Digimon Card Game- Clean Images of Booster Set EX-04 Alternative Being


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Sep 8, 2006

After a bunch of previews we have the full card lineup for Booster Set EX-04 Alternative Being for the Digimon Card Game!

The card list on the Digimon Card Game website has added all the standard cards.

Parallel cards will be added on the official site soon, we will wait until these clean images are available. Update- They've been added.

The full embeds are smaller images from the gallery, linking to the full size ones when you click them. The set name links to the gallery.

Pre-orders at a number of easy to import from places for Booster Set EX-04 are already sold out.

Digimon Card Game, Booster Set EX-04 Alternative Being
Booster Set EX-04 is a theme booster, smaller than the standard booster, with a single theme. The theme for EX-04 is alternate versions of Digimon, featuring variations, subspecies, counterparts, and more.
The set is out on December 23rd in Japan.

Booster Set EX-04 has 74 cards & the card distribution is:
24 Common
20 Uncommon
18 Rare
10 Super Rare
2 Secret Rares

After the 74, there are some additional cards included with EX-04 Alternative Being. These have matching card numbers to cards in the set, and for gameplay purposes are considered the same card, they are just variants.

First up...

These 18 parallel cards are included in the standard card distribution for Booster Set EX-04 to the best of our knowledge, they are just quite rare. These are all identical to the normal 18 cards for gameplay purposes, they just have different art.

These 6 parallel cards are random box toppers. 4 feature Tamer cards from the set without borders and slightly different backgrounds, 2 feature option cards with more premium printing.

This is a 7th box topper. It's a parallel card of Omegamon Zwart Defeat from BT5, featuring his existing parallel art, and a silver foil background.. It's in the distrbution of cards in the box topper pack, but is extra rare.

Just a bit under a week until the new Booster Set is out!

We have early detailed for Booster Set RB-01 Rising Wind.

We have early details for Booster Set 13 VS Royal Knights.

We have clean card images from Starter Deck 14, Battle Pack 15, plus Siriusmon & Ritsu Promo Cards.

And images from previous Digimon Card Game releases:
Starter Decks 1, 2, and 3, and first 10 promo cards
Booster Set 1 New Evolution
Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power
V-Tamer Promo Cards
Purple/Black Promo Set
Tamer Battle Pack 1 and Tamer Battle Winner's Card
Booster Set 3 Union Impact
Starter Decks 4, 5, & 6, plus Tamer Battle Pack 2 & winner's Card 2, & 1st 2 scene vote cards
Booster Set 4 Great Legend, Tamer Battle Pack 3, 3rd Scene Vote, Dark Digimon Promo Pack, & Apparel Cards
Booster Set 5 Battle of Omega, plus Tamer Battle Pack 4, 4th Scene Vote, & Vital Bracelet Pack-In Cards
Starter Decks 7 & 8, plus Delay Promos, Tamers Battle Pack 5, 1st Anniversary Promos, & Pulsemon
Booster Set 6 Double Diamond Cards, the 1st Anniversary Adventure Pack, and more
Booster Set EX-01 Classic Collection, plus Tamer Battle Pack 6 & 7, Tyranomon & dual Zeromaru Promo Cards
Booster Set 7 Next Adventure, Campaign Cards, & Tamers 20th Promo Cards
Starter Decks 9 & 10, plus Tamers Battle Pack 8, Ghost Game Promos, Online Promos, Tamers Evolution Box 1, & Amazon Starter Promos
Booster Set 8 New Hero, Starter Deck 11, plus Tamer Battle Pack 9 & Event Cards
Booster Set 9 X Record, plus Battle Pack 10, Special Promo Pack 2022, Update Pack, & Evolution Box 2
Starter Decks 12 & 13, Luxury Finished Tamers, plus Battle Pack 11
Booster Set 10 Xros Encounter, plus Battle Pack 12, Special Promo Pack 2022 v2, & Evolution Cup Cards
Booster Set EX-03 Dragon's Roar and Survive, DC-1, Memorial, Battle Pack 13, Illustration, & Espimon Promo Cards
Booster Set 11 Dimensional Phase, Battle Pack 14, & Special Promotion Pack 2022 Version 3.0
Booster Set 12 Across Time, plus Survive Promo Pack & Madanhai Cards
Starter Deck 14, Battle Pack 15, plus Siriusmon & Ritsu Promo Cards

Previous Card previews for Booster Set EX-04:


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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
Very little new stuff in the end, should've focused on lesser known alt forms instead of repeating stuff already used 10 times.


I come from the net
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Aug 12, 2020
here we go again

Agumon 2006 -> Geogreymon -> Rizegreymon -> Victorygreymon/Shinegreymon RM
Guilmon -> Blackgrowmon -> Blackmegalogrowmon -> Chaosdukemon/Medievaldukemon

Gaossmon -> Greymon 2010/Mailbirdramon -> Metalgreymon 2010 -> Greyknightismon
Gaomon -> Gaogamon -> Machgaogamon -> Z'dGarurumon

Agumon Hakase -> Goldv-dramon
Renamon -> Youkomon -> Doumon -> Kuzuhamon

Terriermon -> Blackgalgomon -> Blackrapidmon -> Blacksaintgalgomon
Lopmon -> Turiemon -> Andiramon Deva -> Cherubimon Virtue
Terriermon Joshu

Agumon (Black) -> Greymon (Black) -> Metalgreymon -> Blitzgreymon ---------------v (Agumon also has Gaiomon at the top)
Gabumon (Black) -> Garurumon (Black) -> Weregarurumon (Black) -> Cresgarurumon -> Omegamon Alter-S -> Omegamon Alter-B
Skullknightmon/Deadlyaxemon -> Darkknightmon -> Greyknightismon (you know given how much space this line occupies they could have had a frigging child level for Skull, we still have none of the Chessmons as far as I remember and those guys are the poster-children for alt forms and several of THOSE were in personal service to Bagramon so we could have gotten Black Pawn, but instead of that we got)

Niseagumon Hakase -> Wendimon -> Andiramon -> Cherubimon Vice
Falcomon (2006) -> Peckmon -> Yatagaramon (2006) -> Ravmon

This set's weird, it does fill the "alternative Digimon versions" but it seemed to be confused as to whether it wanted to do parallel versions of other Digimon in the set or not, and seemingly the only reason for Gaomon in the set is as a Next reference and for Z'd... and then there's Shadowseraphimon there for essentially no reason? Gaiomon too but of course Gaiomon got in, they love Gaiomon, doesn't matter if that means we had a third of this set's Ultimates be Greymons (and two of the others being Dukemons, who are basically Greymons in a different outfit).

It just... feels kind of bizarrely unfocused. And I would normally not bother saying that, if this were a normal set, because if this were a normal set it'd have a bunch of themes and probably a few random Digimon for fans... but EX-01 was indeed a bunch of Digimon from the first three or four years of Digimon's existence (newest thing in the set were the V-Mon line and Chrysalimon from mid-2000), EX-02 was a wholecloth set focused solely on Tamers stuff, and EX-03 was all Dragons (and dinosaurs, who it must be noted are dragons) barring a single Digimon who was there to fill an evolution line of dragons.

But this set has cases like Wendimon/Andiramon/Cherubimon Vice where the only reason they would have gotten in is if they were alternate versions of other Digimon in the pack and cases like Goldv-dramon where they're not related to anything else in the pack and are alternate versions of normal Digimon and it really feels like they should have picked one or the other to me.

(also nise to wendimon because they both have hats :V)


Resistance is Futile
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Aug 1, 2019
dn ǝpısuʍop
This set really lives up to its title. Digimon with no subspecies/variants are only 8.

I like Gaioumon's other weapon form got card and not only shown in different pose manner or interpretation by artist, it is the same digimon with his other form. Could be a semi (weapon) mode change.

I like the Tamers are dual-tamer except Ikuto. They are rivals, rivals, siblings, and the tarzan of digital world. Dual-tamer cards fit for the set with alternate/subspesies theme.

Agumon (Virus), Agumon (Red Bracers), Agumon (Prof. Ver.), and Agumon (Purple and Prof.). Agumon species dominates the set.

One of my favs is how Spareribs sets up their own story to reveal Ravmon. Shows us the same tower again and again.

And we already have two VictoryGreymon and Z'dGarurumon. Maybe Next Tamers can get theirs next.

It's also worth mentioning that ShineGreymon Ruin Mode got his card first before Burst Mode is actually a reference to the anime itself when Ruin Mode debuted before Burst Mode.


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
Added the parallel cards.