Clean Packaging for Card Game Booster Set 14 Blast Ace & New Sleeve Previews


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Sep 8, 2006

The Booster Set 14 Blast Ace page was updated on the Card Game website, with a preview of the packaging, which features Greymon & MetalGreymon.

We saw a preview of the MetalGreymon card art earlier on the recent card stream.

The page also re-details the card distribution for this set...
104 cards total, made up of:
Common: 40 species
Uncommon: 26 species
Rare: 22 species
Super Rare: 14 species
Secret Rare: 2 species

There will also be 20 parallel cards in the set.

Previous previews for Booster Set 14 Blast Ace:
First Look Early Previews

Booster Set 14 Blast Ace is out June 30th, 2023.

And on top of that...


Previewi mages of the 2023 selection of card sleeves!

We had various text announcements and blurry early images but they're good enough to look at now. This time we get:
Taichi & Agumon, with WarGreymon, with anime style art
Yamato & Gabumon, with MetalGarurumon, with anime style art
Loogamon, with minimal coloring
BelleStarmon, along with the other members of the Three Musketeers

They will be out on May 26th for 880 per pack of 60.

Nice to already have the pack art for Booster Set 14, and the sleeves look nice.

We have early details for Booster Set 14 and Starter 15 & 16 The War Dragon of Courage & The Steel Wolf of Friendship.

We have clean card images from Booster Set RB-01 Rising Wind, Tamer Battle Pack 16, Special Promo Pack 2023 v1, Frontier 20th, & Ghost Game Promos.

And images from previous Digimon Card Game releases:
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Jun 8, 2016
Watanabe really popped off here, this is probably the most athletic looking Greymon art we've gotten from Bandai lol. MetalGreymon Ace looked great in card form, so it's definitely pack art worthy... just wasn't what I expected at first lol. Makes a lot of sense to promote the protagonist-related Ace card.