Contest Winners & Entries- Kizuna Prize Packages & More!


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Sep 8, 2006
Another contest is over... and has been for awhile!

We ran a contest as Kizuna was coming out on home video with some great prizes.

This one we have a number of winners for, and had a 'ton' of entries.

It took awhile to announce for a few reasons...
1st up, was waiting on a couple of stragglers to respond.
2nd, was a bit busy myself, so making sure and confirming details took a bit longer, then one of the prize packs got lost so wanted to deal with that first, just a ton of random delays.
3rd... I won a separate contest Toei was doing, and decided to wait for my prize to show up, and then tossed the stuff I had won into more people getting prizes here.

So there ended up being 10 winners!
5 got Kizuna on Blu-ray & DVD, plus the prize packs from Shout, which included: Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, Kizuna T-shirt, Digimon water bottle, a Funko Pop
5 more got to choose between the various things I had gotten: tri. Complete Collection on Blu-ray, a Digimon water bottle, a Kizuna shirt, a Survive sticker sheet, and a Funko Pop.

As mentioned above, a ton of entries. There was writings, artwork, crafts, a crossword puzzle, just a ton of fun entries!

Here are the 5 winners of the Shout prize pack in no particular order. Names may have been removed/tweaked where appropriate. Social media links were also included where provided (if you wanted yours included and it isn't, just let me know.)

I've grown up watching digimon and playing most the games, so seeing another movie announcement wasn't that exciting me to me at first. But in March both me and my boyfriend lost our jobs because of covid, and so we had a lot of time on our hands and one of the things we decided to do was watch digimon since it was an important part of my childhood. And now that we're getting closer to watching all the new movies I'm really excited about this new movie coming out! It's been a lot of fun watching him get sucked into all the different plot lines and it'll be sweet closure with this last movie coming out for both of us getting ready to go back to our jobs in the next coming weeks.


When I was a kid I was super into Pokemon. Even to this day I have Pokemon Blue memorized. But that Christmas, I went to a family gathering. My cousin got my name in the gift draw and when I opened it, I got a black D-3 digivice. I didn't know what it was and he was more than happy to show me. I never finished watching Pokemon. I watched Adventure 02 first. Ken and Wormmon became my favorite, mostly because we shared a digivice. After that, I caught up on the first season through reruns. I was hooked. When I saw the movie in theaters and saw Omnimon for the first time, I thought my little heart would explode.

This show was awesome and it helped me come to terms with some very serious things as a young child. Sadly around the time of Tamers, I fell out of the show. Moving on to different things as young folk do. I briefly revisited it during Frontier but never finished it.

Years later, I lost my digivice and digimon was forgotten. Now as I am well into my 30's I face new problems. The challenges of adulthood. Living in a crumbling nation and silently facing oppression. But then I find something that brings back fond and happy memories, Digital Monster Ver. 20th. After all these years, I have a digimon partner again. And in these very stressful and overwhelming times, it is this little digital monster that reminds me of not only an easier and happier time. But that with the right mindset, a brave heart, and love we can save this world.

I look forward to seeing old friends in the new movie, even being aware of the inevitable heartbreak I will feel. But as with all things we must be willing to say goodbye and move toward a brighter future. I truly believe, "If we're all for one world, there's a world for us all." Grown-ups and Digimon alike.

I hope you're having a great day! Thanks so much for putting on this contest--I'm a huge fan of both Digimon and With the Will, so I had a lot of fun putting my entry together. I'm also a huge fan of crosswords, so my entry is a crossword puzzle full of various things and characters I'm hoping to see in Kizuna.
You can play the puzzle here.


I admit, my favorite character in Digimon 02 was still Kari, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that what I'm looking forward to most is seeing Davis, Cody, Ken, and especially Yolei in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

Yolei was an inspiration to my tween-age self. She wore glasses like me and was from a large family, but where I was introverted and artsy, Yolei was bold and passionate. She held her own with the guys and watching her, I couldn't help but think maybe I could too.

I had bought a purple wig years ago with the intent to cosplay her 02 look, but this contest helped spur me to finally do it but with my favorite outfit from Kizuna! So regardless of the outcome, I think drafting her blouse and headband, sewing Poromon, waiting for paint to dry, and staying up until 3am working on this cosplay was worth it. Plus it's nice to be able to wear my actual glasses in a cosplay for once. XD

Though I did enjoy the Digimon Tri films, it bugged me to no end that the 02 kids got shafted in that series and I'm looking forward to seeing them all in action again in Kizuna!

And then the 5 additional winners, also in no particular order...


I recently did a mini photoshoot by myself for the Kizuna movie with my Miyako cosplay!! I fell in love with her outfit instantly and knew I wanted to be her. I mostly thrifted the cosplay, but made the bandana and bought a Hawkmon from a plushmaker to complete the look. I put together a mini collage of a couple photos I took to match her 'love' aesthetic as well! Digimon is genuinely my favorite series, and I've grown to love everyone so much. Kizuna was something I've been looking forward to for so long, and I honestly was just so, SOO happy to see Ken again, haha. I actually planned a lot around the movie release and prepped this cosplay for a theater setting specifically, but even though plans changed drastically, my enthusiasm and excitement for the movie never faded! And though I adore all the chosen children, I love that the 02 kids were included & that their interactions/friendship are still so genuine. I just have nostalgia bursting at the seams that will never go away, Kizuna only made it all the sweeter! <3

Digimon is more than just an anime. Digimon is part of my life. Digimon has shaped many of my friendships and shaped my beliefs with people. I watched the original Digimon Adventure growing up, and met one of my best friends playing with digimon toys together and developing stories in our heads. Having releases sprinkled out through the years always gave me something to look forward to. With new people coming and going from my life, Digimon remained the constant and always gave me something to look forward to and a topic to talk to others about. I could relate to people that even had personalities I may not have mixed well with because of the struggles of the original adventure team, knowing Tai, the lovable idiot, and Matt, the standoffish rival, could even be friends. Seeing the kids age in Kizuna means that much more to me since Mimi and Izzy were both born in the same year as me. It's really amazing that the development and story behind the original Adventure cast continues to feel so close to home and real. They are growing up with different problems to solve. TK and Kari matured much quicker but also had the light heartedness that comes knowing you always have someone at your side. Joe and Sora struggle with two different aspects of growing up and finding themselves and a balance for who they want to be versus the expectation of who they should be. I struggle with it now. These stories are so real and watching it wrap up and see how they ultimately face themselves and knowing that through the years they will finally have to stand on their own. It means so much to me seeing the kids grow up, and age and despite potentially never seeing their partners again, they also won't truly be alone either. It gives me hope that the bonds I have forged with friends could be that strong as well someday.
Kizuna will be a closing, but not an end for a franchise that has shaped multitudes of my life.


This product is a crocheted piece made by me of Gabumon :). Digimon has always been part of my childhood and will forever be a place of comfort and happiness to me. My goal is to continue to crochet more digimon and spread to others how great Digimon really is! I'm very happy with the latest new released movies that continue to keep Digimon alive, such as Kizuna.


I created this Last Evolution Pixel art out of all the characters a while back. I would have made something else but sadly classes have kept me busy.

I also wanted to talk about a character that means a lot to me.Matt has always meant a lot to me because of relatable he felt.My parents didn't divorce but I was lonely for a large part of my life it almost ended me.Digimon taught me about friendship and a will to live...It taught me to never give up.When I was little I used to pretend I had a Gabumon as a friend since I didn't have any.To this day I still wish I had a friend like Gabumon always there no matter what. I'm really grateful to Matt and Gabumon and the entirety of the franchise.I may not be here if it wasn't for it.Sorry if this was a slog to read but thanks for it I was really hesitant to share this.Digimon has taught us all many lessons and the final one is to say goodbye.Thank you for reading this.Take care.

I've always enjoyed watching Digimon Adventure The Movie, especially the first half, throughout my kid and a little bit of my teenage years on DVD and to see all the callbacks that the Kizuna movie referenced to brought back those nostalgic emotions ten times over. Whether it would be from the Parrotmon vs Greymon battle but putting a new twist on it by adding Garurumon, Angemon, and Angewoman to the mix to ending the nostalgic wave off with Tai blowing Kari's whistle which in turn broke everyone out of their trance. In additon, all of the other memory gems in between. After watching the movie I understand the importance of why the storyboard crew chose to revisit those moments from the first Digimon movie 20 years ago and update them in order to fit Tai's narrative of growing up and finding his path throughout adulthood and life in general. On the other hand the crew might have added those scenes in for funsies but whatever the decision was I really appreciate that they did it. Being able to complete my Digimon collection with the Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna movie prize package would make the little girl from all those years ago who is an adult on her own path right now overflow with happiness.

Anyone else who entered is welcome to share their entries, as there was a shockingly high number of them and most of them were quite good.

As far as I know the only shipping issue has been dealt with. If anyone else is having issues, feel free to message me!

Thanks everyone for entering.

Thanks to Shout! Factory, Toei Animation, and their partners Atsuko, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Funko, and Just Funky for providing the 5 prize packs.

And thanks to me randomly winning a well timed contest from Toei for the other prizes.

For those who still need Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, it's still available on Amazon: (affiliate link)
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna BD/DVD
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna DVD

Both the Blu-ray and DVD include both the English dubbed and subtitled versions, along with a few extras.


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Sep 19, 2020
I didn't win but I love reading the entries and seeing everyone's creativity! Congrats to the winners!

Zekkaina Solo

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Jan 20, 2016
Belatedly checking out everyone's entries! Thank you Marc for organizing everything and for providing extra prizes!

Sam: I'm glad you got to rediscover Digimon through the pandemic. Stay safe and I hope your new job is going well!


I love how you really added to your drawing with cut outs and other paper elements. It gives the cute illustration a little extra something!

Aw, how sweet that your cousin introduced you to Digimon! Love the Digimon Frontier quote and the end and a lovely reflection to read.

Jenna: Such a creative idea to make a crossword puzzle! I'm not huge into crossword puzzles, but I really enjoyed your Digimon one!


I saw your cosplay when I was researching on Instagram for my Yolei outfit!!! I am so super psyched to see the 02 kids again in Kizuna also!

rivyix: One of the things I appreciate about Digimon is that they did explore the concepts of growing up and allowed their characters to grow and mature ... We get to see them in over a decade of their lives and there aren't a lot of anime franchises I know of that does sinilar ...


You make me want to pull out my crochet hooks again, your Gabumon is ADORABLE! I'd love to see photos if you've made any other Digimon.


So cute! I esepcially like how the Digimon turned out. My faves are Armadillomon, Tentomon, and Gomamon (dat face, LOL).

Tiffany: I've been waiting to watch with my brother, but I'm looking forward to seeing the callbacks to thr first film and the series! I'm glad your able to finish your Digimon film collection!