Contest- Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 UK Blu-ray and DVD


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for yet another contest!

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This time the contest is for our friends in the UK! In just a few weeks Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 Coexistence is out in the UK and we have a few copies of it to give away!

Two different prizes this time:
a copy of Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 Coexistence on Blu-ray (Collector's Edition)
a copy of Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 Coexistence on DVD

For a bit of fun, there will be two different ways to enter:

Method 1- Write about your favorite character in tri. so far. Or maybe they aren't your favorite character, but you just really enjoy how they act in tri., etc. Why do you like them, what makes them interesting to you? Make it as short or as long as you want. (The only limitation is make sure your entry has to do with Parts 1 thru 5.)


Method 2- Draw (or do something artsy) something related to Digimon Adventure tri. It can be a drawing of a character or scene you like. Or maybe you've made a cosplay outfit or do crafts, do whatever you want. (The only limitation is make sure your entry has to do with Parts 1 thru 5.)

You can enter either way, or both if you are feeling inspired. The winners will be chosen from a combined pool of both types of entries. The first winner can choose between the Blu-ray or DVD if they have a preference. The second winner will get the other version of the release.

The judge this time will be.... me. You can post your entry in this thread, PM me using our forum's internal PM system, send your entry to @WithTheWill on Twitter (be careful doing the writing contest on Twitter... it'll be really short), or email me your entry to (put WtW Contest UK in the subject for email entries for clarity.)

I won't be judging on any particular detail (or even necessarily on the quality of art or writing), just do your best. If it catches my attention you might have an advantage, but I'll be pouring over each and every entry.

The contest will end midnight (Pacific time) on Thursday, July 26th (so right as it becomes the 27th.)

You don't have to send any personal information with your entry. If you win Manga UK will need your contact/shipping information to get you your prize.

Your entry might be shared on WtW and social media sites by us and Manga UK.

These contests are only open to people who live in the UK and Ireland.

Blu-ray Collector's Edition and DVD courtesy of Manga UK (Manga Entertainment Ltd.)

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


Seized the time
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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
:O senpai noticed the UK

I actually really like Meiko. People like to complain that she cries too much and stuff but it's kinda realistic and like Tai, I guess I'm into the stuff like a maiden girl who you get to rescue and look after and stuff. Her best friend is infected and she just made 16-18 new friends and now her cat is the reason all her new friends are fighting each other and there's multiple giant scary Digimon trying to kill her friend/s and she's new to the whole Digimon fighting stuff. Since it's her cat she blames herself and her reactions are genuine and make sense. I also like that she opens up and stuff and even though she was kinda forced by Mimi to dress up and dance, she ended up liking it in the end and she became more open to the others so in the end, it was a good experience for her. I think she's a good character and it shows that the main kids will make friends with you easily and you wont be an outcast. Plus she's always had to hide Meicoomon and now she had friends she can bring her cat out with and have them play with her. If Meicoomon hadn't been infected and started all this, she would've for sure gotten even stronger emotionally and been a happy cheery person and maybe her and Meicoomon's normal forms could've been part of the team fully and helped to fight baddies like King Drasil and Alphamon, rather than turning into a baddie herself due to the infection.

She's also cute, so that's a plus :p I like nerds.