Digimon Fusion Episode 39: The Water Tiger's Slippery Trap

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
I really can't see what any edits were. But it was a good episode. The Water Tiger form was Darkness Mode 2. Super Buff him was Mode 1.


Seized the time
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Jan 6, 2008
Florida, the Neglected State
The episode's actual title is "The Water Tiger General's Slippery Trap!"

Yokunaol --- Super-Charged Healing Glow (it's dub name in episode 28 was "Feel my healing glow!")
Hydro Pressure --- Hydro-Pressure
black Drippin --- Black Splasher
DarkKnightmon-sama --- Lord Axeknightmon
Justice Bullet --- Justice Blaster
The unnamed giant buff version of Splashmon --- Spalshmon Darkness Mode 1
Splashmon Darkness Mode --- Spalshmon Darkness Mode 2
Final Strikes --- Daggerstrike (it was just recently called "Final Trident Strike" back in episode 31)
Tiger Typhoon --- same

The shot of Nene asking the fake Dorulumon "Weren't you with Mikey and the others?" is from another part of this episode, as it replaces a different shot of Nene asking this same question in the Japanese version, which was cut out and replaced with this other one since the original contained a view of Mervamon standing behind Nene. I guess the dubbers didn't feel like covering up Mervamon in this shot and decided to just replace the shot wholesale.

The shot of Taiki/Mikey, Shoutmon, and Ballistamon seemingly entering the building before it blows is cut out. Instead, we go from the three going around the opposite corner to the building blowing up with no one seen entering it. In place of the cut shot, the shot of the empty ally right before the building blows is freeze framed and extended to make up for the footage cut out.

And in the later flashback to the same scene above, the shot of what was then revealed to be fakes entering the building before it blew is likewise cut out.

In the flashback to Taiki/Mikey picking up Cutemon, Reloading Revolmon/Deputymon, and sending the two of them away to find the real Dorulumon, Revolmon/Deputymon's silver body is not censored to blue when Mikey says "The real Dorulumon's around here somewhere, so you two scour the place until you find him, got it?"

The shot of the giant Splashmon saying "Go on, do it again. I enjoy watching you waste your time," is from an earlier part of this episode, inserted into the scene after he says "Yes, an excellent shot!"

The shot of Mervamon saying "Well, I suggest you hurry up and figure out what it is, Mikey!" is a newly-inserted shot from a previous episode that replaces a different shot of her that I guess the dubbers didn't feel like censoring and just decided to replace again.

The close up shot of JetMervamon using her Heartbreak Shot in the sky is cut out.

Ikkakumon --- same
Marine Animal --- Sea Animal
Harpoon Vulcan --- Harpoon Torpedo

Gold Land --- Golden Land