DigiFes 2016 is Out on Blu-ray! Breakdown, Scans, Screencaps, Sales, and Discussions!


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Sep 8, 2006
Despite being rather ill last week, not much of a delay (in fact, I scanned it while I had a fever.)

Digimon Adventure Festival 2016 is out on Blu-ray!

Some bits of text will be taken from prior Blu-ray articles.

This one went rather smoothly scanning and editing as I recall.

As normal, I won't be reviewing the show itself, just going over the actual Blu-ray release. But I will go into a bit more detail since many people won't have seen this.

Any screencaps from the Blu-ray are lossless PNGs. I will embed a small amount as samples, the rest will be a gallery to off-site storage (for now). Warning for those on metered internet connections.

The edited JPGs themselves of the scans I'll embed.

Scanning was done as high quality as I could do. I've explained my workflow in my personal thread and will answer any questions involving it or the processes used. At this point I'm used to the replacement scanner, even if I'm still acting a touch paranoid with it. I did a low level of editing as there didn't seem to be a need for these to be heavily edited.. If necessary I might go back and do more editing later.

First up will be all the physical stuff. Everything included with the Blu-ray was scanned.

We start with.... an obi card!

Image Thumbnail

This is an interesting obi card as it completely covers 3 sides, and partially covers a 4th. The part of the obi that covers the front covers just the bottom. It covers the front in a different way than the obi cards that comes with the Blu-rays of tri. The back of the case itself has no information on the product, so it's left to the obi card to contain all of this relevant information. It also means with the obi removed the product is completely clean of most legal and technical information.

The packaging for the Blu-ray itself is a pretty standard case. Unlike the initial printing of tri., it is not a digipak. I don't have the later printings of the tri. BDs, but I assume once the digipak printing ran out, the packaging would be quite similar to this.

The Blu-ray comes with a slipcover (in an o-card shape) that is made out of a cardstock type material. It is not see through like the tri. slipcovers.

Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

The front is the new poster art based on the DigiFes audio drama in a monochrome blue. It's very clean, and very striking visually.

The back uses the tri. style packaging motif with blue as the focus color.

The front and back cover are on a paper insert that goes in the case and is very nice and clean.

Image Thumbnail

The cover is a great shot based on the audio drama that was performed by the cast at DigiFes. It has all the characters at the beach. It's very bright with a lot of personality.

The center spine is the DigiFes logo along with the full title in the Digimon Adventure tri. logo font (without it's curvature applied.)

The back is the same as the slipcover back, simply with the copyright information moved to a different place.

The insert for this release is also reversible to have an alternate cover for those who don't want the drama image.

Image Thumbnail

The reversible cover replaces the beach shot with the DigiFes 2016 poster art. It's nice that they found such a good place to use the poster art on the Blu-ray.

The physical Blu-ray itself uses the tri. digital motif.

Image Thumbnail

While it keeps the motif, it does it's own thing with logo placement. It has the DigiFes logo small off to the side, while a full text title goes diagonally against a large chunk of the disk. It looks very nice, while both themed to tri. and doing it's own thing.

The Blu-ray came with a single physical extra from the Amazon version.

Image Thumbnail

A pocket file of the drama art. It's a nice pocket file of a decent size. It puffs slightly which causes it to be slightly see through when I scanned it. I may re-scan it after I have some card stock to use to insert to keep it from bleeding through. I'm rather pleased this fit on my scanner so I could actually scan it.

Image Thumbnail

The back is the DigiFes poster art without the Digimon flying across it. It keeps the back relatively clean, but looks good.

A booklet was included with some information and photos... Well... it's less a booklet and more a fold out pamphlet.

Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

The front is the DigiFes logo along with the motif tri. has used while the back is cast and crew information for DigiFes and the disk.

The booklet itself has a ton of text information.

Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail
Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail
Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

The text information in the booklet is by and large the official script for the audio drama. Various bits don't match the performed drama because the cast at times ad-libbed during the two performances of it.

Thanks to shin for going over it and giving a few key elements that fans will be interested in:
The audio drama takes place early during tri. part 2 (after the trip to the onsen.)
Joe is around because his mother 'suggested' he needed a break. He seems stressed that he's at the beach instead of studying, although he does loosen up as the drama continues on. The audio drama also includes the first meeting of Joe and Meiko.
The script was written by Yasuhiro Nakanishi who is part of the general tri. writing staff and is one of the writers for tri. part 4.

The last page for this is the cast and credits specifically for the audio drama production.

The opposite side has pages with various photos from the event.

Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail
Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

They chose a number of various nice photos taken throughout the event over these pages.

The booklet/foldout was rather small, but had quite a bit of nice content in it.

Packaging wise, that is it, except for one ad.

Image Thumbnail

A single ad for the Juri and Leomon Megahouse GEM figure. This was printed on nice quality card stock, but has some of the worst print quality I've ever seen.

And that's it for the physical... onto the disk contents itself!

Image Thumbnail

The video is encoded using AVC at an average bitrate of exactly 39 Mbps. Great bitrate. In fact, it's significantly higher than the bitrate for tri. on Blu-ray itself. Unfortunately the video quality itself isn't great, at best maybe a C. It's 1080i, which isn't a huge issue as deinterlacing content is rather easy for nearly all modern equipment (and should look quite good with the odd off modern production that is recorded with interlacing), but there are numerous little issues with the video, suggesting some other issue (perhaps that they used older cameras?) There is even what appears to be some compression noise, which is just strange since the content has plenty of bitrate and is newly recorded.

Image Thumbnail

The audio is a 2.0 PCM track. Good uncompressed 16-bit audio. The audio is generally smooth and crisp and is pretty good.

No subtitles are included, which is expected.

Image Thumbnail

Luckily since it's a stage show, the video quality isn't a huge deal. The content is almost all the cast sitting or standing on stage talking, or people on stage singing. The video quality is perfectly fine for the content, it's just disappointing that there are any issues at all.

Thanks to shin, here is a full translated list of everything from the DigiFes stage show:

Opening live performance by Ayumi Miyazaki (brave heart -tri. version-)
Digimon Talk (series of chats/Q&As between the cast members)
Digimon x Q (Questions submitted between some of the partner pairs)​
Digimon x Selection (Select favorite scenes by cast from the last two films)​
Digimon x Confession (“Confessions” between some of the cast--first impressions etc.)​
KOD reveal​
PV Corner​
Digimon Special Drama (Original Live Performance)
Special Live Performance
Ayumi Miyazaki - Beat Hit, Break Up!​
AiM - I wish -tri version-, an Endless Tale (performance with old recording of Wada’s performance)​
Ayumi Miyazaki & AiM “Wada Kouji Special Medley”​
Biggest Dreamer, Target, Hirari, Fire!!
Ayumi Miyazaki & AiM - Seven -tri. version-
Ending featuring a letter read by Atori Shigematsu (Piyomon) to the late Yuko Mizutani (Sora)
Closing live performance
Cast performance of Butter -fly tri. version-​

Image Thumbnail

It was quite packed and a bit less fluffy and advertiser friendly than previous DigiFes shows (perhaps why they decided not to stream it and sell it instead.) It being held at a much larger venue also helps the look appear much more akin to a traditional concert or event rather than the smaller events DigiFes did the first few times around.

The menus are very nice. Which isn't a surprise since they, by and large, are based on the tri. menus.

Image Thumbnail

Chapter Menu
Extras Menu

The main menu animates in over the coverart and then becomes a static menu.

The chapter menu is simpler than it's tri. counterparts. It's a very clean text list of the different chapters. For an event like this, the menu works very well if you want to jump between sections.

Image Thumbnail

Only one extra for the DigiFes disk. The overall show was recorded from the night version of DigiFes. The extra is the audio drama from the noon/morning DigiFes, which allows you to watch both versions for any different ad-libs or other changes.

Image Thumbnail

Very good package overall. It's basically a nice very extended bonus feature for tri. Getting it's own release means that people who don't want it don't have to pay for what would have been a second disk on tri. part 4 or further down the line (or reducing the video down to 480 to save on filesize.) Hopefully we get more bonus disks like this in the future (perhaps including the various Tokuban Adventure streams and various other content.)

The DVD release should be the same for physical. On disk content should be effectively the same, but in 480 compressed with MPEG2 instead of 1080 compressed with AVC for video, and Dolby Digital compression for the audio instead of uncompressed PCM.

Image Thumbnail

Screencaps were taken largely at random while jumping around (although if I knew a moment was coming up I wanted a cap of, I'd wait. Such as Agumon grabbing Junya Ikeda's ass.)

Here are 54 caps in lossless PNG in a gallery. They are stored off site, but I have backup copies stored on WtW, so if they ever go down let me know and I'll replace them. The screencaps were all captured while being deinterlaced.

The scans are very small compared to the master scans I did (the work and backup folder structure for the scans and screencaps is over 10 gigs.) I will try and make wallpapers if people are interested (and a few are included down below). If you want to see a specific screencap of something give me a rough timecode if you can.

We are working on finishing up the WtW Gallery site, where we will put all the scans and screencaps in an indexed and searchable form.

If you have any questions about the release feel free to ask.

Thanks to everyone has donated for us to do various scans and breakdowns. We are still taking donations so we can do this again for future releases. If you are willing to donate please take a look at the most recent thread on the subject.

We should have a few more things coming out in the last few weeks of the year for everyone to look forward to.

We have week one sales. The sales chart for this period is November 29th through December 4th. The DigiFes 2016 Blu-ray and DVD came out on December 2nd.

The Blu-ray version sold 919 copies and came in 37th place on the overall Blu-ray chart (if it were included on anime charts it would have been roughly 13th place.)
The DVD version sold 304 copies and come in 97th place on the overall DVD chart (if it were included on anime charts it would be roughly 22nd place.)

Thanks to SomeAnithing for the sales numbers.

If you'd like to buy the DigiFes 2016 disk for yourself, here are some CDJapan affiliate links:
DigiFes 2016 Blu-ray
DigiFes 2016 DVD

As for a few relevant wallpapers based on the disks...

Image Thumbnail

First is a clean version of the main menu without the menu overlay.

Image Thumbnail

Then we have art they made for the drama right before it started during DigiFes, using the various DigiFes promotional artwork of the kids and the Digimon.