DigiFes 2023 Special Project 1- Call for Photos & Illustrations


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

Like we've seen in past years, there will be various special projects for DigiFes 2023 that fans can participate in.

The first is a call for photos and illustrations.

Until July 17th fans can submit art to the DigiGallery that might be used in the 60 second start of performance countdown.

The theme is Digimon Adventure 02, which is the main theme for DigiFes 2023.

Submit your Digimon Adventure 02 photos or art and also have #デジモンアドベンチャー02祭り in the comment column. (They mention if you've submitted 02 content in the past that you think would be good, you can add the hashtag to existing DigiGallery posts.)

They mention it can be product displays you have at home, stuff you've drawn, basically anything 02.

They give a size reference of 1684 x 1191 144dpi, but they also mention height and width don't matter, so... 'shrugs'

They may contact people via email, or use their artwork elsewhere in DigiFes.

DigiFes 2023 will be July 30th.

Prior details, including guests, for DigiFes 2023 can be found here and here.


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