Digimon Adventure: Episode 60- Vikemon Ventures the Glaciers

Sparrow Hawk

How deep the rabbit-hole goes
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Feb 23, 2007
Jou and Mimi's "army" are still growing larger every time they encounter new digimon!

Jou and his group went on a trip for warmth? What? Why Gomamon is wearing the coat lol he is a seal!

Surprised Mimi didn't... Abandon that Mechanorimon. And even Blimpmon's appearance! And uhh Babamon statue...

So the pirate crew were all hungry and abandoned their home? Are you sure Hangyomon isn't the one for corrupting the ocean?! But again Yukidarumon and Mammon were baddies so Hangyomon might be just normal village... People? Not totally culprit?

Good to see BanchoMamemon again! But c'mon the weapon in repair?!

Look like all digimon have sure weird ability to detect Ultimate level digimon when encountered.

Vikemon finally looked so cool. But too bad it was so extremely short fight.

lol good thing Taichi and Agumon appeared at the end instead of joining early.

So what was that all about Hot Spring dried up and the dead ocean?! Seemed it might be water related problems.


I'm a Maniac
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Nov 1, 2020
Very good episode. Liked Joe and Mimi team. I found it hilarious when Mimi hided behind Joe. The whole scene had me in laughs. Olegmon's personality was fitting and Vikemon looked really good. Better than in Tri. It was also better that Taichi appeared only in the end.

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
Who thought Joe would have the one plot that was constant in the series. How... Reliable of him. Anyway, Vikemon is cool and now we're done until the last few eps which we know who will be.