Contest- Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Loss Blu-ray Combo Packs


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Sep 8, 2006
It's time for a contest!

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Loss is out on home video in the USA this week and we have a few copies to give away!

Three people will win:
a copy of the Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Loss Blu-ray Combo Pack (contains the Blu-ray, DVD, and a code for a DRM-free digital copy)

For a bit of fun, there will be two different ways to enter:

Method 1- Write about your favorite Digimon Adventure tri. character(s.) Keep it related to tri. Parts 1 thru 4. tri. skews much more to a character drama than we've ever seen with the franchise before. Do you like the way a specific character acts? Maybe how they've changed as they've gotten older? Their interactions with each other? Write how it makes you feel or your thoughts on it. It can be based on one character, two, all of them, whatever you want. Make it as short or as long as you want.


Method 2- Draw (or do something artsy) something related to Digimon Adventure tri. Keep it related to tri. Parts 1 thru 4. Is there a battle you like? A character scene you enjoy? It can be a drawing, a cosplay photo, you could make a diorama out of figures, CGI, anything you want.

You can enter either way, or both if you are feeling inspired (and if you want to go to the effort you can enter multiple times, but you can only win once.) The winners will be chosen from a combined pool of both types of entries.

The judge will be me. You can post your entry in this thread, PM me using our forum's internal PM system, send your entry to @WithTheWill on Twitter (be careful doing the writing contest on Twitter... it'll be really short), or email me your entry to (put WtW Contest in the subject for email entries for clarity.)

I won't be judging on any particular detail (or even necessarily on the quality of art or writing), just do your best. If it catches my attention you might have an advantage, but I'll be pouring over each and every entry.

The contest will end midnight on Sunday, April 29th (so right as it becomes the 30th.)

You don't have to send any personal information with your entry. If you win Shout Factory will need your contact/shipping information to get you your Blu-ray.

Your entry might be shared on WtW and social media sites by us, Shout Factory, or other companies related to the release.

These contests are only open to those with a shipping address in the USA.

Blu-ray combo packs are courtesy of Shout Factory.

Get your entries in, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

And don't forget...

We did a full breakdown and review of Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Loss on Blu-ray!

A trailer for the release

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 is available to order and is out this week: (Affiliate links.)
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Loss Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Loss DVD


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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
edit: nvm, saw it can only be US entries


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Apr 25, 2018
I have to say my favorite Digimon tri. character is Daigo Nishijima. As a character, and a new one at that, I feel his story is heartfelt and identifiable. At first he's just a lovable character who is looking out for everyone's favorite digidestined. Then we find out he's also Himekawa's former boyfriend and that he still looks out for her even though we know she doesn't see him that way. It makes you root for him since you know he's such a good guy. Then we see that he's not just a push over. He speaks his mind to Himekawa and helps out our digidestined gang as much as he can. Finally, his character really tugs at the heart strings. We find out he's an original digidestined and is in a role similar to T.K. and Kari. He's a fighter and works with his team but has to see his best friend/love interest be taken over by homeostasis. Not only that his partner is given extraordinary power and basically ripped away from him. Yes, the other digidestined had to leave their partners behind but there was always the hope of going back and being with them. Even if Daigo makes it back, it's not like one of the harmonious ones can just come down and chill with their former partner. He has to face a loss due to duty (the harmonious ones) on one front and a loss due to determination (Himekawa trying to reboot the digital world), and still watch out for Tai and his group. He reminds me of a cross between Tai, T.K., and Davis. Caring and looking out for the team, while still being a heartfelt goofball that wants to have a good time. If any of the new characters is a win for tri. it's Daigo.