Digimon Fusion Episode 50: Prison Land


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Apr 4, 2015
New Attack: Arrow Blizzard

Attack: Dragon Infernal Fire (Not really new, but he only ever used this attack in his Darkness Modes)

New Attack: Sun Punch Arrow

Grand Generamon
New Attack: Attack Probes

Digimon Data Collection: Cerberumon (Named Cerberusmon in the Canyon Land episodes)
New Attacks: Maddog Fire and Portals of Darkness
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Jan 6, 2008
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The episode recap has a scene from last episode with Axeknightmon speaking his line of "Mmhmhmhm! How thoughtful of them to finish off that treasonous Apollomon for me!"

Daimaden is renamed the "Bagra Fortress"

For the brief moment we see everyone flying in, Mervamon's body is not covered up in her quick onscreen visibility.

Mikey's new line of "Brace yourselves, guys!" that's spoken at the start of the episode is spoken a mere second before we see his mouth come into view being shut tightly closed, when a normal human mouth is usually left hanging open after saying the word "guys" unless he consciously closed immediately after saying the line. In other words, it's spoken at a time when Mikey physically looks like he didn't say anything at all, which was the case for this scene in the original.

Shoutmon calls the Bagra Fortress "one ugly hotel!", and then Mikey and Christopher make vacation-related and home-related jokes.

It was originally Shoutmon who said that the Digital World can be reborn after they've beaten Bagramon, but here it's Dorulumon who says it, but in a way that sounds like beating Lord Bagra would automatically cause the Digital World to reboot itself.

Lord Bagra's hysterical laughter (not that it's funny-sounding, but that he's laughing in madness) is heard before the Fusion Fighers approach the torch-lit, staircased entry doors. So everyone's reaction is not to the ominous view of the entryway, but instead to the sound of Bagra's laughter.

An overhead shot of Xros Heart arriving at the torch-lit stairs is cut out... for reasons unknown. Sure, Mervamon was visible in it, but she's in so many other shots that were kept, and since this was a faraway shot, she could have easily been covered up like she is in all other shots.

Everyone was originally stunned to see Bagramon standing before them, while in the dub, only Dorulumon and Nene express surprise reactions. Mikey and Christopher instead talk tough to him.

The fake Bagra speaks with Axeknightmon's voice and refers to his palace as his "Fortress Pandemonia" yet another new dub name for the Bagra Daimaden.

Nene originally sensed something familiar about the fake Bagramon's aura, while here she says "Wait... I don't... There's something wrong."

The first shot of Xros Heart bracing themselves amid the whirling sands disintegrating from the castle is zoomed in, focusing on Kiriha, to obscure the view of Mervamon's body.

DarkKnightmon original spoke of his trick as a game, like the kind Yuu loves, while Axeknightmon speaks of his trick as an illusion, like those that Ewan used to love.

A wide shot of Xros Heart that pans to the left is cut out and replaced by a different close up shot of Mikey saying the same thing that Taiki said in the cut out shot (he was reminding DarkKnightmon/Axeknightmon that he and his team have already beaten all of the Death Generals/Dark Generals).

Kiriha speaking of the bonds Xros Heart shares is changed to Christopher declaring that none of the Fusion Fighters will ever surrender as long as they have each other.

The Dark Stone is slightly renamed as "the legendary Dark Stone"

Another shot of Xros Heart that pans to the left just before DarkKnightmon demonstrates the Dark Stone's power is cut out to remove another view of Mervamon's balloonish body.

The revived Death Generals' lacking their souls is changed to the Dark Generals lacking their DigiCores.

Another left-panning view of Xros Heart is cut out and replaced first by a shot of Mikey and Shoutmon with Shoutmon asking "Is that even possible?!" and then by a close up shot of Dorulumon saying "They're just robots without their DigiCores!" No time is lost or gained by this edit.

OmegaShoutmon's Great Xros screen is replaced by his clean Super Evolution screen.

Nene gets to say Sparrowmon's name in the Great Fusion.

"Turbulance Arrow" is renamed "Arrow Blizzard"

"Gardiac Raid" is renamed "Doom Cannon" like back in episode 33.

"Dragon Breath Tonic Fire" is renamed "Dragon Infernal Fire" like in episode 32.

"Arrow of Apollo" is renamed "Sun Punch Arrow"

"Octa Gravity" is renamed "Octogravity" like in episode 44.

"Xros Burning Rocker" is renamed "Fusion Flamethrower" (one of three different dub attack names)

"Goto Death General, DigiXros!" ("All Death Generals, DigiXros!") is changed to "Dark Generals, Forced Digi-Fuse!"

Grand Generamon is kept, space and all.

After x7 is broken apart, cartoony/springy/boingy sound effects are added to when Shoutmon and Ballistamon collide with the ground.

The shot of Shoutmon's ghostly soul being extracted from his body is cut out.

DarkKnightmon saying he took Shoutmon's soul is changed to Axeknightmon saying he used a device on Shoutmon called a DigiCore Extractor.

Prison Land is... sort of kept. Axeknightmon says its name once, but then every further mention of it is changed to simply refer to it as "the holding cell".

DarkKnightmon wanting to take Taiki's soul is changed to Axeknightmon wanting to take Mikey's core, which is a concept (humans having DigiCores of their own) I don't think any Digimon fiction has ever touched upon.

The shot of Dorulumon losing his soul as Taiki runs over to him is cut out.

The shot where Ballistamon loses his own soul is cut off just before the part where is soul is extracted.

An extra shot of Wisemon speaking from within the Xros Loader is added in since his explanation of how humans and digimon are similar beings is a but longer in the dub, especially since Dub Wisemon uses more technical terms like "concordant-neuric digital signals" and "homeostatic electronic pathways".

WHAT?! The shot of Taiki/Mikey having his soul extracted is NOT cut out! At all!

The amount of black screen that occurs between Taiki having his soul extracted and his awakening within Prison Land is shortened from being two seconds long to being less than one second long in the dub.

A TON of new, offscreen dialogue is added to Mikey's arrival in Prison Land:
Mikey's inner thoughts: "Get up, Mikey. Got to... get up! I feel so strange... like I'm outside my own body!"
Shoutmon: "I'm no traitor!"
Ballistamon: "Stay away from me! I'm a bad digimon!"
Olegmon: "Yo ho ho, laddie, and a pirate you'll be!"
Apollomon: "You took over my body, and then used me to defeat Mikey and the Fusion Fighters!"

Okay, this is a bizarre cut. The shot of NeoVamdemon and Zamielmon appearing before Taiki is cut short right before Zamielmon appears, leaving only NeoVamdemon to appear while omitting Zamielmon's appearance.

Ballistamon saying that he has power 100x and courage 1000x is changed to only his power being surged up to 100%.

Cerberumon is kept (this was his dub name in Frontier, but it was "Cerberusmon" back in Data Squad and in episode 42 of this season's dub)
Demon Beast is changed to Dark Animal
"Inferno Gate" was the first attack listed in the original, but is the second attack listed here, and renamed as "Portals of Darkness"
"Hellfire" was listed as the second attack in the original, but is the first attack here, and renamed as "Maddog Fire" (spelled just like that, despite it being "Emerald Blaze back in Frontier's dub)

Mikey speaks of Cerberumon's really nasty claws and self-healing hardshell body, both bits of info taken from the Digimon Reference Book.

Also, the Monitamons say that Cerberumon has two head. Um, no, it has three.
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