Cyber Sleuth Solo Challenge


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Feb 22, 2020
Georgia, USA
Hey, gang. I’m doing a solo run of Cyber Sleuth. The rules are simple.
  • I select my starter digimon and that is the only digimon I can use in the run.
  • I am allowed to use scanned data to place Digimon in the Digifarm to load into my starter later.
  • I can evolve and devolve as much as I would like.
I thought it would be fun to make a thread chronicling the adventure. Something akin to the old school Let’s Play Threads.

Full disclosure: I attempted this run once already with Palmon, but starting with a data type lead me to struggle against the first boss without much of a chance to fight back. This time, I’ll be choosing Terriermon. Its vaccine typing will dispatch the early game digimon quite easily.

Any discussion of my strategies or tips would be appreciated. And feel free to talk about spoilers here as I have beaten this game once before.

After mashing through text for several minutes and Remembering that Nokia is a queen and we love her, our precious baby girl is now here.

If you guys have name ideas for the terriermon, let me know.

The girl is in trouble almost instantly. We intervene. Where did the Palmon and Hagurumon go though? Did Kurisarimon kill them before we got there? RIP.

Anyway, Kurisarimon isn’t a problem. We win our first battle and Terriermon decided to be our super best friend for life.’s the first of many stat screen updates for Terriermon.

The next part of the game is fairly linear. Nokia meets Agumon and Gabumon, we fight random encounters, and lose to a scripted boss fight against an Eater.
I make sure Terriermon gets a level up before we leave.
After that, I decide it’s time for me to take a break. Next time, we’ll pick up with our brand new job at the Kuremi Detective Agency.

What’d you think about my post length? Too long? Too short? Not enough pictures?


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Jan 24, 2020
Haven't played cyber sleuth in ages. I might attempt this looks like fun and it's something different.