Chapter 06: 2007-2008


Completely digital
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Sep 9, 2006
Willful City
From days of not too long ago from previously uncharted regions of the internet came a legend. The Legend of the God Damn WtW. A mighty Digimon website, loved by awesome, feared by emos. As WtW's legends grew peace spread throughout the Digimon internets galaxy...

With Savers run in Japan ending and the American dub looming, the fanbase seemed to be just as active as they anxiously anticipated the run of dub Savers. As time progressed, we soon began to see the support the higher ups related to the dub along with the games showed; Jeff Nimoy registering on the boards and taking feedback on several things, along with Bandai donating some nice contest items in the form of Digimon World Dawn and Dusk and Digimon World Data Squad.

Even people who are not as related to Digimon showed their support, such as Doctor Worm's early Power Rangers rough draft scripts.

As the fandom grew, however, the influx of infamous newbies such as Monodramon and Mugen grew. Still however, the faithful admins and mods were always there to take them out... after the Pandas made sure their idiocy were shown in full color.