Digimon Fusion Episode 52: D5 and the Brotherhood of Evil


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Apr 4, 2015
Bishop Chessmon

Shoutmon X7
New Attack: V for Victory

New Attack: Heavy Metal Vulcan

Darkest AxeKnightmon

Digimon Data Collection:
Attacks: Blasting Spout and Tidal Wave

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
I remember that the betrayal was surprising. But I think we didn't even think AxKnightmon was evil to start with. Good episode though.


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Jan 6, 2008
Florida, the Neglected State
Bagra Daimaden is renamed "the Fortress of Lord Bagra himself" in the episode recap.

An aerial shot of Xros Heart standing in a circle and turning their heads to look in the same direction in response to their hearing something is cut out. This shot originally came right before the shot of green lasers arching down to fire on them from the castle.

All the changes to the Great Xros sequence that I noted in the previous episode (OmegaShoutmon's, Dorulumon's, and Starmons' screens) are present in this episode (and likely have been present for all previous episodes that had a Great Xros in them).

A shot of Mervamon and Knightmon defeating some guards, with Taiki and Nene in the background, is cut out.

BishopChessmon's name is captioned as "Bishop Chessmon"

Mikey describes Lord Bagra as being "bigger and scarier than all of the Dark Generals put together". Considering that some of the Death Generals were larger than DarkKnightmon, this statement of Mikey's simply isn't true. In the original, Taiki was saying how there's something fundamentally different from all other digimon about Bagramon.

A wide shot of Xros Heart that pans to the right, and is viewed from beneath the feet and cape of the hovering Bagramon, is cut out.

Bagramon's use of "Daimaden" is dubbed as Bagra saying "my fortress"

"Shinsei Tekoku Bagra no Shihaisha" ("ruler of the new Bagra Empire") is dubbed as "Emperor of the new Bagra Empire"

"Kōtei" is faithfully dubbed as "Emperor"

"Xros Burning Rocker" is renamed "Fusion Flamethrower" (one of its three dub names)

"Seven Victorize" is renamed "V For Victory" (yet another wrong dub name)

For some reason, the shot of X7 breaking apart after being tossed by Bagramon has its very has bit cut short by a millisecond, as Taiki's original line of "Shoutmon! Minna!" was spoken all in the same shot, while in the dub, Mikey's line of "Oh no! Shoutmon!" starts at the same time as Taiki's line started, but carries over into the next shot of Kiriha since the previous shot was cut short. And the reasons for this edit are completely unknown since Mervamon's visibility had no effect on it.

Bagramon originally wanted to show D5 to Xros Heart to show his acknowledgement of their being worthy adversaries who've earn the honor of witnessing it, while in the dub, Bagra wants to show them D5 so as to punish them for how foolish X7 was in his reckless attempt to attack Lord Bagra.

The screen that explains the meaning of the name "D5" is cut out and replaced by four separate shots. One of Taiki, one of Bagramon speaking, one of Kiriha, and one of Nene.

As the D5 name meaning screen was removed, "Dimension Delete and Deadly Destruction Day" is changed to "Darkness Deletion Dimension Disintegration and Doom"

Bagramon originally said that he had expected the deaths of the Death General all along since their regrets would help increase the flow of Negative Energy needed to complete the Dark Stone sooner, while Bagra instead says that he was at first dismayed to lose his Dark Generals and only realized after the fact how their deletions helped contribute to the flow of Negative Energy.

The flashback shot of Zamielmon before being impacted by Shoutmon DX's attack is cut out.

The flashback shot of Whispered's battered body turning back into Apollomon is cut out.

The shots of the destroyed buildings in the real world are all kept intact.

Omnimon's flashback line is kept the same as it was in episode 30, but is also redubbed to be spoken quicker.

Mikey's flashback line is also redubbed.

The flashback shots of OmegaShoutmon's attack penetrating Tactimon's armor, Tactimon being impaled by said attack, and Tactimon disintegrating, are all cut out. Between the latter two shots was a shot of an explosion, which is kept in the dub.

Mikey's and OmniShoutmon's flashback dialogue of "Yeaheheah! You did it, Shoutmon!" "Yeah, I think he got the point!" is likewise redubbed.

The flashback dialogue between Mikey and Angie is redubbed, but not completely faithful the episode 30. In episode 30, when Angie put her head on Mikey's shoulder, Mikey said "Don't be sad," while here he instead says "Angie."

The final flashback dialogue between the three humans is also redubbed.

Zenjirou imitating Son Goku's Genki Dama ability is changed to Jeremy remembering Tactimon's sword that fell at underwater and trying to summon it with his "powers": "Great Kendo Masters, lend me your strength!"

The close up of Mervamon after Taiki thanked her for protecting him in the fall is zoomed in to obscure the view of her cleavage at the bottom of the screen.

When Christopher says that he already knew that Lord Bagra was the one who gave him his Fusion Loader, Bagra is irked by this (as though he didn't want anyone other than himself to reveal this fact to Christopher) and asks "Then, who told you?" before Christopher answers with "General Gravimon". In the original, Bagramon said nothing between Kiriha's two lines of "Apparently, that's true," and "Gravimon told me."

DarkKnightmon originally said that he discovered DigiXros as a means of survival since he knew he could never win against his formidable brother, while Axeknightmon instead says that he secured the new power of Digi-Fusion as a means to gain his brother's favor and earn a place at his side.

Kiriha saying his name to his Xros Loader in the flashback is changed to "I will do anything!"

Bagramon: "But my hopes on you were misplaced. You were no match for either Yuu or Taiki, who was chosen by Omegamon. In other words, Kiriha, you are my one failure. A disgrace."
Kiriha: "Me, a disgrace? You should be proud!"
Bagramon: "What?"
Kiriha: "Just as you hoped, Bagramon... No, even greater than that... I have gotten stronger! Together with my friends! I'll show that to you right now! C'mon! This is no time to be lying down, ZekeGreymon! Shoutmon, you lend me a hand too! Until Taiki climbs out from down below, think of me as him!"
OmegaShoutmon: "You aren't Taiki's replacement. Kiriha is Kiriha. It's because it's you that I'm lending a hand!"
Kiriha: "Let's go! Defeat Emperor Bagramon!"

Lord Bagra: "I had hoped you would grow strong enough to become one of my Generals, but it turned out your alliegance to Mikey Kudo had a greater hold on you! But it doesn't matter. Despite your weakness you served your purpose, and you lost."
Christopher: "You're the one with the weakness. And you're blind to the truth."
Lord Bagra: "Blind?"
Christopher: "You're blind to what I am, and how strong I've become, aren't you? By bonding together, we all gain strength. And maximum power! And now together we'll show you what I mean! ZekeGreymon! You too, OmniShoutmon! Until we get Mikey back let's work together to get this guy!"
OmniShoutmon: "Yeah. I'd be proud to team up with you, Christopher! You're the Blue General and I'll fight beside you just the same as I would with Mikey!"
Christopher: "Alright. Let's take'em down, you guys!"

"Ningin no Digipower" is accurately dubbed as "Human Digipower"

"Heavy Metal Vulcan" is kept, despite having previously been renamed "Flame Cannon" way back in episode 31.

Nene gives away to the dub viewers that Axeknightmon is up to something suspicious in his standing behind Lord Bagra, diminishing the weight of the surprise that is to come.

"Destroy Smasher" is renamed "Tail Gun Fire" like back in episode 31.

"Beat Slash" is renamed "Doom Drillpress" like in episodes 30 and 40, while it was renamed "Whirlwind Tunnel" in episodes 31 and 43.

The upward panning shot that runs the length of the impaled Bagramon from feet to head is cut out.

"Darkness Loader! DigiXros!" is changed to "Darkness Loader, Forced Digi-Fuse!"

DarkKnightmon's new form, which went unnamed in the original, is given the dub name of "Darkest Axeknightmon", spelled like that with a space.

Whamon is kept.
Aquatic is changed to Sea Animal
"Jet Arrow" is renamed "Blasting Spout"
A second attack is listed in the dub as "Tidal Wave"

Mikey calls Whamon an Ultimate level (meaning Perfect, not Mega), which just might be the very first mention of the old level system in all of either Xros Wars or Fusion.

Mikey also calls Whamon "so big that normal computers can crunch its data", which is based on Whamon Perfect's Digimon Reference Book profile.
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