Digimon Adventure: (2020) theories/speculation thread


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Jan 2, 2012
I wanted to catch up to the series before posting theories, but right now I'm not sure I'll be able to catch up before it finishes, and there's one theory I really REALLY want to post, because if the episode guide leaks, it could be debunked and I'll have no reason to post it or it could be right and I won't be able to prove I predicted it, because I never mentioned anywhere.

There really seems to be some kind of eye motif in the series, even if underused. The first villain was Argomon, then we Soundbirdmon as basically drones, and then the whole Eyesmon/Nidhoggmon thing, and also Deathmon as part of the ancient war. All of those are Digimon that either have a prominent eye or a single eye. I initially thought NeoDevimon was also part of this theme, but DoneDevimon doesn't have an eye motif.

And that mysterious squid Digimon also has only one eye. In the first episodes we also see some kind of globe with many eyes that might be the final villain.
Here's my theory, which I've thought since the eye globe first showed up: The final boss is named Panoptimon.

The squid might have some connection to Apocalymon as well, as the eye seemed to have a similar color and it has tentacles. Maybe Panoptimon is an Apocalymon form?

Also, Hikari is the narrator. The last episode will end with an enderly Hikari telling the story to, huh, I don't know, her grandkids? An entire audience and it's a book launch event? I'm only sure she's the narrator.

And the last episode will have 02 cameos. Maybe not speaking ones, but cameos for sure.
Would it be weird for that to happen? After all, Adventure: is not going to continue (unless they somehow air two TV series at once, but that's absurd), so I'm sure some would feel cheated out of a reboot if they appear at the end.
Though, we could get some kind of Hunters-like open ending where we see Daisuke's group entering the Digital World.

Some already debunked theories I felt like posting too:
-There'll be a ninth Chosen. I still find it strange how the official website's character page aligns the kids like it does if there's no ninth.
-Lots of monsters of the week will have an eye theme.
-All of the kids' Ultimates will evolve further, and that's part of why there's 66 episodes. (Really weird how the Evolutions were paced if they weren't planning much new)
-Millenniumon is the final boss, as a reference to it being Apocalymon's creator according to the WonderSwan games (this is only stated in an in-game profile, which also says Millenniumon is the only one who knows it).

Those are the ones I can recall. I think I also theorized on Ken being in the series, but I don't remember for sure.