Digimon Fusion Episode 47: The Battle of the Young Generals


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Apr 4, 2015
Apollomon Darkness Mode

Shoutmon X5
New attack:
- Firestorm Slice

Tuwarmon Beast Mode (Spoken as "Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode")
- Tuwarmon Missile Storm
- Ultimate Fire Storm
- Mad Mantis Dance

Digimon Data Collection: Palmon
- Poison Ivy
- Stinking Attack


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Jan 6, 2008
Florida, the Neglected State
In the episode recap, Mikey says that the Underworld is a part of Bright Land rather than being its own location beneath it.

Tuwarmon stating that Yuu is willing to kill without hesitation while Taiki not so much is changed to Tuwarmon saying that Ewan, unlike Mikey, isn't afraid of hurting his opponent. "Or worse!"

Mervamon originally commented that, despite his loner appearance, Beelzebumon can get just as heated up as the others, while here she instead comments that, despite his loner appearance, Beelzemon is just a softy like the others.

The shot of Gattai Lilithmon listening to the Evilmons on her body speak to her is cut out, cutting right to the part of the shot where she gets angry, as the Evilmons have been removed from her body.

Gattai Lilithmon's big explosion of fire is changed to Laylamon's new made up dub attack "Flame Spires", complete with a newly-added caption.

Taiki's surprised reaction to seeing Setmon having joined the fight against MetalGreymon ("Setmon!") is changed to Mikey saying "MetalGreymon".

"Arrow of Whispered" is changed to "Whispering Arrow" like before, but here it is not given a caption despite having one in the original.

Yuu's originally sadistic licking his lips is changed to him licking his lips after making an allusion to cake.

Yuu: "From my appearance, you thought I was a delicate rich boy who only had brains going for him, didn't you, Taiki-san? Sorry, but I'm strong. I've had to hide that my whole life. If I get even the tiniest bit serious it makes everyone cry. All of my friends are weak. That's why I don't want to play with them. I hate living things too! No matter how much I grow to like them, they die right away! But only this world is different. That time... When I wandered into the Digital World with Nee-san, DarkKnightmon told me about it."
DarkKnightmon (flashback): "Yuu Amano. I've come for you, just as I've promised. Have you forgotten, Yuu? A place where no one will die. No one can get hurt. The world you have wished for it right here. This is the game world. An imaginary monster world based on reality. Yes. Take this.You will begin the best game ever, where you will save the world!"
Yuu (flashback): "A game where I save the world!"
Taiki: "So the Xros Loader that Nene had at first belonged to you, Yuu!"
Yuu: "No one will die in this world. The friends here who play with me won't get hurt, so I can play with them as much as I want. This place isn't reality. All of it is a virtual game! I've been waiting for a world like this one. After all, I hate having to feel pain.
Ewan: "From looking at me, I know you thought I was just a pampered little rich boy, soft and weak, right, Mikey?! Maybe I was a long time ago. But then, I learn to be tough. I kept it a secret from everyone, cuz they would never understand! They're weak. They don't know what I know. That nothing lasts! That no matter how much you love something, sooner or later, it gets hurt! Or it 'goes away.' But it's not like that in the Digital World. Not at all. I found out that when I first wandered in here with my sister. Axeknightmon told me all about it."
Axeknightmon (flashback): "Ewan Amano. I've come for you as I promised. This is where you belong, Ewan. Here is the world you've always longed for. A place where no one gets hurt. Where everything lasts forever. Because this is not real, it's virtual reality! A game. The best game ever!"
Ewan (flashback): "A game...?"
Axeknightmon (flashback): "With this Fusion Loader you can enter the game, Ewan. A game in which you get to save the world!"
Ewan (flashback): "Me?" *evil laugh*
Mikey: "So then that Fusion Loader was really yours, not your sister's. He gave it to you!"
Ewan: "Axeknightmon was right about this world. Here you can fight and blow things up, and nothing ever really happened to anyone. Cuz it's all just a game. I would never really hurt anybody. I don't like it when people are sad or in pain. That's why I like it here better than the real world."

"Xros Open" is renamed "Disengage Fuse", which is one of the many dub names this term has been given, among "De-Fuse", "Digi-Diffuse", "Digi De-Fuse", etc.

Axemon SPEAKS in the dub! When SkullKnightmon gives him his orders to go assist Ewan, he yells "I'm on it!"

"Meteor Impact" is kept, which is consistent only with episode 29, as all other uses of this attack have been dubbed a "Atomic Uppercut" (episode 17), "Proton Punch" (episodes 22 and 28) and "Laser Impact Attack" (a separate use in episode 29).

After the commercial break, the repeat of "Meteor Impact" lacks its caption just like in the original, so this is NOT an error.

Beelzemon's orders to Mervamon are backwards compared to Beelzebumon's. Originally, Beelzebumon told Mervamon to go back to help at the white castle, while he breaks through a weak point in the enemies' forces and raids the black castle. Beelzemon, however, tells Mervamon to go on ahead and find a weak spot in the Bagra defenses and take the battle to them, while he stays behind. The problem with this is that we do later see her returning to help at the white castle.

The flashback shot of Baalmon aiming his gun at Lilithmon, which zooms in on his stunned face, and the shot of Lilithmon's extended arm impaling Ballmon in the chest, are cut out and replaced instead by a flashback shot of Laylamon lifting her hand and stretching it out, and a quick zooming-in different shot of Reapmon's face.

The brief shot of Beelzebumon finishing his flying up to Gattai Lilithmon to reach her altitude is cut out.

The brief shot of Gattai Lilithmon with Beelzebumon's cannon pointed at her, before the camera zooms in to a close up of her face, is cut out, with the shot now starting after the camera finishes zooming in on her face.

The shot of Gattai Lilithmon outraged over the holes in her stomach with fire spewing out of them is cut out, meaning that now Beelzemon's laser blasts shot through body have no effect on her.

The quick faraway shot of Blastmon swinging around Gattai Lilithmon to slam Beelzebumon into Lilithmon's fiery aura has its first few frames cut out, leaving in only the the view of the ensuing explosion.

"Impact Laser" is renamed "Firestorm Slice", despite it being renamed "Winding Wind" back in episode 17.

Apollomon's use of "DigiXros" is renamed "Digi-Fusion" instead of "Digi-Fuse".

Apollomon Darkness Mode is kept.

The very vital-to-the-story moment of Taiki punching Yuu is cut out! We see Mikey grab Ewan and raise his (Mikey's) arm, and then it cuts to Ewan already on the ground after the omitted shot of the punch being delivered.

And the shot of Yuu punching Taiki back is also cut out. Instead, Mikey yells "Grow up!" offscreen to make Ewan be taken aback.

Taiki: "How is it? You feel pain, don't you! This fight isn't a game! It's the same as our world. It's real, Yuu!"
Yuu: "You're lying! The Digital World is made of data! This pain is just an illusion to make it seem real!"
Taiki: "You're wrong, Yuu. At the very least, we humans exist as flesh and blood here. I went back to the human world once, but the pain and small cuts that I'd gotten from the battles before I left were still there. That's why, if we die here... I'm pretty sure that we really will die."
Mikey: "There, you see! You felt that, didn't you? Real pain! That's because this isn't a game or make-believe, Ewan! It's real!"
Ewan: "You're making that up! Nothing here is real, it's only super-realistic to make you think it's real! That's cuz it's the best game ever and I'm gonna win!"
Mikey: "GROW UP! You're wrong, Ewan. Everything you do here, good or bad, has real consequences. I went back to the human world once, and every cut and bruise that I'd got in a fight here, I still had'em there. You can't undo what happens here. You can't just save and quit."

Taiki saying that a world without pain or sadness doesn't exist is changed to Mikey saying that digimon are gone forever if they get erased.

Nene's erroneous referring to Honey Land as "Honey Zone" in the original is corrected to "Honey Land" here.

Yuu wondering if anyone dies they die for real is changed Ewan wondering that if anyone's eliminated they're eliminated forever.

Yuu's refusal to quit because he likes this world and wants to keep fighting in it is changed to Ewan thinking the others don't want him to finish the game because they know he's about to win.

"Darkness Loader! DigiXros!" is changed to the mouthful command of "Forced Digi-Fusion plus Absorption Fusion!"

Whispered deciding to leave since he doesn't like the idea of getting absorbed is changed to him leaving because things have grown beyond his control. Uh, what control? Whispered wasn't in charge of this battle.

DeadlyTuwarmon Hell Mode is renamed "Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode" but is captioned as just "Tuwarmon Beast Mode"

What was originally a nameless shot of the spikes on DeadlyTuwarmon Hell Mode's shoulders is treated as an attack called "Tuwarmon Missle Storm", complete with a newly-added caption.

"Burning Boogie" is renamed "Ultimate Firestorm"

Kiriha repeating what he said from last episode ("Miracles beyond your imagination can occur!") is changed to "And in real life you have to be ready for anything!"

OmegaShoutmon's Great Xros screen with all the technical data is replaced by a clean version from his Super Evolution sequence.

Mikey, instead of Nene, calls out Sparrowmon's name in the Great Fusion sequence.

Yuu wondering if Tuwarmon is feeling actual pain, and Tuwarmon thinking to himself that he mustn't let Yuu feel disturbed, are changed to Ewan realizing that Tuwarmon really does feel pain after all, and Tuwarmon trying to reassure Ewan out loud that he doesn't feel pain since it's just a game.

"Hell's Mantis Dance" is renamed "Mad Mantis Dance"

"Xros Burning Rocker" is renamed "Fusion Burning Rocker", despite it being renamed "Fusion Flamethrower" back in episode 44.

X7 makes a George of the Jungle joke when Tuwarmon hits the castle: "Oh, careful, watch out for that-- Ooh! Too late."

Tuwarmon's "Xros Open" is given yet another dub rename for the term: "Disengage Fusion" (the one from earlier was "Disengage Fuse").

Mikey thinks Axeknightmon is defeated when he wasn't even involved in this fight at the castle.

The shot of DeadlyAxemon being crushed by a boulder is cut out.

Originally, it was Mervamon who commented about Beelzebumon's trying to act cool, while in the dub, it's Shoutmon who says that about Beelzemon.

Though Mikey does speak of how Ewan said that the only out of this place is if one of them is destroyed, he then starts complaining out of nowhere: "I didn't come all the way back to this world to stay here forever! I wanted to help bring you and Nene home and free the good digimon! I didn't want anybody to get hurt!"

Yuu was originally asking Tuwarmon if everyone loses will they die, while Ewan instead is injured and asks Tuwarmon if he's sure it's not real because it really hurts (even though there isn't so much as a scratch on him), and Tuwarmon is at a loss for what to do and how to help Ewan (when it's pretty clear that Tuwarmon is the real injured one).

Palmon is kept
Plant is changed to Vegetable
"Poison Ivy" is kept
A second attack is listed in the dub: "Stinking Attack"

One of the Monitamon makes a self-admitted bad joke: "Why couldn't the gardener grow flowers? Because he hadn't bought'n'ny! Get it? Botany!"

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Sep 10, 2006
I kind of liked that joke. But it's just the kind of horrible joke that would fit perfectly for a dub.