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Sep 8, 2006

With V-Jump out tomorrow in Japan, Digimon Web has previewed the new chapter of V-Tamer by putting up a clean version of the coversheet for the chapter!

The preview shows both versions of Taichi, each with their Digivices, and you can also see Agumon, along with Zeromaru in his Perfect form, AeroV-Dramon.

Digimon Web also posted a message with the image:
Everyone! On sale tomorrow is the extra large July issue of V-Jump!
In it will be a large one shot revival of the manga "Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01"!
Too much fun 😭
In addition, for the Digimon Card Game as an extra will be "V-dramon Zero" and "Taichi Yagami (V-Tamer 01)"!
Please buy it! 🙇‍♀️

Tenya Yabuno also RTed it with a short message:
Digimon Adventure V Tamer 01 Special Edition will be on sale tomorrow.
By all means please enjoy it!

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 (Digimon V-Tamer or V-Tamer for short) was the first ongoing Digimon manga (or in fact, ongoing media released for the franchise.) It was developed concurrently with the first movie and Adventure series, and began publishing November 1998 (roughly half a year) before the anime came out for marketing purposes. It ran monthly in V-Jump and outlasted the original run of the anime, ending in August 2003.

We got good looks at the V-tamer promo cards for the Digimon Card game last night, if you want to see those, you can find them here.


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Jan 2, 2012
Nice. So, judging by Zeromaru being AeroVdramon, it's apparently set in the same ambiguous timeframe as the other crossover chapters.

I wonder if we'll get a surprise cameo by 1999 Taichi. It would be perfect if, after the 2020 Taichi leaves, the 1999 Taichi shows up and V-Taichi is like "Another one?" or "Back again?".