Digimon Dreamers - Chapter 8 - They Call Him Starmon


The Adventure Begins
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Sep 9, 2006
England - Sheffield
This is the chapter discussion thread for Chapter 8

The short gag adventure manga from Tenya Yabuno features Ritsu Kodo being pulled into the digital world to help train his partner Pulsemon, but in Cypress Village no one can evolve past the rookie stage, and no one is sure why...


It is out Monday, August 14th, at 12pm (noon) in Japan.

The time listed by Bandai converts to:
Sunday, August 13th, 8:00pm in California (Pacific)
Sunday, August 13th, 11:00pm in New York (Eastern)
Monday, August 14th, 4:00am in the UK (BST)
Monday, August 14th, 1:00pm in Australia (Melbourne)

If your time isn't included in the short list above this link will take you to an easy to use time converter so you check yours.

Please wait to post until the chapter is up.

The Digimon Dreamers page at Digimon Web can be found here- Digimon Dreamers Page. We will add a link directly to the chapter once it is available.

No spoilers past this chapter and no posting before it is available.

Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat about the chapter.


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