Digimon: Adventure Redux (Sign-Ups/Discussion) (Hiatus)


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Nov 7, 2010
Is this still ongoing?


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Feb 14, 2007
I plan to have it ongoing, yes. I've just been undergoing treatment and I've been adjusting to the medication. I hope to have a post up soon. Hope you guys understand.

BTW I drew Olivia for Vande right here.
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Aug 12, 2015
I always kinda thought of them somewhere between Adult and perfect myself. Some of the digimon defeated in the 02 with them were of Ult level (I think..) and often it was just the armor digimon saving the day. I do think here it would fit well too. Something while they learn to harness the power of there crest. I kinda feel it shouldn't just be a activate it one time and it always work after that kinda deal, but take some soul searching and real teamwork with there partner to pull off always. I think some of the group will have a little more trouble the other with that but it would make for some character development, with I think we are all up too.

So if we did something like that, having the armor level to use as a for sure way to evolve to something a bit stronger then the adults would help them. They'd need to work on getting the crest to work (mabye it shines when they can use it), but not be a burden if they are fighting something to strong for adults. I do want it to be useful after they hit perfect as well though. So wonder if they should have useful abilities or something.

Any way when I was talking about it with Ice, I had been just thinking of only armor digimon to pick from then. And just saying the others in the lines are just natural ways to get them or something... So had been thinking Lynxmon or maaaybe a male Nefertimon for Leormon.

If we just pick any digimon from the adult or perfect level that could would then I'll have to go look at some of the other feline digimon out there again lol. Though Kaiser Leomon comes to mind. Its armored up and had been one I'd looked at for his line before. I am starting to kinda like the thought of a male Nefertimon thought <_<

Which is in fact, I have drew the Armor digivolved form for Leormon/Liollmon.
I created the Digimon for Liollmon's armor digivolution with using Digimental of Hope. I drew this Digimon to look like male version of Nefertimon, which is in fact, this armor type Digimon's name is derived from Nefertiti's husband, Akhenaten. Therefore, he is technically a husband of Nefertimon. I wish this Digimon was a distaff counterpart to Nefertimon instead of that horse like Pegasusmon.


Level: Champion, Armor
Type: Holy Beast
Attribute: Vaccine, Free
Field: Nature Spirits, Virus Busters

Attack Techniques:
- (Wrath of Pharaoh) Ray of Osiris
- Pharaoh's Claw
- Aten's Bind (*with Nefertimon)
- Alabaster Stone

Digivolve from:
- Liollmon (with or without Digimental of Hope)
- Patamon
- Agumon

Digivolve to:
- MagnaAngemon
- Ancient Sphinxmon
- Anubimon
- LoaderLiomon


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May 6, 2014
I was reading through the RP and noticed something I missed ages ago

’Well… if the tosser isn’t even going to stick around for me to say sorry, can’t well be expected to do it.’

The 10 year old just called her brother a wanker and I completely missed it.
Slang is fun