Chapter 02: 2003-2004


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Sep 9, 2006
Willful City
After Digimon Frontier's end, fans felt that this would truly be the end of the Digimon francise, despite one of Omnitor's last "report", stating that Digimon would return in a few years to appeal to the fanbase that has grown older (The oldbies disregard this quote and the connection to Savers as no connection at all, especially due to the fact that digivices continued to be released at a small snail pace between the ending of frontier and beginning of savers, along with the logical conclusion that there's not enough evidence to back up the fact that this prediction and savers have any connection). Topics began to flow less, and the hardkore digimon fans began to move on, seeing no reason to flock to the boards. There were those, however, who continued to stay in the boards due to the online social friends they've made. This group of people is unofficially called The Oldbies.

Things grew rather dull for a while in the boards, with no interesting topics to discuss whatsoever.

Then, a small fanfic designated to relate to a series of fics related to message boards popped up.

And for some twisted reason, people were hooked. They DEMANDED that their character was put in this fic, and as they saw their community shown in a ficticious world that loosely revolved around the .hack universe, with a Takuya user befriended Mole the Trailmon, Jita causing mass amounts of chaos, a particular beyblade-character user searching for his purpose in the game among many other character backstories, interest just continued to be focused on that story. Soon, side-stories based on people's own characters were created to furthur expand the setting of that .hack timeline. For the first time, the fanfic forums wasn't just about bad Digimon fics that was nothing BUT Digimon... but rather, it was a refreshing turn AWAY from all the Digimon crap... with just a bit of digimon thrown in. :p

And that fic's name was...

Billy and the Cloneasarus.

(All you oldbies know the name of the fic, I'm not going to make myself look more like a glory hog in this entry XD; )

The unity of the group just continued to grow as time progressed, and once again, things looked good.

But Jita felt he had no reason to keep the boards running and grabbed the temptation to close down the boards, especially during a hacker incident. However, being reminded of the community that was in the forums, Jita decided to retract his finger from the "Throw Bomb" button and try to understand the socialness behind the community...