Cover Art for Unidentified Airship, the Digimon Adventure: Opening theme, plus store exclusives


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Sep 8, 2006

While Digimon Adventure: began awhile ago, we only got news of it's opening theme getting a proper release a few weeks ago (when the hiatus ended.) In fact, we got a photo a few days ago showing Takayoshi Tanimoto celebrating the mastering for the CD being finished.

The CD single for Unidentified Airship, by Takayoshi Tanimoto, will be 1,200 yen when it is released on August 19th.

The newly revealed artwork shows the network space that was heavily featured in the first few episodes of the show, along with new artwork of Taichi and Agumon both looking battle ready.

The tracklist for the CD is:
Unidentified Airship (the OP for Digimon Adventure:)
Be the Winners (an insert song for Digimon Adventure: used for evolutio/battles)
Karaoke versions of each
Unspecified 'other' songs, prior information clarified this as one more song and the karaoke version of that song.

Pre-orders are up at CDJapan for the CD. (affiliate link.)

There will also be a few store exclusives...


A number of stores will have this postcard to give away. It features a frame from the climax of episode 1 of Digimon Adventure:. It shows slightly more vertically than it did in the show. The list of stores that will have the postcard is long and can be found on this page of the Nippon Columba website.


Animate will feature this bromide print of the cover artwork. The print is sized 2L (5 x 7 in inches.)


Amazon Japan features a mega jacket, a large version of the cover that matches the composition and setup of the CD cover itself.

Many of the shops that have exclusives either don't ship outside of Japan, or currently have less pre-orders available for international shipping due to coronavirus, so if you want one of those, you'll have to deal with an intermediary.

Previous information about this CD can be found here.


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