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Sep 4, 2015
well with 50% of Players gone i will declare this RP D-E-A-D
i ´ll give a quick summary of what could have been.

the captured persons would have been your Digimon, they would have been severely beaten and not very talk active.
you make your way back as growling gets louder, Charlie gets all of the sudden very serious and stops, he takes of his analyser.
a Tuskmon emerges from the woods and Charlie tells you to go to the jeep without him.
as you make your way to the Jeep you hear an explosion from the forest, then silence.

you drive back to the city, where you are quikly asked for what happened and why Charlie isn´t around.
in the following days you could have began to scout and do stuff in the city.
while scouting you would have found a stick rammed into the ground, Charlie banner wrapped around it and a horn lying next to it.

you would also get around getting you Adult evolution, lasting 2 turns (and with each boss doubling the amount of turns they could have stayed in Adult form)
i also searched for some good evo music:

Vobomon-Flawizarmon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2ESyTcQ_MY
Shamamon-Kinkakumon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNvVwJjP9S4
Dracumon-Musyamon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cod7HFObIgk
(coudn´t find something appealing for Compassmon-Kiwmon though)

once your Digimon awaken they would have told you different things, with that and other info you could have pierced together that the Digimon Army is heading towards the City.
beyond the forest even being a metallic city, ruled by lieutnant Blimpmon.
you could ahve challenged him or found out that his defense is superb (in fact 100%) it would have been up to you on how to resolve that. (for example a missile)
time goes by.
lieutnant boss music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA9_EBWC5tg&t=101s

rumor emerge and people disappear in the city, one of you eventually would get kidnapped by a huge man wearing a dust mantle, though it is revealed to be Sealsdramon the second Lienutnant, with him an army of underground dwelling digimon.
it´s up to the players on how to resolve this (Sealsdramons gimmich would have been a 100% attacck power)

everything callms down once again, until something emerges from lake michigan.
an aquatic army lead by the third Lieutnant Frogmon (100% evasion) again up to the you how to handle this.

after finishing of Frogmon you learn of a much more dangerous thread as you find out about the General.
over the cause of a week the army draws closer and Neo Chicago gets surrounded, war breaks out.
the ground shakes and from it emerges Groundramon and with him Charlie, he left you because the Tuskmon he thaught killed his sister the same holds true for Tuskmon as he thought the humans were responsible for the death of his siblings.
they however found out that it was the armys fault and the banded together to bring an end to this, making Tuskmon evolve along the way.

Charlie instructs you to reach the General while he takes care of the Army closing in on the city.
then you finally got to the General, Assaultmon.

final boss music:
(you might have figured he got 100% in attack,defense and evasion you could have resolved one of those options by detonating the grenades Assaultmon carrys, ect.)
upon victory Assualtmon would give a last speech to your Digimon that they shall break there bonds and he would have told his story on how his city got nuked while he was gone and that humans should have paid for what they had done, before finally desinigrating into data.
sad music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHsHJn7lH3g

the end,

if you wish you can give some final thoughts