Digimon Fusion Episode 53: The Darkness Before the Dawn


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Apr 4, 2015
Darkest AxeKnightmon
Attack: Hand of Doom

MegaDarkness Bagramon
Attack: Eternal Darkmare

Examon and War Greymon

Digimon Data Collection:
Attacks: Kilo Flame and Head Strike


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Aug 2, 2013
Chiba, Japan
Taiki's line about him not being a superman and being just like Yuu, was changed to something about Mikey being someone who just never gives up and Ewan questioning if he was giving up anytime soon.

When Shoutmon died in the original version he just sort of disappeared, in the dub they added extra dialogue. Shoutmon mentions something about seeing Mikey soon, once he gets the dark stone or the code crown or something like that, right before he dies.

The lines about lacking pride and conviction to be a true king were changed to in order to be a king, you need to have a vision.

Nicolas Roy did a really good job on that whole scene where Shoutmon is standing up to Mega DarknessBagramon. He captured the emotion of Taiki Kudo really well from the original scene.

This was a really good episode cant wait for Final Fusion and then Hunters soon woo hoo.


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Aug 11, 2009
Wait, did they really add a "Mega" to DarknessBagramon's name? Seems kind of unnecessary.


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Aug 4, 2015
Wait, did they really add a "Mega" to DarknessBagramon's name? Seems kind of unnecessary.

Yeah they really did. It was very unnecessary. Coincidentally (possibly?) immediately after MegaDarknessBagramon saying his name, Christopher says, "Oh great. Another name change." It just made me think of all the names they've changed for this dub.

Also, Mikey refers to the DigiMemories/DigiCards as "Digi Memory Cards"


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Jun 8, 2013
In my wine-cellar. Thanks, Kingbeemon.
Wait, did they really add a "Mega" to DarknessBagramon's name? Seems kind of unnecessary.

Yeah they really did. It was very unnecessary. Coincidentally (possibly?) immediately after MegaDarknessBagramon saying his name, Christopher says, "Oh great. Another name change." It just made me think of all the names they've changed for this dub.

Also, Mikey refers to the DigiMemories/DigiCards as "Digi Memory Cards"

Well, at least they had the good grace to lampshade it. That's something, right?


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Aug 11, 2009
Eh, it's what a giant version was called in the Super Digica Taisen arcade game. It wasn't the name of the anime's DarknessBagramon.

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Sep 10, 2006
It was pretty good. I forgot most of what happened but It should be real great to see the finale. See how they handle that.


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Jan 6, 2008
Florida, the Neglected State
In the episode recap, Mikey says that Lord Bagra is "so strong that he fought us with one hand! While his other other hand reached clear into the human world!" While technically true, the footage accompanying the first claim is of Bagra tossing X7 aside with his right hand, which is the same hand that he used in Mikey's second claim. So Bagra did not reach his other hand into the human world as Mikey claims, but rather, he used the same hand for both claims. Had they used footage of Bagra fighting the Fusion Fighters with he left hand for the first claim, things would have made more sense.

All of the dialogue in the recap between Axeknightmon and Lord Bagra has been redubbed. All of the pre-fusion dialogue is faithful to lat episode's script, but the dialogue after the fusion is changed to have Darkest Axeknightmon now say "Now I am unstoppable!"

For the first time ever in this show, the title card is changed from how it was in the original. In the original, the title card had a background that showcased all of the DigiMemories, but now in the dub, the title card's background is a close up shot of the Darkness Loader being held by Darkest Axeknightmon from later in the episode, and also with the orb of darkness within the Loader's open maw now edited to being a featureless purple circle instead.

"God of Death Snatcher" is renamed "Hand of Doom"

Taiki mistakenly thinking that Tyutyumon evolved, and Wisemon correcting him that he hasn't evolved, is KEPT! They say the word "evolved" instead of "digivolved".

After Tyutyumon knocks Taiki/Mikey, Mervamon, Wisemon, and Knightmon all back, the shot of all four of them hitting the ground has its first part cut out to instead now only show Knightmon hitting the ground with the others hand already landed behind him, so as to have Knightmon hide Mervamon's chest from view.

As Tyutyumon struggles to reach his prey through the crack in the wall, the shot of Knightmon and Mervamon armed at the ready with their swords is cut out.

Mervamon: "It's no good. We have to find his weakness."
Taiki: "The weakness of a mouse digimon... Reload, Bastemon!"
Bastemon: "Do you want something, Taiki-sama? Oh my, it's quite noisy out here."
Taiki: "Look at that enemy digimon."
Bastemon: *turns scary*
Tyutyumon: "I'm scared, chu."
Bastemon: "My, how strange. When I see that digimon, I somehow feel...
Tyutyumon: *scared*
Bastemon: "Very cruel!"
Tyutyumon: "CHUUUUUUUU...!!!"

Mervamon: "I can't beat'em this way! We have to find some weakness!"
Mikey: "What's a big mouse afraid of?! Hm! Reload Beastmon!"
Beastmon: "With all this noise how's a gal gonna get some sleep? What's going on here, Mikey, what can I do for you?"
Mikey: "We've got a liiittle mouse problem."
Beastmon: *turns scary*
Tyutyumon: "Criminy! Not again!" --- (Note that he mispronounces "Criminy" with the first "i" being long instead of short, like the "i" in "criminal" instead of like in "crime")
Beastmon: "Hello there, fella. Guess you think you're hot stuff standing in our way like that."
Tyutyumon: *scared*
Beastmon: "But you're just another little rat to this kitty!"
Tyutyumon: "Aaaaaaaagh...!"

"Darkness Loader! DigiXros!" is changed to "Darkness Loader! Digi-Fusion!"

The close up of Bastemon swallowing the remains of Tyutyumon is cut out, with the shots that came right before and after being given new dialogue to make it sound like Beastmon just scared Tyutyumon off with her claws.
Tyutyumon: "CHUUUUUUUUU...!"
Bastemon: "That was satisfying.
Taiki: "Thanks, Bastemon..."
Wisemon: "I see... The mouse is weak against cats."
Knightmon: "I feel like I've seen a side to the princess that I shouldn't have."
PawnChessmons: "I'm scared, chess..."

Tyutyumon: "Ahaah! Stay away from me you monster...!"
Beastmon: "What a little scaredy cat he turned out to be. It's good to have claws!"
Mikey: "I won't be asking you to scratch my back!"
Wisemon: "Can she clip those things before she gets back in the Loader?"
Beastmon: "You wanna see my scary face again?"
Knightmon: "I wish I'd never seen that. Is there a way to rewind?"
Pawnchessmon: "Yes, let's unsee it, please?"

Taiki: "Yuu, wake up! Yuu!"
Yuu: "Taiki-san... But how? Aren't you dead?"
Taiki: "Oh, you mean when we escaped from Hell's Field? We faked the death data and forced the game to end. That way we could save both you and me."
Yuu: "I see... Thank goodness you're okay. But Damemon... Damemon died because of me. It's not just him. I killed a lot of digimon through playing. That was what I hate most in the world, and yet... The very moment I come to the Digital World, I do the same thing. I'm the worst person alive!"
Taiki: "That's not true, Yuu."
Yuu: "A Superman like you wouldn't understand how I feel!"
Taiki: "I do. I'm not a Superman. I'm just like you. I can't turn my back on you like this."
Yuu: "Why not? Why can't you turn your back on me? At least, if the situation was reversed, I wouldn't come to save you like you did. Why?"
Taiki: "Why...?"
Yuu: "See, it's not the same! What you're saying is the reasoning of a strong person. I'm... I'm...!"

Mikey: "Good job, Mervamon! You okay, Ewan?"
Ewan: "Mikey... Is it really you? I thought you were gone."
Mikey: "Nope, I'm good. I guess you probably thought I didn't make it out of the Underworld, but Wisemon hacked the game program and faked that I lost. We had to fool the system so that you and I both could get out of there in one piece."
Ewan: "At least you made it. I mean, I wish... I wish Damemon could have been saved too... He's gone and it's all my fault. And he's not the only one! A lot of other digimon suffered during battles too and all because I treated them like game pieces! Seeing living things suffer was the thing I hated most but the minute I came to the Digital World that's what I did. I'm the worst person that ever lived, Mikey!"
Mikey: "Ahh, Ewan, you're not a bad person."
Ewan: "Easy for you to say! Everything you do turns out perfectly!"
Mikey: "Ah, come on, that's not true, I've made plenty of mistakes. I just never give up. That's all anybody can do."
Ewan: "But why? Why do you never give up? Why did you come back here to rescue me when you know I wouldn't have done the same for you or anybody else?!"
Mikey: "Ah... Because I... Uh--"
Ewan: "You see what I mean?! You don't even have to think about it because you're good and I'm awful! No good! No good!"

As Revolmon/Deputymon sets charges to blow the facility, Taiki's self reflecting on the unanswered question of why he can't turn his back on Yuu is changed to Mikey just saying "Just hope we're not too late. Let's go."

Darkest Axeknightmon refers to the special building Ewan was being held within as the "Fusion Power Plant".

The shot of Mervamon standing still while holding Yuu right before she hands him over to Nene is cut out.

Kiriha: "Even when you fall, you don't get back up without causing a sensation."
Taiki: "And you, you're just as I expected. You did well to hold out for this long."

Christopher: "You certainly took your sweet time gettin' back."
Mikey: "Why would I be in any hurry? I thought you liked being in charge."

The following dub dialogue change for Darkest Axeknightmon is just... weird:
"Hm. So I can no longer draw out the power to DigiXros from Yuu. But so what?!"
"Even from beyond, my brother taunts me! Unlike him I cannot activate the Darkness Loader! Without a human to provide the power it's useless to me! Take it! Do your worst!"

In the original, Taiki was surprised to hear that Bagramon got absorbed, but in the dub, since Darkest Axeknightmon doesn't mention having done that here (instead speaking of all that he's worked for), Mikey is confused as to what he's talking about and asks what happened to Lord Bagra. Christopher thus has to be the one to tell him that Bagra got absorbed.

The shot of Taiki, Nene, Mervamon, Yuu, and Kiriha, with Taiki saying "The Dark Stone!", is cut out and replaced by a close up shot of Taiki/Mikey looking angry. Mikey still says "The Dark Stone!", but an offscreen line from Christopher saying "What about it?" is heard in this new shot as well.

The shot of Kirha, Nene, and Mervamon, with the two humans saying that Taiki's plan of stopping the Dark Stone is worth a try, is cut out and replaced first by a shot of Kiriha/Christopher by himself and then by an earlier shot of Nene holding Yuu/Ewan next to a covered up Mervamon. Their dialogue in these new shots still has them willing to try Mikey's plan.

All the previous dub edits made to OmegaShoutmon's, Dorulumon's, and the Starmons' Great Xros screens are applied to this episode's Great Fusion sequence.

"Xros Burning Rocker" is renamed "Fusion Flamethrower" (this becoming its most common dub name of the three)

"Seven Victorize" is renamed "Final Victory Blade" (one of its three dub names)

Originally, Bagramon never interfered with DarkKnightmon's plans because he knew that said plans would never end the way DarkKnightmon wanted them to end, while Lord Bagra instead never interfered with Axeknightmon's plans because Axeknightmon's plans ended up getting done a lot of the dirty work that Bagra wanted done.

The shot of Bagramon impaling DarkKnightmon while inside the Dark Stone, which first focuses on DarkKnightmon for a moment before panning to the right over to Bagramon, has its first part before the pan that lingered on DarkKnightmon with Bagramon's hand in his chest, cut out, obscuring the view of Bagramon's fingers sticking out from DarkKnightmon's back.

Instead of "idealism and conviction", Lord Bagra says that it is "vision" that Axeknightmon lacks.

The over-the-shoulder shot of DarkKnightmon and Bagramon, with a clear view of Bagramon's fingers piercing out of DarkKnightmon's back, is cut out and replaced by an earlier shot of just Bagramon from the chest up. The dialogue in this new shot is basically the same as it was in the original shot.

Shoutmon X7: "Wait, what just happened? Axeknightmon was just standing there like he was talking to somebody else, and then he just collapsed." -- So in the dub, that whole conversation inside the Dark Stone was also happening on the physical plane as well. How embarrassing.

DarknessBagramon is renamed "Megadarkness Bagramon". This is the first time in the whole dub that Lord Bagra has finally been given a "-mon" in his name.

His voice is really terrible. It sounds like a parody of Paul St. Peter's Cherubimon voice from the Frontier dub, mixed with a stereotypical caveman-type voice.

Christopher: "Great. Another name change."

"Idealism and conviction" are again changed to "vision".

Taiki: "Shoutmon!"
DarknessBagramon: "You are an eyesore. Disappear from my sight."
Shoutmon: "Just try and erase me if you can! I won't back down! The humans... Taiki and the others have given us amazing power. Why do they have to be annihilated?!"
DarknessBagramon: "Humans are an imperfect species. It is necessary to change their composition with my powers. At the same time, I will also make this Digital World a greater place."
Nene: "No way..."
Shoutmon: "Heh...! I knew it. You aren't a king!"
DarknessBagramon: "What?"
Shoutmon: "I learned something during all of my fights on this journey. A real king is someone who believes in everyone! Someone who believes that even if they might not be good enough now, they'll definitely be stronger one day! That's who everyone is waiting for! You don't believe in your friends' potential from the very beginning, so you fail as a king! But don't worry. The one who's gonna be Digimon King is me!"
DarknessBagramon: "Hmph. I see. You have greater idealism and conviction than my brother ever did. I am impressed, Shoutmon. In that case, try and stop me."

Mikey: "Shoutmon, what're you doing?!"
Megadarkness Bagramon: "Say goodbye to your friends, humans."
Shoutmon: "Wait! Before you fire I have a question for you..."
Megadarkness Bagramon: "Hm?"
Shoutmon: "Tell me why, after all the good things Mikey and the other humans have done for us, why is it that you want to destroy their human world?!"
Megadarkness Bagramon: "Humans are an imperfect species. Illogical! Weakened by emotions. By destroying and remaking their world I will change then, purify them, make their better. And at the same time, by fusing their world to this one, I will make the Digital World bigger and better as well!"
Shoutmon: "I knew it! You're not qualified to be a king!"
Megadarkness Bagramon: "What?! What are you blathering about?"
Shoutmon: "In all my fights on this journey I've learned one thing. A real leader is one who has faith in the strength and abilities of his people! So even if they're not strong enough today he knows they'll get stronger if he shows them he believes in them! That's a real king, not a wannabe like you! You doubted all your friends right from the start! I'll show you, what I have that's gonna make me the true king!"
Megadarkness Bagramon: "Hmph. You certainly have conviction. And will admit that you even have a vision for your little world. You might indeed have become a king... If only you had survived this day."

To reassure the younger viewers that Shoutmon is like totally not dead for realz, the dub has Shoutmon yell "I'll see you soon, Mikey!" just as he is deleted upon entering DarknessBagramon's body.

Though both Kiriha and Christopher saying that each of him is going to make Bagra pay, Christopher specifies that he's gonna make him pay "for Team Shoutmon!"

"Eternal Darkmare" is kept.

Taiki remembering and being re-inspired Shoutmon's final words of encouragement before his death are changed to Mikey hearing and being inspired by generic encouragement spoken from a disembodied Shoutmon voice.

In the original, Nene was the one who filled Akari and Zenjirou in on the situation, while in the dub, it was Ewan who filled in Angie and Jeremy.

The two DigiMemories are translated into English like so:

Avalon's Gate

Terra Force

Mikey refers to the DigiMemories as "Digi Memory Cards" instead of as "Digicards"

Examon keeps his name.

WarGreymon's name is parsed as "War Greymon" in his caption.

Gaossmon is kept
Reptile is kept
"Head Strike" is kept, but listed second instead of first
"Kilo Flame" is kept, but listed first instead of second

Mikey decribes Gaossmon as "an escape artist! But it barks so much you can always find it! It's fast on land but hates water." All of this comes from the Digimon Reference Book, except the "escape artist" bit. Where did that come from?