Devidramon Preview & Ruki and Jenrya Magazine Previews for Booster Set EX-02


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Card Game Twitter has updated with a card preview from Booster Set EX-02 Digital Hazard. This time it's Devidramon.

Devidramon gets some really nice 'anime plus' type artwork featuring him at night with the moon behind him. The lighting in this one really shows off the character well with a slightly fancier overall look than he often gets.

Plus a bit more...


EX-02 gets shown off in a magazine. We aren't sure of the exact magazine at the moment, as various magazines are coming out around now that it could be.

From a photo, we get previews of Ruki and Jenrya, both looking stylish in new artwork, continuing the theme from Takato of having artwork based on poses from towards the end of the Tamers OP.

Thanks to K.K. for the photo.

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Booster Set EX-02 Digital Hazard will be out on December 24th in Japan.

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I come from the net
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Aug 13, 2016
Ayy, always nice to see I was proven right with the OP pose choice...even if it was pretty obvious. ;)

Not the greatest picture quality so the text is hard to make out other than some general details so I will wait until we get a proper Twitter reveal to give my thoughts regarding how they play.

Sparrow Hawk

Seized the time
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Feb 23, 2007
Oh poor Devidramon. It totally matches to that night background which Cyberdramon card have.


I come from the net
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Feb 4, 2018
I can’t believe we still don’t have a purple Renamon set. Or a Terriermon set that turns Green/Black after Child stage.


I'm going digital
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Feb 9, 2020
Devidramon is truly an underrated Adult stage. Always liked the design.