Digimon Adventure: Best Selection Streaming Promotion for Golden Week in Japan w/ Art & 'Commentary'


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Sep 8, 2006

With Golden Week a few days away in Japan (a week with many holidays where people tend to have time and go places, see movies, etc.) Toei has announced a Digimon Adventure: promotion alongside digital streaming services FOD and TVer. And the promotion has keyart of Taichi in a tux and Agumon with a bow tie.

For all of Golden Week, April 29th through May 5th, 12 episodes of Digimon Adventure: will be distributed free on FOD and TVer. It's being touted as a way to rewatch episodes and to catch up on episodes that may have been missed.

The 12 episodes that have been chosen are listed below. In addition, the kids wrote short 'recommended points' for each episode, which we've done quick translations of.

Episode 1- Tokyo Digital Crisis
Taichi- Watch me & Agumon battle it out with Algomon! We're going to fight the crisis in Tokyo with a combination that works perfectly together!

Episode 2- War Game
Yamato- Pay attention to Garurumon's speed & mobility. Even if you can't beat him in a straightforward manner, you'll be able to break through if you use your brains.

Episode 20- The Seventh One Awakens
Takeru- My brother went to a lot of trouble to rescue me...! Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting rescue!

Episode 21- The Tide-turning Update
Jou- Look out for everyone fighting in their own places! You won't want to miss Taichi and the other's fight to the death, or the conversations between us and our families back in Tokyo!

Episode 22- The Unbeatable Blue Sagittarius
Koushiro- Check out the relationship between Yamato, Gabumon, and Takeru! Their refusal to give up will cause a miracle to happen for WereGarurumon!

Episode 24- The Final Stage, DoneDevimon
Yamato- DoneDevimon, an unprecedented enemy. Its vicious surge awakes the power dormant in MetalGreymon. Dont' look away from the battle of giant Digimon running amok!

Episode 30- The Mega Digimon, WarGreymon
Taichi- Countless enemies, the Ultimate level standing in our way. But we won't be defeated! You can see the courage of Agumon and myself as we rise up again and again!

Episode 32- Soaring Hope
Takeru- In order to escape from Cerberumon you'll have to run and battle at super speed on Komondomon! I hope you'll cheer on Komondomon as he tries his best!

Episode 33- The Hikari of Dawn
Sora- Taichi and Hikari, watch each of them battle. Brother and sister may be similar when it comes to determination...

Episode 34- Hikari and Tailmon
Hikari- We've arrived at a mysterious water city in the middle of the sea. Please pay attention to the hospitality that only the digital world can offer.

Episode 36- Operation Satellite Sniper
Koushiro- The fight this time is a huge aerial battle! It will be interesting to see how me, Tentomon, and Taichi will make our way to the target point!

Episode 37- Mimi-chan Wars
Mimi- I, Mimi, and Palmon are going to slay the exploitative companies of the digital world! Watch the great exploits of Mimi Tachikawa, the capable president!

An interesting selection of episodes that'll be distributed for free, and not anything we really miss out on, since the methods of streaming for most of us means the episodes are just around for subscribers.


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Aug 30, 2017
Earth, Space
Mimi is the most important character so of course ep 37 being here makes perfect sense.