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Oct 2, 2019
Hey everyone, I want to present to you the Digimon game I've been working on over the past months: Digimon: Digital Drafting.

It is a strategy board game with a drafting and deck-building mechanic. You choose a Digidestined to represent you on the game board and 2 Rookie Digimon to be your units in the beginning of the game.
During the game, you will play new Rookies to expand your troops, digivolve your Digimon and move them across the board, have them attack enemy forces in range, play Digimodifies to influence the state of the game and build bases. Furthermore, the game board is inhabited by neutral Digimon which guard loot, bases and valuable areas. Defeat them to obtain what they're guarding, it might give you an edge over your opponent!
Your end goal is to defeat your opponent's Digidestined by either defeating enough of his Digimon, which will cause him damage, or by just attacking him directly.

Most of the things you do on the board - playing new Digimon, digivolving, attacking etc. - require cards to do so. For example, if you control an Agumon and want to digivolve it, you need to play a suitable Digimon Card (for example Greymon) from your hand. If you want your new Greymon to attack, you will need to play a suitable Attack Card (for example Nova Blast) from your hand etc.
You do not build a deck prior to the game. Instead, you get 6 random cards at the beginning of the game and then draft 6 more cards from a selection. Additionally, you get a selection of 9 cards (your "Database") at the beginning of the game from which you add 1 card to your hand in addition to drawing at the beginning of each of your turns. This database can be "reloaded", exchanged for 9 fresh cards, at the beginning of each of your turns, so new cards are constantly supplied to the game.
Whenever a player's deck is empty, their discard pile (or "Bin") is shuffled and becomes their new deck. If you only draft situational cards, they may swing the game state in your favor for the moment, but they may clutter your deck in the long run.

The game is being produced for Tabletop Simulator, which allows for neat features such as automatically setting up the game board.
You can find and play the game HERE.

A detailed explanation of the rules as well as a step-by-step-guide of how to setup the game and what a player can do during their turn can be found in the "Notebook" section of the game in Tabletop Simulator.

The game is currently focused around the first 2 seasons of the anime with a total of 16 Digidestined to choose from and an update themed around Digimon Adventure Tri currently in development.

If you own Tabletop Simulator, I would be very happy if you tried the game out and gave me some feedback. Which cards did you choose? How did you come up with strategies? Which Digimon seem overpowered or underwhelming to you (and why)? Since the game is constantly evolving, any feedback would go a long way and be highly appreciated!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!
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