Digimon Fusion Episode 49: The Darkest Dark General of All


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May 6, 2014
New England, USA
I was wondering how Saban would handle death in these episodes as Xros Wars is permeated with it and it's getting hard to avoid. Overall, I guess it transitioned okay. The only places it kind of lost me was when Whispered said he "sent Yuu/Ewan to his room" in reference to leaving everyone in Hell's Field to die. And in the flashback where Yuu is crying inside that playground pipe about his "sick goldfish" instead of the fact that his nana recently died (in Xros Wars). Kind of jarring things to say/change when you knew what the original was. Really... sent Yuu to his room....? lame. The life-data and death-data thing is Saban's way or working around the issue I guess. it's really kind of funny, because the theme is having everyone impress upon Yuu the seriousness of fighting in the Digiworld with the specter of death/deletion and Saban has to walk that tightrope rather gingerly to keep it suitable for American viewing.

Overall, not bad. But the ominousness is really toned down when death is removed as an option. But again, I get why they do it.

No matter what anyone says about Xros Wars/Fusion, two of the greatest twists in this series are Yuu being revealed as DarkKnightmon's target human companion to use a Xros Loader (not Nene), and DarkKnightmon being a DigiXros himself. Epic! And how it plays out is perfect! The surprise when DarkKnightmon splits to SkullKnightmon and (the creepy) DeadlyAxemon in battle, and in this episode where SkullKnightmon uses a young, crying Yuu to (1) activate a Xros Loader and (2) DigiFuse without Yuu even knowing what's going on... "can you say 'DigiXros?'" What a jerk! There is really nothing to like about DarkKnightmon! So manipulative! Then he just leaves as DarkKnightmon and says he'll come back for Yuu later.... I've gotta read the manga at some point because people say the manga was better than the anime series. I could never really figure out why Tuytyumon is involved anywhere here.... what is his objective??


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Apr 4, 2015
Apollomon Whispered

"Grief Sun" from the sub, was renamed "Rising Sun of all Sorrows" or "Rising Sun of all Sorrow", I wasn't able to make it out. Could someone confirm, please?

Shoutmon X7

New attack: "Final Victory Blade"

Digimon Data Collection

Special attacks "Needle Spray", "Lightspeed Jabbing" and "Coconut Punch".

On to the Dark Nest now, and the last five episodes.


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Aug 2, 2013
Chiba, Japan
Damemon dieing, I mean being permanently deleted/gone forever was still very sad.


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Jan 6, 2008
Florida, the Neglected State
Ugh, the episode recap treats Beelzemon's sacrifice from last episode as though it was something "radical!" or "totally awesome, dude!" And the parts where it repeats a scene of spoken dialogue from last episode had all of the dialogue completely rewritten. Last episode had the dialogue like this:
Mikey: "Uggh! Beelzemon!"
Beelzemon: "Mikey, thank you for what you did for me. Remember me, and know that I will always be by your side."
Mikey: "No, this can't be happening! Beelzemon, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?! BEELZEMOOOOOOON!!!"

And now it's been change to this:
Mikey: "Is he really gone?"
Beelzemon: "Don't worry, Mikey. I was happy to do it to help your cause. I'll always be with you in spirit."
Mikey: "Oh no...! Tell me this isn't happening. COME BAAAAAACK!!!"

"The Bagra Army's Number Two" is changed to "Second-in-Command of the Bagra Army"

Whispered saying that DarkKnightmon and his general Yuu got mixed up in the destruction of Hell's Field is changed to him saying that he's overthrown "Admiral Axeknightmon" and "sent that insufferable child Ewan to his room!" Uh, what?

"Gate Open" is renamed "Land Transfer", despite "Gate Open" having been the dub's term for this up to this point.

Daimaden is renamed "the Bagra Fortress" (how many dub names is this thing gonna get?)

The dramatic silent moment between the three Generals understanding one another without having to say a word is filled in by an offscreen monologue from Mikey. It also doesn't help that the music playing during the scene is generic and unmemorable.

After Taiki orders the Monitamons to move in, the camera pan to the right that pans to Mervamon and Dorulumon is cut out.

The close up shot of Mervamon right after the pan is zoomed in further to obscure a view of her breasts.

"Mervamon-neesan" is changed to just "Mervamon"

The shot of Mervamon and Dorulumon as Shoutmon speaks to her is cut out and replaced by a different shot of just Mervamon nodding and saying "Thank you" taking from an earlier episode.

Likewise, the next shot of Mervamon talking to Dorulumon about Shoutmon is cut out and replaced by another shot of Mervamon similar to the "Thank you" one, in which she now say "Hm. Little body, but a big heart."

Whispered referring to himself as a "god" is changed to "great leader"

Mikemon is not named in the dub. Though, her cute female voice in the original is changed to a male voice in the dub.

Gorimon's "I'll put you at peace. Praise be to god!" line is changed to Gorillamon's line of "Don't worry, you'll feel nothing! Now stop that squirming!"

Whispered's line of "Being weak is a sin in itself," is changed to him calling Apollomon's compassion a weakness.

The shot of MailBirdramon flying back to Kiriha, Greymon, Mervamon, and Nene on Sparrowmon is cut out.

Kiriha's line of "An evil king has no right to call himself a god!" is change to Christopher's line of "Let's see how you do when you're not picking on weaklings, General!"

The shot of JetMervamon using "Heartbreak Shot" on Whispered's viewscreen is cut out.

The dub completely gives away the surprise reveal of Whispered switching to Apollomon's form just as Taiki's team arrives by having him finish his inner talk with Apollomon (that came immediately before the reveal) with "Not if they think I'm you!"

In the dub, Whispered pretends to be Apollomon with new dialogue from him saying "Not at all, my friends. I'm fine, as you can see. Come right in! Congradulations on your escape from the Underworld, Fusion Fighters. I'm so glad to have you back!" The problem with this is that, aside from being completely silent in the original, Whispered plan in the original was not to trick Xros Heart into thinking he's Apollomon, but to use Apollomon as a shield so as to make Xros hesitant to attack him, which Shoutmon acknowledged in the original. Thus, with Whispered now instead pretending to be Apollomon so as to trick the Fusion Fighters, Shoutmon's seeing through Whispered's plan here comes out of nowhere since this new plan rooted in deception is not as obvious as the original plan that was rooted in cowardice, what with the disguised Whispered having given no indication of being anything but the genuine article in the dub. This means that the dub tried to do have Whispered do an even better plan than he did in the original, but the original animation prevents this new plan from being competently executed in the dub.

Yuu and Damemon's little "Who's on First?" moment is changed first to Ewan just grumbling instead of answering Damemon, making Damemon think Ewan is the "silent type", and when Ewan corrects Damemon and tells him his name, Damemon mistakes "Ewan" for "You and", making him ask "'You and who' is a name? Oh, you mean 'Ewan' is your actual real name!"

Yuu'd grandmother having died is changed to Ewan's pet goldfish being "gone", which Damemon interprets as it having gotten sick.

SkullKnightmon speaking of a world where no one dies is changed to him speaking of a world where no one gets sick.

To fit the lip flaps of the original, SkullKnightmon requests that Ewan input his name into the Fusion Loader last name first, giving us Ewan saying "Amano, Ewan".

Young Nene saying "Yuu!" and sighing "Oh thank goodness," is changed to her saying (with an attitude) "Duuuuh! Who else would find you in here?"

New dialogue for Young Nene then says (again, with a tone) "I've been looking all over for you! Why have you been hiding from me? Ya got to some big secret?!"

"Yuu-sama" is changed to "Lord Ewan"

Yuu thinking Taiki's dead is changed to Ewan thinking Mikey's gone in the Underworld.

Whispered tries to continue his ruse, but the original animation gives him away when Whispered's true colors (literally) flash across his Apollomon form. In the original, Xros Heart knew all along that it was a trick, while the dub has them only fully figure it out when the flash occurs, making Whispered look stupid for exposing himself when he, at the very least, had the Fusion Fighters skeptical of his appearance.

"Star Blade" is changed to "Sun Sword" (consistent with previous episodes)

"Ultimate Speaker" is changed to "Seismic Speaker" (the dub name of "Heavy Speaker")

Whispered: "You...! Taiki Kudou, how...?"
Taiki: "Earlier, I couldn't hurt Apollomon because of my soft heart. That's my weakness! I'm supposed to endure the grief of defeating Apollomon, for his own sake, as well! I realized that during my fight with Yuu in Hell's Field. I will endure. And I'll fight!"

Whispered: "So it's like that! I though you were the type who valued friendship over victory!'
Mikey: "I am. But then I learned a few thing from Apollomon. I learned that kindness shouldn't become a weakness. And fighting Ewan in the Underworld taught me that a leader has to put the good of the whole team first. Sometimes that means making tough choices. So in order to help Apollomon, I have to be strong enough to defeat him! Whatever it takes, I'll destroy you!"

Nene saying that they've freed all of the captured digimon (which is something that I'm surprised to see Saban not keeping in this dub) is chnged to her just saying "We're here for you, Mikey. You've made the right call."

OmegaShoutmon's Great Xros screen is replaced with his Super Evolution screen.

For once, Nene finally gets to be the one who says Sparrowmon's name in the Great Fusion sequence.

At the end of the sequence, Mikey says Shoutmon X7's name instead of X7 saying it himself. Though, before his name is said, X7 does get to say some newly-added dialogue of "Let's send this imposter back into whatever hole he crawled out of!" How does that even make sense?

"Double Flare Buster" is renamed "Double Flare Blaster". As this was the first time this attack was named in the original, this means that its first formal use in the dub debuted way back in episode 44.

X7 calls the barrier Whispered places around him "some hi-tech fishbowl". Considering the change made to Yuu's grandmother earlier in the episode, this kinda feels like a "Too soon, dub. Too soon" moment.

"Nageki no Taiyou" is renamed "Rising Sun of All Sorrows", but is given no caption when it had one in the original.

Whispered's referring to his victim's "death data" is changed to "raw data"

"Seven Victorize" is renamed "Final Victory Blade", despite it having been renamed "Seven Victories" back in episode 43.

As Whsipered further increases the size of the big black sun, he yells "Critical Mass!" as though it were some kind of separate attack of its own. No caption is given, thankfully.

Unlike the first Mikemon, the others who cheer X7 on have female voices.

After Whispered declares that his right arm is moving on its own, a new monologue is given to the originally silent spectral Apollomon: "Not exactly on its own." "Yes, I'm still here, Mikey. I'll always be with you no matter what happens, becuase you believed in me, and now you know what you have to do."

"Seven Victorize Maximum" is renamed "Seven Victories". Sure, dub, why bother trying to be consistent with yourself? :rolleyes:

The shot of Whispered's battered body falling to the ground from the sky is cut off just before his falling body appears in the sky, leaving only the view of the sky intact and having Whispered suddenly be on the ground for no reason since the dub clearly showed him getting blasted further into the sky with that big black sun.

Whispered was originally vague about what exactly he wanted to rule over, but in the dub it is clear that he wanted to rule the whole "Digiworld" (ugh, that term's never gonna die, is it?).

The zooming out to show the entirety of Whispered remains surrounded by Xros Heart as the body fades back to Apollomon's color is cut out and replaced by a later shot of Taiki looking over Apollomon's body, along with a new yellow glow effect added to the bottom of the screen so as to represent the switch back to Apollomon from Whispered now occurring offscreen.

Bagra Daimaden is renamed "the Bagra Fortress"

Damemon referring to Yuu as "Yuu-sama" and then correcting himself to just "Yuu" is not kept in the dub, which is odd considering that the dub could have made one last use of its "Lord Ewan" term that it's had Damemon use previously, even earlier in this episode.

Damemon: "Yuu-sama... No, Yuu... I'm sorry for lying to you all this time. But it was all to protect you. I wanted... to protect you... From the awful truth..."
Yuu: "Damemon! Aah! Damemon!"
Damemon: "But... I couldn't protect you to the very end... I'm sorry... Yuu..."
Yuu: "Damemon... No... This can't be happening! I'll heal you right now! Tyutyumon, where's the Darkness Loader? Tyutyumon! Damemon!"
Damemon: "From now on, you have to fight alone. Giving up is... no good... no good..."
Damemon: I'm so sorry Ewan. I was no good. I tried, but... I lied to you. I wanted to protect you, so... I really liked you. So I wanted to protect you from the reality of--"
Ewan: "What reality?"
Damemon: "...this place. ...I should have told you the truth, from the beginning, but I was no good."
Ewan: "Oh, Damemon! Nevermind that."
Damemon: "Uuugh..."
Ewan: "Tell me! Tell me how I can help you regenerate! Aah! Damemon!"
Damemon: "I tried... But I should've protected you better..."
Ewan: "Hang in there, Damemon. You'll be fine!"
Damemon: "If you say so, Ewan..."
Ewan: "Damemon... Don't leave! You can't! Maybe I can heal you! Tyutyumon, where's the Darkness Loader? I need it! Tyutyumon! Aah, Damemon!"
Damemon: "You mustn't ever quit, but you're going to have to fight on your own now... Quiting would be... no good... no good. Ahh..."
Ewan: *wails*

Togemon is kept
Plant is changed to Vegetation
"Chiku Chiku Bang Bang" is renamed "Needle Spray"
Two more attacks are listed in the dub: "Lightspeed Jabbing" and "Coconut Punch"

Mikey states that Togemon can survive for a long time out in the desert, a fact taken from the Digimon Reference Book profile. And the Monitamons reer to this Togemon as a he.

The Dark Stone is not mentioned in the dub preview, though the preview does make another mention of "the Bagra Fortress".


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Oct 6, 2006
So I'm very late to getting around to looking at the credits for these episodes, and I'm still stuck with the hard-to-read SD version of the episode.

There's a credit for Laura Bailey in this episode that I don't recognize as any actual character's name. I swear it says "Kylemon" which obviously isn't an actual Digimon, but I can't find any character in the episode unaccounted for in the credits and nobody really sounds like Bailey (Lillymon's back to her southern belle voice by Cindy Robinson, who's mistakenly credited as Lilamon).

Is there anyone with access to an HD version of the episode who can tell me what Bailey is credited as?