Digimon Guests at Anisong Summer Friends 2 Event


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Sep 8, 2006
Another event!

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This one isn't strictly a Digimon event, but will be headlined by a handful of people well known to Digimon fans.

The AniSong Summer Friends 2 event will feature various anime music and be held on July 29th in Odaiba at the Ruido K3 in Ikebukuro. Doors will open at 11:45 and the event begins at noon.

As for the guests...

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Yuto Kazama (Yamato in Adventure and 02), Aoi Tada (Terriermon in 02 and Tamers plus Lopmon in Tamers), and Michihiko Oota will be on hand.

An interesting guest selection of people we don't often see nowadays!

Early tickets will be done via lottery beginning on June 16th at ePlus. The lottery closes on June 23rd.

The payment period for those chosen for early tickets will be June 26th thru the 30th.

General ticket sales will begin on July 4th.

Tickets are 4,000 yen in advance and 4,500 at the door. A single drink will be 600 yen.

Interestingly, Summer Friends 2 is the same day as the Digimon Thanksgiving event, and the venues aren't that far from each other (under 15 miles), and they're so far apart in the day time-wise that you could easily go to both, so if you're going to be in Japan on the 29th, you can have quite a bit of Digimon related fun.

Thanks to shin for translations.