Digimon Ghost Game: Episode 3- Scribbles

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Sep 10, 2006
This was a nice way to intro the girl character. And her very fluffy Totoromon. I guess we were taking 2 eps before intro-ing each character in full?


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Feb 18, 2020
The U.S.
I've been watching Ghost Game "on delay" since I don't have a Crunchyroll subscription, and to be honest, the show hasn't exactly caught me. My main complaint is how vague the characters feel. I don't know if I really get what Hiro and Ruli are all about (Kiyoshiro, but contrast, is so cartoony that he feels out of place.) Hiro is pragmatic, and Ruli is interested in the supernatural, I guess? But in this episode, Ruli seems rather uninformed about the scribbles rumor, and her fear of it is played totally straight.

Not only do I find the characters vague, but some of the actions they take are vague too. I understand the show is going for a spooky, uncertain atmosphere, but when the characters say or do stuff that seems out of the blue, I find it jarring. A great example of that is in this episode, when Ruli goes to an apartment building and talks to someone over the buzzer. I believe she's talking to the salon owner/stylist who made up her nails in the photograph that got scribbled on. Maybe she thinks the salon owner can help her...? (Though it's not explained how Ruli thinks she can help her). But the salon owner has her own problems and cannot help Ruli.

This could've been much clearer if Ruli had some kind of inner narration to the tune of "This all started with the photograph of my manicure. Maybe the salon owner knows how to fix this?" Without that, it seems random.

I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion. But I wanted to hear if anyone else found the show to be a bit overly vague sometimes, or if I'm missing something really obvious XO

I do gotta say, the OP is a real banger.


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Feb 9, 2020
DISCLAIMER: Digimon Ghost Game does not endorse child abuse.


This is an episode I’ve been looking forward too with mildly concerned expectations, but overall it ticked the right boxes.

The decision to focus exclusively on Ruri and her small social circle (wonder if we’ll see her parents at some point?) in the first half comes as a welcome surprise, especially after having Taichi repeatedly shoved in my face every few seconds in order to remind me who the central character is. With the tension elevated a bit more due to it being one of the protagonists getting targeted this time.
In contrast to our previous glimpses Ruri is presented as a more serious individual (which is understandable given the circumstances) here, drifting somewhere between 02 Hikari and Ruki. Hmm Ru(ki Hika)ri…
As far as the ‘token female’ position goes I thought she showed a lot of promise. Displaying enough initiative to try and find a solution to her dilemma without involving her friends despite no real success, and adapting to having a Partner quicker then Hiro.

Angoramon wasn’t too far off what I predicted, with only the lighter Gaomon voice throwing me at first, but it works fine. I figured the piano playing would factor into him joining with Ruri, whose brief interactions are adorable.

Dracumon channels Impmon (I believe that’s also Picodevimon’s VO), though him getting let off with little more then a slap on the wrists feels a bit naïve on Hiro’s part. Whether or not this approach to not taking drastic measures is leading up to some future payoff, or comes back to bite them in the bum remains to be seen. In addition to why some Digimon have trouble materialising is related to level, power, or other.

Regardless, Ruri and Angoramon are the two characters I had the most initial interest in, and this did a solid job in elevating them to the position of favourites, and I look forward to seeing more of them.