Digimon Journal 11- ShineGreymon: Burst Mode, Mugendramon, & Mummymon


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

The new Digimon Journal has gone up, and we get a new Digimon Highlights!

Each Digimon highlights features 3 Digimon and includes:
Various art displayed at a decent resolution (not amazing, but decent), including some art never before seen clean or at good resolutions before.
A text profile, giving information on appearances and the character.
A list of Main Appearances
Showing off a card from the Card Game featuring them.
A link to their reference book entry.
At the end of the Journal, each Digimon gets a high resolution zoom in of some of their art, framed for use as an avatar whether square or circle.

The translations for these at a glance are decent, not quite as choppy as some of Digimon Profile was, although there are mixes of terminology.
For our coverage of these, we'll start with the auto-translation from the site, and clean up as we can, along with the various art.


ShineGreymon: Burst Mode

An enhanced form of ShineGreymon that appeared in the 2006 TV anime Digimon Savers.

It's actions were first seen in the movie of the same series, Digimon Savers the Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode! Afte rthat, it appeared in the main series in episode 38, Burst Mode: Power that Surpasses Ultimate.

In the series, Burst Mode is originally considered a dangerous power that should not be used. As a result of Masaru Daimon's anger, Agumon's evolved form, ShineGreymon, became ShineGreymon: Ruin Mode, going out of control. Masaru and Agumon, having overcome that experience, united their hearts and activated the true burst mode, and ShineGreymon: Burst Mode was born. It overwhelmed Belphemon: Rage Mode and together with Masaru delivered a double punch. They defeated him in the style of Digimon-Savers, by punching.

The story that had Ruin Mode, Masaru shouting his pure feelings, & the resurrection of Agumon. The catharsis created by the Digimon must have brought tears to the eyes of the viewers as they watched the events.

Also, the Digivice Burst toy was released in November the same year, and you could raise it ahead of the anime story.

Main Appearances
Digimon Savers (Data Squad) series
Digivice Burst (toy)



He first appeared in the Playstation game Digimojn World. He played the role of the final boss as the partner of Analog Man. The design in Digimon World is slightly different from the official art that would appear later.

Mugendramon's overwhelming firepower, and above all, the coolness of the name, caused surprise and excitement among those players who first encountered Mugendramon. After that, when it became possible to raise Mugendramon as an ultimate in the portable LCD toy Digimon Pendulum 5 Metal Empire, users were excited to be able to raise that Mugendramon...

In the anime Digimon Adventure, Mugendramon appeared as the third member of the Dark Masters, the enemy group in Digimon Adventure. He engaged in a heated war of information with Koushiro, one of the Chosen Children, and was defeated in single combat with WarGreymon. Mugendramon continued to be in great demand in media, appearing in anime one after the other.

He also continues to play roles in a wide variety of video games, appearing as the ruthless boss in Digital Card Battle, reappearing as a store clerk once the game is beat, fusing with Chimairamon in Anode/Cathode Tamer, and playing an important role in Digimon World: Next Order

Main Appearances
Digimon World
Digimon World: Digital Card Battle
Digimon Adventure series
Digimon Adventure: Anode/Cathode Tamer
Digimon World: Next Order series



He first appeared in the TV anime Digimon Adventure 02 as a Digimon that can appear in human form.

After appearing for the 1st time in an eerie human form, it transformed into Digimon form. This Digimon Form was shown prior to the anime in Digital Monster Card Game Starter Ser Version 4: Awakening of the Ancient Ultimate Dragon.

In Digimon Adventure 02, it works as a subordinate of Oikawa. He works with his partner Archnemon to stand in the way of the Chosen Children, but in the end, he was easily destroyed by the mastermind, BelialVamdeemon, as an example to the children.

After that, he has had multiple media appearances, including appearing in Digimon X-Evolution as a resistance fighter against the Royal Knights.

In recent years, it was a doctor in the TV anime Digimon Ghost Game. Although it was an enemy in his first appearance, he later studied medicine at a university hospital and helped Hiro and co.

Main Appearances
Digimon Adventure 02
Digimon X-Evolution
Digimon Next
Digimon Ghost Game

And the avatars for them...


A Burst Mode, plus two well known Digimon that appear a number of times. Not a bad lineup

More to come!

The final Digimon Profile, the predecessor to Journal, can be found here. It includes an index of all Profiles.
Digimon Journal 1 through 3- Alphamon, Dorugoramon, Gammamon, Beelzebumon, BelleStarmon, Clockmon, WarGreymon, Shoutmon x4, & Ginryumon
Digimon Journal 4- ULForceV-dramon, Ragnamon, & Angoramon
Digimon Journal 5- Agumon, Arresterdramon: Superior Mode, & DarkKnightmon
Digimon Journal 6- Susanoomon, GeoGreymon, & Jellymon
Digimon Journal 7- Omegamon Alter-S, WereGarurumon, & Lilithmon
Digimon Journal 8- Angemon, Antlyamon (Deva), & Bokomon
Digimon Journal 9- Jesmon, Gankoomon, & Espimon
Digimon Journal 10- Siriusmon, Pulsemon, & Craniummon


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I'd rather roll
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Apr 28, 2019
this time around all 3 have art I don't recall seeing before (or maybe I have but they were in such low resolution I forgot about them).
I really liked reading about Machinedramon and how in-depth they got explaining its history while making it obvious how cool the writer finds it to be and I like remembering the love Ghost Game has for Mummymon with how much he is featured.

A fun trio this time and all 3 feel very diverse yet relevant to recent products!

Sparrow Hawk

You got in
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Feb 23, 2007
ShineGreymon Burst Mode's face suddenly became cooler to me because of those new cards. Like seriously that is really badass.

Mugendramon continues to be pretty popular but I felt more of... I guess it is "punching bag"? Nah, still strong.

Mummymon got interesting personalities in every different appearance. But Archnemon continues to get treated so terrible for being villain no matter what... Oh well...


Resistance is Futile
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Sep 10, 2006
San Jose, California, US
I didn't know that Next order was a series. What other games are in it?