Chapter 01: 2002-2003


Completely digital
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Sep 9, 2006
Willful City
(The following topics will be written in a "story-like" fashion to make the "overdramatic shit" that happened with the boards more "epic". Oh and I so did not use "quotation marks".

Also, the years are recorded between the beginning of April 1st of the first year and March 31st of the next, ala the time frame the digimon animes have first aired)

In the beginning, a man, who went by the name "Jita", was a Digimon fan. And how! Digimon Tamers was made with much win, and seeing that Frontier may have upmost potential, he and his faithful Canadian sidekick, Omnitor, molded what would be a Digimon Frontier site: With the Will.

Of course, in the beginning, there was no message board, thus making people sad pandas.

So Jita said, "Fine you bastards, you want a board, HERE IT IS!"

... and it ended up being a BBS with green text and a black background.

Because Jita liked Green.

A few topics were created, a few users joined. And as his friend FET promoted his site for Frontier information, more users began to join. Soon, the crappy boards was ditched for a more versital board. But despite this, people did not believe that his boards would ever overtake the dominate digimon message board: Megchan's.

But users from that board caught wind of Jita's master plan, and because Megchan's board was closed for a while
(before being brought back as the Inner Circle boards), they migrated here. For a time, things were good. Everyone smiled, Digimon battles were competitive and groups of Patamon and Tokomon and Pico Devimons would constantly create festive parties for the users.

But then, tensions raised as time progressed. Frontier was no longer showing signs of being a good anime series, but one that's dragging a bit too much. Omnitor, the man who claimed he had sources close to Toei, reported on many things that many users questioned as reliable. Black Seraphimon being Neo Seraphimon is one, but the biggest and most famous rumor of all was Frontier's supposive 54 episode run being cut down by 5-6 episodes due to "Budget Cuts". Those two words are still spoken by the oldbies to this very day and causes many lulz.

Many users stepped foward and began to attack Omnitor for these lies, but Omnitor defended his pride (of course, many would question if he had any to begin with). One user, Suzaku, was a particular force against Omnitor's word, and being a mod at the time, was de-modded. However, Jita retaliated against Omnitor's actions by de-adminning HIM and placing Suzaku in place of adminship.

Only having a few allies at his disposal, Omnitor had no other choice but to Ninja Vanish off of With the Will forever, leaving Jita and Suzaku as the sole rulers of "Willful Village"...