Digimon in January V-Jump- Booster Set 4, ReArise, Adventure:, Pendulum Z2, Vs Omegamon & Diablomon Figure, & Adventure/02 BD-Box

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Sep 10, 2006
They've been in ReArise for a while. Japanese ReArise of course. The dub is a year behind
Right. What I meant. But I mostly just wanted to say what I got recently. I have no place to say it otherwise.


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Nov 25, 2006
If this Digimon has an evolution source that is a blue tamer or "Hybrid" Digimon this Digimon cannot be attacked
This effect seems slightly redundant, since as far as I know, only Hybrids can evolve from Tamer cards. Though I suppose this opens up the possibility of non-Hybrids utilizing the same mechanic; first to come to mind being Hudiemon.
Well if it just said tamer- then the easy way to get around it is to just get rid of that tamer evolution material. Play card that can remove the bottom evolution material and you opened that Beowolfmon up to attack. But yeah they could of just mentioned a hybrid material since IF There is a tamer in the stack- there's also a hybrid in the stack. They could of definitely been taking the extra step to future proof the effect.

What if we got BioCoatl, Bio Thunderbir, and Bio Stegomon in a couple sets (or even somewhere in this set) they would clearly be lv 4 digimon who could easily evolve from a tamer without being a hybrid. I could probably even think up some sort of way to integrate Tamer's Biomerge/Matrix evolution set up though that'd be clunky and probably be messier than needed.


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Nov 30, 2020
Imho nidhoggmon art is so fking bad.

Beowolfmon being lvl5 hurts my eyes so much.

Hoping to see more cards BC im not surprised with i have seen til now from this set.
Beowolfmon Level 5 makes sense.
As well concerning the Levels as concerning the Lore.

It never really made sense that the Beast Spirits were one level above the Human Spirits while the Frontier Lore insisted that they were two different "species", nothing more.

And even if the Canon makes it clear that Beowolfmon is supposed to be as powerful as AncientGarurumon, when we look at the feats, it's not the same story.
In Frontier, Beowolfmon doesn't even manage to outdo Duskmon who is only a Champion level.
And even when he evolves further into MagnaGarurumon, he remains weaker than Cherubimon.
Is AncientGarurumon that weak ? WereGarurumon seems stronger than him. It proves that seeing Beowolfmon at Level 6 would make no sense.

What if it was, MagnaGarurumon would be a Level 7 ?
Susanoomon a Level 8 ?
Chronomon a Level 9 ?
Bandai should think about adding some levels xD