Digimon Fusion Episode 29: Fall of the Final Code Crown!


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Sep 9, 2006
England - Sheffield
Episode thread for Episode 29 of Digimon Fusion

Thurday 1st May - CITV UK - 7.45am and 1.20pm (USA date is currently unsure)

No spoilers past this episode


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Jan 6, 2008
Florida, the Neglected State
Like in the original, the beginning narration by Mikey is integrated into the actual start of the episode.

Sword Zone is kept.

For once, the realistic guns carried by the Troopmon are NOT painted radioactive orange or any color. They are left completely unaltered.

Grademon is captioned like in the original, but as "Evil Grademon", with a small "Bagra Army" heading over his name.

Mikey already knows Grademon's name for some reason.

Nene specifically mentions that all the Dinohumon (name not spoken here, in either version) are now "out cold".

After noticing that Grademon has been just standing where he is, Angie asks "What's up with that?" To which Shoutmon X4 responds with, "I dunno. Y'need an oil can or something, pal?"

Zenjirou originally stated that their opponent is strong and won't make any careless moves, and Taiki said that Grademon is a master swordsman and that they would only have a brief window to attack. Jeremy, however, tells the others to not underestimate him since Grademon's an expert swordsman, while Mikey now instead says for them to let Grademon attack first since the only time he's vulnerable is right when he makes his first move.

X4 originally said that he shines in these desperate situations, while here he says that quick strikes are his specialty.

"Cross Blade" is kept.

Though both Zenjirou and Jeremy recognized the move X4 just used in that instant, Jeremy mentions out loud (in his head) that it was the same move that Mikey used to beat him, while Zenjirou didn't think that out loud in that moment.

Shoutmon: "That's the end of the line. It's what you deserve for assaulting this Zone's digimon in order to steal the Code Crown."
Shoutmon: "That'll teach you to go up against me and the Fusion Fighters, Grademon! I guess the master swordsman couldn't quite hack it here in the Sword Zone."

The residents of Sword Zone originally called Grademon the "demon swordsman", while here they just address him by name.

Vajramon (unnamed in both versions) originally spoke of rumors about Xros Heart being the saviors of the Digital World, while here he instead speaks of a written prophecy that said the Fusion Fighters would save the Digital World.

Taiki originally felt sorry for Grademon because of how much pain he was in, while Mikey feels sorry for him because how humiliated he was.

Shoutmon: "Hey, he's an atrocious underling of the Bagra Army!"
Shoutmon: "This was a battle not a bake-off! Since when do we feel sorry for the Bagra Army?!"

Nene originally commented on Taiki being as kind as always, while here she instead realizes (just now?) that Mikey really does have a good heart.

When Mikey notices that Grademon changed, he also thinks out loud "And it's not just a new coat of paint!"

Shoutmon calls Grademon "the big chicken" and instead of stating that Grademon really isn't a good guy at all and calling Taiki naive, he bemoans that he was just about ready to finish Grademon off and asks Mikey why he (Mikey) went easy on him.

Shoutmon's stealing of Taiki's "Hottokenai" moment is fully kept for Shoutmon's stealing it from Mikey, right down to the exacting wording of "You couldn't turn your back on him." Though, in return, Shoutmon's original acknowledgement of that being one of Taiki's good qualities is lost.

Grademon is the first villain in the dub to refer to Mikey as "Mikey Kudo" like how so many villains in the original called Taiki "Kudou Taiki". As cool as this is, the one problem with it is that Mikey's last name, IIRC, has never been spoken out loud towards any of the Bagra Army in the dub, so Grademon ought to not know it here. Grademon also asks "What have you done to me?"

Laylamon is captioned like Lilithmon was in the original.

Lord Bagra is captioned like Bagramon was in the original.

Bagramon originally just acknowledged that Lilithmon was feeling "it", and Tactimon said that the time has come. Lord Bagra, however, is the one who says that it is time, and Tactimon instead says that Laylamon is feeling "the call of destiny."

Tactimon is captioned like in the original.

Tactimon originally planned to just take the remaining Code Crowns from those who have them and give them to Bagramon, while here he plans to destroy those who have them before taking them first. The fact that he didn't work destroying the enemy into his plan at first would later become a plot point in the original, which is now lost here.

Bagramon originally asked if he should expect good news from Tactimon, while Lord Bagra threatens that no mercy will be shown should Tactimon fail.

Blastmon originally cheered that it felt like the right mood for the final battle and that he was so jealous of Tactimon (in a fanboyish manner), while here he instead mocks Tactimon's confidence in not failing, calling him a "wannabe warrior" and declaring "You'll never pull that off!"

Damemon is captioned like in the original.

Damemon originally just called Blastmon "No good!" ("Dame!") at this point, and Blastmon chased him off yelling "Good no!" ("Me da") over and over. While here Damemon first insults Blastmon's lack of a body while only being a head, and as he runs off yelling "No good!" Blastmon chases him yelling "If I had legs I'd kick you!"

Forest Zone is captioned like Green Zone was in the original.

Island Zone, Magma Zone, and Lake Zone are captioned like in the original. Though, all of these and Forest Zone are give neutral gray-colored captions instead of Fusion Fighter red captions.

Jeremy: "Hold still so I can whack you!"

Akari originally attributed X4's reversal attack to what triggered Zenjirou's memory, while Angie states that it was Grademon that made him remember.

Kiriha commented on Taiki and Zenjirou being full of energy today, while Christopher commented on Mikey and Jeremy taking "this Sword Zone thing" way too seriously.

MadLeomon and Leomon are captioned like in the original, and what was done here with their captions was neat. First the MadLeomon caption appeared in Bagra Army violet, and then quickly corrected itself by switching to saying "Leomon" in neutral gray letters.

Sunflowmon and Lilimon are captioned like in the original, as a single caption that reads "Sunflowmon, Lilymon".

Lilymon's torso is completely uncensored in all shots of her.

Neptunemon is captioned like in the original, and his caption too changes from violet to gray in the same transition as the MadLeomon -> Leomon caption switch. He also speak the line "I feel so 'not evil!'"

AncientVolcanomon's caption not only changes color as well, but capitalization! His goes from reading as "AncientVolcanomon" in violet to "Ancientvolcanomon" in gray.

The notion of all the digimon Taiki/Mikey defeated being "reborn" as good digimon is changed to them being "transformed" into good digimon. Though, Wisemon does use the word "reborn" seconds later, but then Taiki's realization that "Digimon don't die..." is glossed over and replaced with "Wow, that's really good news for us!"

Kiriha was more objecting toward Taiki/Mikey's wanting to create a world of good digimon than Christopher is. He also originally reminded Taiki that "they" wouldn't wish for that kind of world either, while here he instead talks about how making that world would be a lot harder than they think since they've got "a powerful enemy out there."

Tactimon's disembodied dialogue that comes down from the sky right before his tower appears is dead ON accurate with the Japanese version, right down to his use of "Perfect!" None of his usual dub-created sliminess or arrogant rudeness.

Right before the commercial break, Tactimon's voice is heard saying, "Now, no one leaves this Zone!"

Tactimon calls his tower a "disruptor tower", and specifies that it blocks all Zone Transfers, a fact that would not be made clear until later by Nene (his original dialogue was more vague and generalizing on the matter).

He also states that they are free to fight until one of them is destroyed, when he originally just stated that they were free to fight their heart's content. Again, the "destroyed" part wasn't in effect yet in the original.

Like before, "Ichi-no-tachi" is renamed "Earth Shaker" (despite Shoutmon X5's "Meteor Buster Attack" also using that name in the dub).

Kiriha's "Reload, Blue Flare!" became Christopher's "He's all mine! Reload, Blue Flare!"

When Mikey and Christopher are both supposed to say "Digi-Fuse" together, only Christopher's voice is audible (unless it's just the sound quality on my end).

The shot of DeckerGreymon's cannon firing its beam at Shoutmon X5 is cut out. We see DeckerGreymon move forward, and we see the beam shoot across to strike X5, but we don't see the cannon itself onscreen at all.

X5's "This again?" became "Hey, that stings!"

Kiriha: "I'll take him down. He's much stronger than Blastmon, the officer you beat."
Taiki: "Who cares about that? We have to get through this first! This guy is no pushover!"
Christopher: "Let me handle this one. He's way higher ranking than Blastmon and tougher than what you're used to!"
Mikey: "This isn't the time for you to brag about who's stronger, Christopher! Let's try to survive this battle!"

The shot of DeckerGreymon landing and almost hitting the two boys had its first split-second shaved off just a bit, so that we see ever so slightly less of the impact and of two boys on screen before the two get knocked away by the impact.

"Kishintotsu" is renamed "Penetrating Blast". But wait, if they can use that word, then why did they bother changing Neptunemon's "Vortex Penetrate" into "Vortex Infiltrate" back in episode 6?

The shot of Tactimon using "Tanegashima" on X5 is cut out (even though said attack was previous shown in use in the dub back in episode 9). X5 still gets hit by the attack, but they want us to think he's being hit by the previous attack.

Akari's line of "For just one opponent, he's way too strong!" became Angie's line of "Do you think it's true that we're trapped here?" This leads to Nene checking and confirming that they can't change Zones. It was here in the original that this fact was first made fully clear.

Kiriha's line of "There's no way to run, so we'll have to fight and destroy it," became Christopher's line of "It means you can't escape until I save you weaklings and beat him!"

Zenjirou was originally bummed that the others were having a moment without him, while Jeremy's bummed that now Christopher is getting friendly with Nene.

Taiki: "You sure like to obey what Nene says without much resistance."
Mikey: "Oh, so now you're in. After all the times I've asked you to work with me?"

Okay, what the hey?!!! First Mikey calls X5's "Meteor Impact" attack as "Laser Impact Attack", and then seconds later, X5 himself calls it "Meteor Impact". This darn attack now has a total of FOUR different names in this dub!

More confusingly, the shot of Tactimon firing his cannons in between the two DigiXroses announcing their attack is NOT cut out. So why was the previous one removed?

X5's original "Let's soar!" became "Now we'll see how tough you are!" here.

"Ni-no-tachi" is renamed "Tectonic Tremor"

Tactimon says that the seal that was put onto his sword's power was to limit the amount of damage he did to the Zones, while originally the seal was put on the sword simply because it was considered too powerful in and of itself.

Tactimon originally announced his finishing move, while here he says he will "reduce [them] to dust" with his ultimate attack (said attack is only meant to pin them down, not "reduce them to dust" as he says here).

San-no-tachi" is renamed "Earth Hammer"

Zenjirou's line of "My hair's gonna end up all swept back!" became Jeremy's line of "I need some goggles!"

Tactimon originally said that he would at least honor them by not calling them fools since making him break his sword's seal alone was a commendable feat. Here, he instead jokes about them being pinned down, but tells them to feel no shame for their defeat since they held out against him for far longer than he expected them to.

Kiriha: "T-That voice..."
Shoutmon: "The enemy's leader..."
Taiki: "Emperor Bagramon?"

Christopher: "Ha! The head guy!"
Shoutmon: "Head jerk, you mean!"
Mikey: "Yeah? Well, this isn't over!"

Tactimon: "Hehe, what a glorious day this is!"

Nene's saying that the Digital World will become a living "Hell" is changed to her saying that it will turn "evil".

Sparrowmon says something as she also tries to get up with the others, but I can't make out what she says after "I'm".

Tactimon: "I had planned to take your Code Crowns and then spare you, Mikey Kudo, but your way of thinking is dangerous. Now I shall have to destroy you completely!" -- This accurately-translated line right here is exactly why all his previous declarations of destroying the Fusion Fighters in this episode were erroneous. Plus, like Grademon, he too speaks Mikey's surname like in the Japanese version, only he shouldn't know Mikey's surname in the dub.

Once again, Tactimon deploying his cannons and firing at Mikey were both kept in the dub.

Grademon's "Hottokenai" moment is also kept intact, right down to the words "I could not turn my back on him."

Grademon: "How was that, Kudou Taiki? Now have you reconsidered the force of my sword?"
Taiki: "Yes, it was amazing!"
Grademon: "Then it's time to add the finishing touches. I'm sorry about putting this new body you've given me to such a fate... but I have other weapons for my use!"
Tactimon: "What?"
Taiki: "Stop, Grademon!"
Grademon: "Get out of here! Thank you for giving me one moment to do justice. Kudou Taiki!"
Taiki/Zenjirou/Shoutmon: "Ooh!"
Taiki: "Grademooooon!"

Grademon: "Absorbing Tactimon's blast took all I had, Mikey. How did I do?"
Mikey: "It was awesome. You saved me."
Grademon: "Hmhmhm, maybe we saved each other. But have one more job left to do. To free you and your friend to escape this Zone!"
Tactimon: "Where do you think you're going? Get back here, you traitor!"
Mikey: 'No, wait, Grademon!"
Grademon: "The good thing about changing sides is, I know where their weak spot is!"
Mikey/Jeremy/Shoutmon: "Aah!"
Mikey: "It's going doooooown!"

Bagramon's line of "The fool," became Lord Bagra's line of "Tactimon! How could you let this happen?! Finish them now!"

Tactimon: "What have you done, you devilish boy? Deceiving one of my subordinates is unforgivable--! Huh!"
Taiki: "He had such a good heart... You're the ones who can't be forgiven!"
Tactimon: "Nonsense!"
Tactimon: "You'll pay for turning Grademon against me! And his destruction of the tower gains you nothing. you will never leave this Zone!"
Mikey: "I'm not the one who changed Grademon. He did it himself. And that's real power."
Tactimon: "You haven't seen anything yet!"

Shoutmon's line of "This little bit of pain has already been swept over by my anger, Taiki!" became "Just say the magic words and get this party started!"

In Beelzebumon's DigiXros screen, his name of "BEELZEBMON" is left unchanged and not edited to being rewritten as "BEELZEMON" like it was back in episode 26.

Instead of Shoutmon X5B being the one who says his own name at the end of the sequence, it is Mikey who says it.

"Ni-no-tachi" is renamed "Secondary Tactic"... when it was just renamed "Tectonic Tremor" less than six minutes ago!

Bastemon being reloaded is cut out from the mass reloading of everybody, with the trio of red Monitamon appearing first instead.

Dondokomon's original line of "Festival time!" became "Hey, it's a party!"

The shot of Revolmon, Chibikamemon, and Jijimon all reloading together is cut out.

Mikey: "Go get those demons away from them, everybody!" -- Eeyup! Mikey said the word "demons"!

Revolmon shooting at the evil spirits is cut out.

Knightmon: "The demons are banished!" -- Two for two with the D-word! :p

"Chaos Flare", which was renamed "Chaos Flare Cannon" back in episode 16, is renamed/respelled here as "Chaos Flare Canon". smh

"5B Victorize" is renamed "Five B Victory"

"Burst Dash Stream" is renamed "Victory Boomerang"

Jeremy comments "That's not good" in regards to the tornado.

"Chōjigen Storm" is renamed "Savage Cyclone"

AxeKnightmon is captioned as "Axeknightmon".

AxeKnightmon, like Grademon and Tactimon, speaking Mikey's last name when he shouldn't know it.

DarkKnightmon originally asked Bagramon if Bagramon now understands the danger that Taiki posed, while AxeKnightmon asks Lord Bagramon if Mikey really poses that great a danger. DarkKnightmon is aware of how dangerous Taiki is, while AxeKnightmon is instead unaware and skeptical about Mikey being a threat (the guy should have known this by now after all the trouble Mikey's caused for him).

"Ani-ue" is translated as "my brother" (and as "your brother" when Laylamon says it).

Taiki asked if Bagramon sent them flying somewhere, while Mikey says he doesn't remember seeing any grass in the Sword Zone (I do!) and asks where they are.

Zenjirou asked what Zone they were in, while Jeremy asks where Nene is.

In the Digimon Data Collection, Mikey tells us to listen to the melody of the digimon he caught and try to guess it. Kabuterimon keeps his name and his "Insect" type, but what was done to his attacks section is downright insane! Originally, he had one attack listed, which was "Mega Blaster". Here he has THREE attacks listed, which are "Mega Blaster", "Electro Shocker", and "Horn Buster". Two of the exact same attack and one of his higher form's attacks. Mikey also says Kabuterimon is not too smart and has a really hard metalized head, both facts come from the Digimon Reference Book profile.

In the next-episode preview, the Omegamon DigiMemory has its name and attack translated as "Omnimon" and "OMNI BLAST".

Voice credits:
Grademon -- Chris Smith
Beowulfmon (spelled like that) -- Vic Mignogna
Lilymon -- Laura Bailey

Vajramon is not credited.