the future!

Main Appearances
Digimon Ghost Game

And the avatars for them...


A run this week featuring well known Digimon from Frontier, Savers, and Ghost Game covers a wide berth for the franchise.

More to come!

The final Digimon Profile, the predecessor to Journal, can be found here. It includes an index of all Profiles.
Digimon Journal 1 through 3- Alphamon, Dorugoramon, Gammamon, Beelzebumon, BelleStarmon, Clockmon, WarGreymon, Shoutmon x4, & Ginryumon
Digimon Journal 4- ULForceV-dramon, Ragnamon, & Angoramon
Digimon Journal 5- Agumon, Arresterdramon: Superior Mode, & DarkKnightmon


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I come from the net
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Feb 17, 2017
United States
I’m surprised the article didn’t take this opportunity to give us art of Jellymon’s compact form.


Completely digital
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May 19, 2017
Noticed a couple inconsistencies in the official English translation, like referring to "Kyoku Taisen!! Digimon Battle Terminal" in GeoGreymon's summary, but then translating it as "Ultimate Fighting! Digimon Battle Terminal" under Main Appearances. And they refer to Lucemon Satan Mode as Shadowlord Mode despite the Reference Book using the original name.

Overall, some pretty baseline stuff I'm sure anyone who watched the various anime series would already know. I am a little disappointed that Susanoomon's profile never once touches on Orochi, or what in the hell qualifies it as being the only ZERO-ARMS in the franchise apart from Grani (ARMS being short for ARtificial MonsterS...... a type of man-made digital lifeform, in other words..... yet I get no impression of that at all from Orochi when it's just a weapon slapped together with leftover parts from KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon).


I come from the net
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Aug 1, 2019
dn ǝpısuʍop
They don't include Dim Card V2 as one of the media where Jellymon appears besides the anime.

Sparrow Hawk

Seized the time
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Feb 23, 2007
Not so much new info sadly but I do find some interesting things:

Geogreymon's design is meant for a new Greymon to look very aggressive? I love that!

Jellymon's "heroism" acts? Heh yeah she did saved Shadramon and mostly cured everybody.