Digimon Adventure (English Subbed) Blu-ray is Out!- Preview & Breakdown


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Sep 8, 2006

It's been a bit of a wait since it was announced, but Digimon Adventure (Japanese Audio, English Subbed) is available on Blu-ray!

Unlike most of our BD articles, this isn't a review, more of a preview and/or tour. Can't really do a review on this one because I was the producer of it, and in many cases would be reviewing choices I made or approved.

We have a full discussion thread for the releases here.

Most images in the article are screencaps from the Blu-rays, along with a handful of photos taken in not great lightning.

Many of the examples can also be seen in the Discotek thread about the releases. Extra details are in the forum thread here since Twitter requires some degree of brevity.


The releases includes a slipcover, featuring key art of all the characters with the Japanese Digimon Adventure logo.

A banner at the bottom gives basic info including: which version of the show it is, episode count, series number, along with a repeating banner with the title underneath it.

The insert underneath features Taich and Agumon. (The reverse this time was the main image for the English set, the main image this time was the reverse for the English.)

The back cover features a number of show images, along with a few pieces of key art, framing a basic synopsis of the series. The top features some short banner text lines. A small list of features is listed below, along with some technical details and logos. Much of it was used on the English dubbed set, with key elements changed where it makes sense.



A quick look at the inside. The insert is reversible to use the slipcover image if you'd prefer.

The series is on 4 discs. The basic themeing of the discs themselves are based on the Japanese Blu-rays from a number of years ago. Different character art is used than those discs, with the 4 discs being themed on Yamato/Gabumon, Mimi/Palmon, Jou/Gomamon, & Hikari/Tailmon.

Each discs also lists which disc it is, that it's the Japanese version of Series 1, along with what episodes are on the disc.


The character choices for this set were made at the same time as the dub set, to feature half the cast in each set.

This release is specifically the original Japanese version of Adventure, getting a home video release with English subs for the first time. The English dub previously got a release.


The show has gotten a brand new upscale via Asto Res. Many issues that plagued the DVDs and older TV broadcasts are mostly gone including but not limited to: composite noise, dot crawl, tape degradation, and more.

It is a wildly different look for the show, which has had a wide variety of issues for years.


Various bits of manual corrections and redoing things were also done based on how it came out.

The show won't ever look perfect, as it was an early digital production, and finished on composite video tape that wasn't great and introduced various issues.

The new video significantly changes watching the show, and makes for an overall better experience, especially compared to trying to watch on a big giant TV. It's also an improvement over the Japanese Blu-rays, which tried to deal with various issues by introducing a significant amount of blur to the image.

It's also worth mentioning, this is an entirely different upscale from the one done for the dub set, from an entirely different set of masters.


The subtitles for this release had the translation by onkeikun.

They were styled in the standard Discotek style, with various bits of custom work for things like the analyzer screens and title screens.

Songs are subtitled throughout, minus some lines where they would clash with the analyzer.


There is a small, but nice, collection of extras for the set:
Clean Opening
Clean Endings
Next Episode Previews- A selection of alternate previews that were only used when the show 1st aired, involving contests, new products, etc.
Ending Cards- Image cards used when episodes ended in their initial broadcast
Galleries- The same galleries as in the dub release for those who don't have that set.


Fans have been waiting nearly 25 years for Digimon Adventure subbed on home video.

The video is better than the series has ever looked, and the subtitles are really great.

It's been a very long wait, but it's a set fans can be excited to have, and I'm proud of what we were able to do.

The discussion thread for the set is here.

Digimon Adventure (subbed) is available to order at a few different places:
Amazon (affiliate link)
Right Stuf

The English dubbed Digimon Season 1 Blu-ray set is also currently out and can be ordered at:
Right Stuf
Amazon (affiliate link)

The Discotek Twitter thread that details various things included here can be found here.

As mentioned above, for general disclosure and reasons of being realistic, I produced the release, so this is just a preview.

Based on time later I may go back and scan the various packaging, etc.


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