Digimon Ghost Game: Episode 52- Mysterious Lake


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Sep 9, 2006
England - Sheffield
This is the episode discussion thread for Episode 52, Mysterious Lake

A preview of the episode from the end of episode 51

Episode 52 airs Sunday, November 20th, 9am in Japan.

We expect the simulcast for Crunchyroll is shortly after at:
Saturday, November 19th, 6:30pm in California (Pacific)
Saturday, November 19th, 9:30pm in New York (Eastern)
Sunday, November 20th, 2:30am in the UK (GMT)

If your time isn't included in the short list above this link will take you to an easy to use time converter so you check yours.

The show can be watched on the following:
(Most countries) Crunchyroll Series Page

No spoilers past this episode and no posting before the episode is commonly available for most people at the simulcast times listed above (if you are posting about the episode trending on social media in Japan, feel free to post about that.) You can discuss any next episode previews if they are shown at the end of the episode.

Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat about the episode.


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Sep 8, 2006
We start with a guy wandering into a lake, seemingly looking for kappas, as the mist comes in, and voices tell him to go away, which he doesn't. And he gets pulled into the water.

The gang shows up at a resort that has more people showing up due to kappa stories. She wonders if Gammamon is a kappa, he clarifies he is an AI hologram.

Many kappa sumo wrestle in the lake and grab souls, or so the stories go.

A tech factory was built near the lake recently before all this started.

Kiyoshiro says he only came because the lake was in an anime, not because of kappa.

Ruli is upset that everyone doesn't want to go wandering around at night. Gammamon is hungry, Espimon appears to be bored. Ruli makes an 'I have a plan face'.

Exit to her, Angoramon, and Espimon wandering around. Ruli got him out saying the real Hiro might be there.

Jellymon is relaxing inside, upset that Ruli ditched her. The others are in the bath.

Ruli explains the stories of kappa grabbing people in that area. Ruli sends the Digimon off in different directions to go look, leaving everyone alone, being the opposite of clever.

Jellymon is still annoyed she got ditched. The others realize who else is gone also and what has happened.

Ruli finds something, saying to go home and stay away. Angoramon hears it also, as mist rolls in.

The voices threaten Ruli to leave. As she tries to leave she's grabbed and pulled into the lake. Angoramon shows up a moment later and dives in, but finds nothing.

Espimon flies in, and right after everyone else shows up also. The kappa peek out of the lake and everyone sees them.

Ruli is ejected elsewhere in the lake and one of the kappa reveals itself.Ruli is shocked that it is a DIgimon, Gawappamon. It tells her to walk and walks with her, kicking her into a outcropping of rocks, telling her to be quiet if she wants to live, and closing up the area.

A Gawappamon meeting which Ruli peaks in on, and their boss. It wants something brought to it, raw.

Ruli hears about twisting heads off and freaks out.

The Gawappamon move the rock and grab her. She doesn't want to be eaten. They tell her to keep her voice down.

She gets dragged under water. The boss is upset it hasn't been brought food.

Ruli is ejected from water once again, where she originally was, Angoramon is there. The Gawappamon want them to leave. If anyone shows up again, they'll rip them apart and eat them, or so they swear.

Angoramon explains the Gawappamon said they'd bring her back, and Ruli realizes they rescue her, but not sure why. She keeps flashing back on them coughing, and says she will go back to find out what is going on, along with the boss, who she thinks is abusing the Gawappamon.

They have been helping the humans get away rather than providing their boss with them as food.

The boss unholograms and decides it's time to hunt. Lots of people are at the lake during the day to look for kappa, as fog rolls in.

The Gawappamon don't understand why people keep showing up, they can't really help anymore, as someone gets grabbed and sucked in.

Ruli activates a digital space and angrily out pops Shaujinmon.

It wants to eat them all and flips out.

Symbare time. Symbare quickly gets dispatched and is Angoramon again.

Shaujinmon goes after Ruli and Gammamon warps to Canoweissmon to jump in and help.

He gets dispatched under water where he has the advantage.

The Gawappamon ask them to help the boss, and we go back to the fight with Canoweissmon before it's clarified.

They explain the beads around the neck got busted up, and those being broken has been making their boss sick and act wrong. Their cough is unrelated, it started when they ate a bunch of cucumbers, near the building people built.

Canoweissmon's timer begins to run out, seemingly nothing to do with the VV. Back to Gammamon after being thrown out of the water.

Another bead cracks on Shaujinmon. The Gawappamon try and fight the boss to protect everyone, but he dispatches them quickly. He doesn't recognize them anymore.

Ruli rushes in to help and as it reaches to grab her, Angoramon warps to Lamortmon.

We get the 'both claw to claw' pushing, and then dragged into the water Lamortmon gets knocked back a lot.

Shaujinmon freaks out and starts biting Lamortmon.

Lamortmon pulls out he swords and uses one to jab into the lake bed so it can hold on.

Out of the water again we get Lamortmon slashing Shaujinmon, which breaks his weapon, and he goes falling into the water.

He stops right before finishing him as Ruli calls.

Thetismon appears after a scene change to repair the beads, to help seal away the 'inner' monster.

Shaujinmon has little memory of what happened, but appears to be ok now. Thetismon heals up the Gawappamon, who didn't realize they were ill at all.

Shaujinmon apologizes for the trouble, they wil go deep into the mountains where no humans are, so they won't cause anyone trouble again.

The water ends up being tested, the factory had a cracked pipe no one knew about, leaking in chemicals. Little exposure is fine, but they had been living there. The factory fixed the issue and cleaned things up.

A flashback to it being mentioned the human world isn't made for Digimon...

Angoramon is pufferyish.

Hiro's Study Files this time is... Shaujinmon.

This episode was mostly eh. Certain things were fine, but a lot felt it played up the idea that characters had to be pretty stupid, or not notice things, to make things work. It had a few character moments that were interesting, but did very little, mostly predicated on no one in the show being aware of anything they've ever done before. The reveal that the VV didn't fix the evolution timer was theoretically interesting, but it comes up so little it's always more of a random plot device than anything more interesting, especially since it affects people other than Gammamon.

Noriko Uemura played a Gawappamon in her first Digimon appearance. A long well known voice actor, she'd probably best be known for various smaller roles. In dubbed over content she's Amanda Waller in modern DC film content.

Tomoko Naka played a Gawappamon in her first Digimon appearance. She would probably best be known as Hina and various other characters in One Piece, or Oha Kuro Bettari in the 2007 version of Kitaro.

Ayaka Saito played a Gawappamon. She was previously Burgamon in Adventure: & Pillomon & Sepikmon earlier in Ghost Game. Among well known roles she's Mikuru in Eden of the East, Soma in the original Fruits Basket, Honey in Ouran Host Club, and many other roles (in the original very short web OVA for Azumanga Daioh she was Chiyo.)

Hiroaki Hirata was Shawujinmon. Well known to Digimon fans for an almost endless number of DIgimon roles he has been... in Adventure, 02, & tri. related content he's been... Leomon, the narrator, Takeru & Yamato's dad, young Gennai, the Mysterious Man, adult Takery, & stacks of other characters (those just being the more important ones), he was also Leomon in Tamers, X-Evolution, Adventure:, New Century, and also showing up in Xros Wars as Matadrmon, he's one of the best known Digimon actors (his smaller roles in Adventure and 02 would need a dedicated section.) Outside of Digimon some of his better knwon roles are... Benny in Black Lagoon, Otto in Fena: Pirate Princess, Spartan-1337 in Halo Legends, Pip in Hellsing Ultimate, Bunta in various Initial D content, Re-Destro in My Hero Academia, Sanji in One Piece, Sho Gojyuo in Saikyuki, Klein in Sword Art Online, Wild Tiger in Tiger and Bunny and many others. In dubbed over ocntent, he's often Johnny Depp in movies, including Jack Sparrow, Matt Damon in many films including The Bourne Films, Jude Law in various films, Ewan McGregor in many films (not Star Wars), Josh Hartnett, Ed Norton, Joey in Friends, Ben Stiller in the Meet the Parents FIlms, Noah Wyle in ER, the Joker in the Joker movie, and a list that is legitimately too long to keep going.


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Aug 24, 2021
The Void
With the two close calls he's had, i'm almost surprised Lamortmon hasn't killed anything on his own volition yet.

Sparrow Hawk

Seized the time
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Feb 23, 2007
Wow Canoweissmon's first defeat at finally?! And Ruli is really aware of how Lamortmon's murderous intention and it's good thing she stopped him from killing him for sure. Glad to know Lamortmon's murderous intention still exists even after trio partner teamwork basically "prevents" Lamortmon's kill intents. Let's hope this continues until his Ultimate level.

So we still don't know what he will transform fully if the last bead break. Pity. At least so that is what he look like if few beads broke: Just insane berserker just like Lamortmon.

Berserker vs Berserker! lol what's next?


I come from the net
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Aug 1, 2019
dn ǝpısuʍop
So the evolution timer actually has nothing to do with the Digivice-V? Interesting. I think because Dim card world is pseudo Digital World, their ability to stay in higher level form is harder.
So my take: we won't get Ultimate level digimon in Real World/Dim card World.
(I want to see GG's Digital World so bad)

I like the fact that Canoweissmon cannot fight freely underwater.


I'm going digital
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Feb 1, 2017
Wow they really went in there with the kappa stuff! I enjoyed the ep, but I'm feeling super impatient for the series to move forward.


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Feb 16, 2020
This was the best episode in quite a while. One of my favorite Ruri episodes. The whole "real Hiro" thing was used actually effectively here, with Ruri tricking Espimon into helping her. I also love how upset Jellymon was when Ruri ditched her.
There's the dark implication that Shawujinmon devoured at least one human


Red shirt
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May 6, 2022
I am surprised to see the time limit actually didn't have anything to do with the limitations of Digivice V. What's the cause, then??
They didn't update the bracelets in the OP, so maybe we'll get a new OP instead. (That, or they thought it was too minor of a change to bother with.)
It's nice to see Lamortmon getting some spotlight, and I guess we're all getting the Warp evolutions to Perfect level one by one. So that means Jellymon is probably next.
And I hope these "Hiro wondering about the Digital World" moments are moving towards a conclusion.


I come from the net
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Aug 13, 2016
Does someone on the writing staff have hydrophobia because I feel like there's been several episodes of Digimon attacking from inside water. It was both funny yet awkward to have Jellymon searching Higacchi for his shirikodama if you know what I mean...Huh, was this the first time Canoweissmon was defeated, and not by a Mega either. Very surprised that the Evolution time limit is still there despite the upgrade to the Digivice VV. Unfortunately this episode had one of the most egregious cases of "turn based combat" yet in GG, punctuated by the fact that Jellymon didn't even take part until after the fighting ended. I also hope that the usage of Warp Evolution doesn't make the fights too repetitive as both this episode and the last had a Partner go Adult, get defeated and Devolve then get a second wind and Warp to Perfect to win. Unsurprisingly the conflict turned out to be a misunderstanding and things get cleared up in the end, but hopefully the callback to DarkLizamon means that Hiro is actually thinking of a way he can stop these kinds of events from happening in the future.

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
Well that was something. Pretty good and quite dangerous. Fitting & there was some problems. Maybe one of the better eps that you may call filler. But at least Jellymon never found out where that Kappa orb is. ...& I can't draw. Which sometimes is a good thing. heh


I'm going digital
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Feb 9, 2020

"No, I'm not Ringo..."


It's been a while since we've seen Ruri exercising her role as the instigator of trouble. Something I'm not complaining about as it is her most fun character flaw, and any opportunity to have her (and by extension Angoramon) take the spotlight is welcome by me.

The first half plays out a bit like some low budget tribute to 02's famous Dark Ocean episode, though the similarities here are only surface level (I'll see myself out).
Poor Jellymon is ditched by her girlfriend in favour of the self-portable flashlight that is Espimon, and looking back on it one wonders whether perhaps this episode might have been
better suited as her Warp Evolution debut, especially since she was heavily side-lined until the aftermath when Thetismon's abilities were needed.

Ignoring the first rule of the genre in not splitting up, Ruri inevitably finds herself abducted, then quickly un-abducted and returned soggy but with her Shirikodama intact.
Shawujinmon and his broken beads prove to be more of handful than usual for the group, since he has control over the water (if only the kids had a card that could turn it into jam).
As it turns out the limiter isn't apparently related to the VB, so seemingly this is still something that has to be fixed by the time the Ultimates come along, or the writers simply intend to continue using it as a plot device for holding back on the higher levels.

With Canoweissmon eventually beached we can now move onto the good stuff, since Diet-Gulus is back! Ghost Game doesn't typically excel at fight scenes, but this is one of its better outings. The bonus is we finally get to see this bond between Ruri and Lamortmon come into play.
What exactly caused Shawujinmon's beads to crack isn't seemingly disclosed here, nor linked to the factory causing the pollution that's bothering the Gawappamon, but I guess we're meant to assume that. The end to that particular plot point is casually handwaved away with some dialogue as Hiro makes an unlikely call-back to his exchange with Darklizamon in regards to Digimon not being suited to the Human World.

Additional: I always enjoy that visual gag about thin Angoramon really is.