DigiFes 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure Available at Toei Store


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Sep 8, 2006
A chance to nab it if you weren't able to get one from DigiFes!

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The Toei Store has put up the DigiFes 2019 20th Anniversary Memorial Brochure to purchase.

The brochure/booklet celebrates 20 years since the beginning of the broadcast of Digimon Adventure. It's A4 size, in full color, and 32 pages with color foil stamping.

Looking back on 20 years, there are messages from producers and directors of the various series'. There are messages from the DigiFes 2019 performers, and info and a director interview with the staff of Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna! It is a book worthy of the 20th Anniversary of Digimon now, and the Digimon from now on.

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Contents include:

20th Anniversary Chart

Messages from Staff:
Digimon Adventure, Producer Hiromi Seki and Director Hiroyuki Kakudou
Digimon Adventure 02, Producer Hiromi Seki and Director Hiroyuki Kakudou
Digimon Tamers, Producer Hiromi Seki and Director Yukio Kaizawa
Digimon Frontier, Producer Hiromi Seki and Director Yukio Kaizawa
Digimon Savers, Producers Atsutoshi Umezawa & Hiroaki Shibata and Director Naoyuki Itou
Digimon Xros Wars, Producer Hiroaki Shibata and Directors Tetsuya Endo & Yukio Kaizawa
Digimon Universe AppliMonsters, Producer Daichi Nagatomi and Director Gou Koga
Digimon Adventure tri., Producer Yosuke Kinoshita, Director Keitaro Motonaga

Messages from all of the DigiFes 2019 Performers: Natsuki Hanae, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Suzuko Mimori, Mutsumi Tamura, Hitomi Yoshida, Junya Ikeda, Junya Enoki, MAO, Chika Sakamoto, Mayumi Yamaguchi, Atori Shigematsu, Takahiro Sakurai, Kinoko Yamada, Junko Takeuchi, Miwa Matsumoto, Yuka Tokumitsu, Ayumi Miyazaki, AiM, Junko Noda, Naozumi Takahashi, et al.

Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna Information and Director Interview

For those who weren't able to nab the booklet from DigiFes itself, this is as good a chance as any, as it's unlikely to ever be a standard item sold at stores normally.

Prior information about the booklet can be found here (basically the same info as above.)

Director Kakudou provided his comments from the booklet, which we have a translation of here.

If you want to nab the DigiFes 2019 booklet from the Toei Store, be aware the Toei Store generally locks out viewing outside of Japan, so you won't be able to see the page. They list it as 2,160 yen.

You'll want to contact an intermediary to get it sent to you. WtW is not affiliated with any, but here are a selection of intermediaries that have worked well for various WtWers and their friends in the past:
From Japan
Rider Proxy

You'll want to provide your chosen intermediary with the link to the item. Just copy paste the link to the product pages for what you want and send them a message about it and they'll take care of it after they discuss pricing and their policies with you. Be aware that some intermediaries won't deal with the Toei Store, as they are apparently not easy to deal with.


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Oct 16, 2008
It's sweet that enthusiasts at Toei (or whoever conceived this pamphlet) managed to get these staff in comments and reflection. If I was there and read Japanese, I'd of bite the $17 or so for it.
On the other hand, would have been even better if they went further and curated production/concept sketches at the expense of raising book cost. MonMon Memo has been candidly showing these golden nuggets over time, that sort of chore is already done, so it's disappointing they couldn't just add those in at least. These are long-time Digimon fans attending, it would have gone a long way to be candid about behind-the-scenes art than just present them with visuals they're bored of seeing over and over.