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Sep 8, 2006
Ok, it's here, your Christmas presents from me to you.

It's a month long nostalgia attack brought to you by (for the most part) FoxKids in the form of streaming video.

Every day until at least Christmas you're getting a couple of new digimon videos from my archive of VHS tapes. These include digithons, commercials, advertising and other amazing goodies.

For those of you who joined the digimon community after the death of FoxKids, it's a great way to look back at all the stuff you missed on digimon's initial english run. For those of you like me who saw digimon from the very first broadcast of the first dub episode, it's a great look back at the good, the bad, and the more corny moments that FoxKids brough the digimon community.

Some of this is available on youtube, but a lot of it isn't, so sit back and enjoy the party.

See them here:

Discuss it here: