Digimon Adventure 03 (Sign Ups/Discussion)

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Sep 11, 2013
The Chosen Children have all grown up and have children of their own now. Life seems pretty normal, aside from the fact that Digimon are a part of normal society now. But not everything is as peaceful as it may seem.

The Chosen Children, now grown up, had met up in the Digital World for a reunion, bringing along their kids. Just as they started to settle down, Kari's son grabbed his head, and fell down, screaming in pain.

There was a flash of lightning, which seemed to come from nowhere, and the children were gone, along with their partners.

Okay, here are the available characters and their starting Digimon:

Tai's Son: Koromon
Kari's Son: Salamon
Matt and Sora's Son: Tsunomon
Matt and Sora's Daughter: Yokomon
T.K.'s Son: Tokomon
Mimi's Son: Tanemon
Joe's Son: Bukamon
Izzy's Daughter: Motimon
Davis's Son: DemiVeemon
Cody's Daughter: Upamon
Ken and Yolei's Older Son: Minomon
Ken and Yolei's Baby Son: Leafmon
Ken and Yolei's Daughter: Poromon

The rest of the details are for you to decide, but keep in mind how they looked in the ending of Digimon Adventure 02, as this takes place immediately after that. You can decide their names, age, personality, etc, as long as it fits with the character.

First come, first serve. I.E. once all of the main characters have been taken by players, you won't be able to join, unless you get permission by me to make a new character.

Here are some rules:
No Godmodding.
Respect one another.
When writing a reply, make sure to include enough information to cover it from a mental and physical form.
If problems arise, as your GM, I will solve them.
Armor Digimon are forbidden. The Armor Digi Eggs belong to the Parents, and they aren't with the kids after all.

Character Creation:
Name: (What is your name?)
Character: (Which character are you?)
Age: (What age are you?)
Personality: (How does your character act?)
History: (Just give a short history of their life so far.)
Partner Digimon's Personality: (How does your Partner act?)
Partner Digimon's History: (How did you two meet? What's their story?)
Partner Digimon Line: (Needs to be similar to your mom's/dad's Digimon's evolution line, but doesn't have to be the exact same if you don't want it to be.)
Other: (Did I miss something? Put it here.)

Well, hope you enjoy this. It's been awhile since I made a Roleplay, so sorry if this isn't the best.


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Oct 8, 2013
--- VILOET "D" ---

Name: D (only izzy knows her real name, witch is violet )

Character: izzy's daughter

Age: just became 10

Personality : shes the ULTIMATE GAMER. she knows all the cheat codes and moves that take a TON of damage. shes really determined to beat ALL the bosses. but in the digiworld, she really takes better care of motimon than izzy expected.

History: she discovered technology at age 5. she had a vacation in new york at age 3. she remembered nothing before that.

--- MOTIMON ---

Personality: motimon is a bit... a LOT hyper. but he js calm around D. he is almost never hungry. but other times STARVING.

History:well... D found motimon in trouble. and... of course she saved him. ( thats SHORT...)

Digivolve Line: motimon was the last one to digivolve. but when D was drowning (near the yokomon village) then motimon digivolved TWICE. then he was a 'slightly' small kabuterrimon. izzy said this was a glitch in motimon's code.

--- OTHER ---

Other: well... uh... 'GOTTA JET' , 'one sec ' , and ' BOOM!' are some of D's lines. and izzy does NOT know how D got her nickname.

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Sep 11, 2013
DigimonAdventures, it looks alright, but could you make it look neater, and also, I think you misunderstood the Digivolve Line.

The Digivolve Line was for saying all the different Digimon Levels for your specific Digimon. For example, Tai's would be
Baby 1/Fresh: Botamon
Baby 2/In-Training: Koromon
Child/Rookie: Agumon
Adult/Champion: Greymon
Perfect/Ultimate: Skull Greymon, Metal Greymon, Metal Greymon (Virus)
Ultimate/Mega: War Greymon

The evolutions don't have to have occurred yet, but I'd like the full line.

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Apr 27, 2016
Name: Nate
Character: Davis's Son
Age: 12
Personality: will take anything for his friends
History: his mom died in a car accident.
Partner Digimon's Personality: what do you expect from DemiVeemon the only difference is she acts cool calm and collected in the face of danger
Partner Digimon's History: Nate met DemiVeemon while he was running away to not have to face the reality of his mom's death.
Partner Digimon Line: DemiVeemon -> Veemon -> ExVeemon
Other: Nate's signature phrase "don't blink." Has a crush on D but trys to hide it from her he doesn't want to lose anyone else close to him and DemiVeemon has a crush on motimon.
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