Digimon Adventure: Episode 19- Howl, Jyuoken


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Feb 4, 2018
If they really wanna do something new they should have Hikari’s cat turn into her Digimon.

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
That was something. I thought they had Patamon not TK. That was a surprise. But did Valvemon always have that look on it's face? Is minotaurmon a guy in a suit? This is an interesting take even if we're "stuck" with just Tai/Matt and TK for a while.


I'm a Maniac
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Feb 9, 2020
Minotarumon: At your level, none of you will overcome what's coming!

Me: Oh well, I guess it's too bad that the Protagonists don't have access to some uber-powerful Royal Knight Digimon then.

Minotarumon: ...


So it is that the reboot finally reaches an inevitable conclusion to stop pretending that the other four kids honestly matter ( :p ). Leomon makes his return, and the fandom starts placing bets.

Looking back on what has transpired so far, 2020 has been quite odd in its narrative structure, with this feeling like something we should have received eight or nine episodes prior.
After the anti-climatic mess of the Nidhoggmon arc, we at last return to the pursuit of the Holy Digimon plot point that began from what feels like a lifetime ago.

Takeru finally arrives in the Digital World, and we have the revelation that a certain someone isn't (thankfully) Devimon. Speaking of which, I am hoping this reboot will at least maintain his somewhat nonchalant attitude from the original. By which I mean not turning him into one of those "THIS CAN'T BE!!" type villains, who always lose their rag when things start going badly for them. As that for me was always the most refreshing element of the character.

Though not in itself bad, despite mainly being another 'raid the base' type story. The actual problem for me rises from the fact that I just don't find Taichi or Yamato all that engaging in this version. So as a result I have developed this degree of apathy towards anything they (and Toei's modus operandi regarding them) do.
It's really Leomon that carries the whole thing. Minotarumon makes for an adequate choice of opponent, though this did feel like an opportunity for them to finally use Cyclomon. Who would have certainly fit in with the eye-themed motif going on. Whilst the other interesting element is seeing more Digimon from later instalments in the franchise interacting with the Adventure cast.