Chapter 05: 2006-2007


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Sep 9, 2006
Willful City
With the airing of Digimon Savers, WtW's small community experienced something it had not experienced at all in it's lifespan: A gigantic explosion of new users. Very few were people who once joined Frontier or Megchan's board for Digimon information, but most were either a new generation of digimon fans or newbies altogether. It was a double sided coin; In one hand, WtW's popularity simply exploded. But in another, the social discussions with fellow members were drowned out by the pure Digimon fans. What was the oldbies' old hang out was overruned, like South Padre Island during Spring Break... except without the hot girls and more nerds.

Jita had long lost his touch with the Digimon series, and after viewing one episode of Savers, did not gain any new hope for the series. Meanwhile, however, JKaizer/Koroku/Greg continued to overlook the boards as the fans discussed many things. The Newbies, unaware of the board's past, feel that the board entirely belongs to Greg and begin to respect his authority.

... this misassumption alone would bring about one of With the Will's greatest conflicts ever.

Some would call it D-Day. Others call it Weeaboo Day. I personally like to call it "The Day Greg fuckin snapped".

It all began with simple shenanigans from an elite group task force designated to bring forth many lulz. To some, they are known as the A Team. To most, they're The Panderens. Many newbies were confused and did not understand the nature of these shenanigans, so they began to intrept these actions as spam. Greg felt that these "hooligans" were creating too much mischief and tried to ban them.

However, such actions did not affect them and they continued to respawn, in greater numbers.

Dealing with all of this, Greg began to show his true nature, verbally attacking other users and questioning the ability of his mods and admins, stating many times how much he hated everything in the boards. In essance, he was an emo.

Then... it happened.

In a fit of rage, Greg decides that he wanted to quit as admin of WtW... and completly take the boards down along with him.

The oldbies were completly shocked by this act of trechory, and the Pandas also showed much surprise, with most quoting "lol wut?". The newbies were divided upon this, however. Some felt the same shock the oldbies and Pandas did, but others understood nothing of the scenario. As Greg advertised his new site, DATS, many flocked to his side and swore to leave along with him. It would come as no surprise that the oldbies clashed with these particular users about this situation, but these "sheep", as the oldbies titled them, made their choice. for more accurate quotes.

WtW was closed down, and many felt that this was the final end of WtW. Some felt it would be better off to leave the site dead, but others didn't wish to see it fall like this.

Then... one man, who had looked on at the whole events in the shadows... stepped foward and proclaim, "Let it be reborn!"

And with Jita's help, WtW was once again reborn under the hand of GodOfChaos. And despite Greg's every intentions to make WtW burn to the ground, his actions proved futile. Of course, claiming he could care less, he continued to run his own site where many users continue to visit to this very day, along with blind Rockman EXE fans.

(Note: I know some of you visit that site and this, but remember that all of this is true. I can always add more information to make it sound more even sided, but with the bullshit Greg did, it's really hard to make it even sided... for me anyway)

GoC, along with Lost and Digistar (and I suppose myself) meanwhile continued to look over the boards as GoC and Lost worked together to bring a new age to WtW with as much information and media relating to Digimon as possible. The site, like Digimon in general, continued to evolve and the Digimon fans continued to come to the boards. Before long, it became apparant of one thing:

WtW was pretty much the number one english digimon fansite on the net.