Details for Digimon Card Game Booster Set 1, Green Card Color Added


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Sep 8, 2006

Pre-orders have been up for almost 2 months, but we have a sales sheet for the first booster pack for the Digimon Card Game that gives us a bunch of new info.

Booster Set Version 1.0 New Evolution is scheduled to come out mid-May, with the sales sheet detailing it for May 15th.

It shows off new Omegamon artwork for the card game, including on the packaging for the booster set. The Card Kingdom chain has added extra information at the top and bottom to use it as a sales poster.

The 3 main bullet points for this booster set are: (Since the bullet point is from a sales sheet, these are more aimed at shop managers to convince them to order more.)
1- A lineup of popular Digimon will appear. Digimon from the new Digimon Adventure: anime will appear. Fun to collect for TCG players and Digimon fans!

2- Red, blue, yellow. Green appears in the booster set. More excitement with green, plant and insect Digimon will often be used.

3- Parallel cards with different specifications. Lineup of popular Digimon, with highly collectible designs. Enhances the motivation for collecting and leads to more sales.

So the main bullet points confirms green will be added as a fourth color beginning with the booster set.

They also list the booster set as being new artwork for everything.

We also have distribution for the set.
Each pack will have 6 cards, each box will have 24 packs, and a carton will have 12 boxes.

And last up are how many cards there will be.

There will be 115 cards total. Broken down that will be:
45 Common
30 Uncommon
28 Rare
10 Super Rare
2 Secret Rare

We also have another look at a booster pack. It lists the booster set having 113 cards (Seemingly skipping the secret rares?)

Thanks to Card Kingdom for the sales sheet and we're unsure of the source of the booster image.