Data Squad Coming to DVD in Australia Again


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for some Digimon home video news for Australia!

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But it isn't an announcement for tri. Part 5... you guys are getting Digimon Data Squad on DVD... Again!

Madman has listed Digimon Data Squad on their 'Business 2 Business' catalog website with the title of "Digimon Data Squad (Season 5)."

Madman is using the well known Savers/Data Squad poster-style key art as stand-in artwork for the time being.

They had previously released Data Squad in 4 DVD sets but those DVDs have been out of print for a number of years. This new release appears to be in line with the DVD sets they've been doing for other seasons that are based on the DVDs from the US.

The date currently listed is September 5th, 2018 for $60 on 8 DVDs.

They have a basic synopsis of the series listed also...

In the world we all know, there exists a secret organization called the Digimon Data Squad, or DATS for short. Humans and their tamed Digimon partners team up to capture Digimon who cross over into the real world from the Digital World (hopefully, before the population sees them and causes a panic). Join Marcus and Agumon as they work together to protect the world from ruin.


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May 18, 2009
I literally just binge rewatched this series, and I like all the characters a whole lot more now that I can accept Masaru is just a 14 yr old doing 14 yr old things. My friends are making fun of me but I actually like Savers (Data Squad) now.