Digimon Card Game Alpha Rules' scans


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Jan 25, 2019
Hello, everyone.
New member here.

Lemme introduce myself: I'm Grezar, a somewhat known user in Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Making scenario from Deviantart.
Here's a link to my profile: https://www.deviantart.com/grezar

Now, to the main topic.
As some of you might know, since long ago I've been trying to create a Digimon card game, based on both Hyper Colosseum and Card Game Alpha, but with some twists to make it unique-ish.
I saw that some user posted a link to its Rules here, but here we go again: http://fav.me/dbli5o9

That being said, I did some researches recently (in order to "revive" the project). Hyper Colosseum's rules are fine. They're well explained if you compare what's written in some sites, but Alpha's ones...
It lacks almost EVERYTHING. I couldn't find a single site (not even jap ones) that explained it like what we have about HC. Well, until now.
I managed to come upon 2 magazine scans that explains Alpha's rules. I guess it covers almost every basic thing we need to know about it
https://sta.sh/2ftlxc1zcta?edit=1 (You'll need a Deviantart account in order to see it.)

Sadly, its in japanese.
I come here to request help in order to translate it, if possible. It would benefit MANY users, and would help me in reworking my project.

Thanks in advance!
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