Card Game Updates- Starter Decks 7 & 8 Images & Updates, English Play-at-Home Kit Orderable, plus Tournament Events for Both Versions


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Sep 8, 2006
A few card game things to go over...

First up, the card game site has put up pages for both of the new starter decks coming out next month, which also includes some of the best clean looks at the Dukemon and ULForceV-dramon art yet:
ST-7 Dukemon
St-8 ULForceV-dramon

We also got standalone images of the final packaging, with the Child cards blurred out of both versions (they were mostly unblurred at DigiNavi, showing a few interesting things...)

Details match what we've seen before as far as contents go:
Each deck will be 54 cards, plus 6. The 54 cards will be made up of multiple cards from 16 cards of the following distribution:
Common, 5 cards
Uncommon, 6 cards
Rare, 3 cards
Super Rare, 2 cards

The 6 extra cards will be 1st anniversary campaign cards, we originally believed these were parallel cards, but at the moment we believe these are likely the 6 'delay' cards announced at DigiNavi (which appear to be promo cards that will be given away multiple ways.)

Also included will be 2 memory gauges, a play mat, and 3 indexes.

Both will be available April 23rd and prior details can be found here.

Next up, something to order for those outside of Japan...


The previously announced play at home kit is available to pre-order.

The kits cost $10 and will ship in early May.

The prior writeup we did on them...

They're aware things like tournaments have been, based on where you are, quite possibly impossible based on coronavirus.

These will be mini-kits so that you can organize a small 4 person tournament as you wish. The various distributor links on the site will become active once they start selling them.

Each kit comes with:
4 sets of digi-egg sleeves (5 sleeves per set) to give away as participation prizes for each person.
1 card case as the prize for the winner, featuring art from Booster Set 3.

Then we have some card game events...

First up, for those outside of Japan... more online in events in March have been added (or maybe not, I didn't keep a full list of them on hand, but either way, some of the later ones still have signups going...)

Details of prizes look to match prior March events.

And last up, an event for Japan...


On April 10th there will be a tournament via Bandai TCG Online Lobby in Japan.

The 'Level Up Matching' Online tournament will have signups from now until March 26th and entry will be chosen via lotto and be contacted a week before the tournament if they are chosen.

Prizes will be done via tiers, and there will be a chance to win rare Winner's Cards that had been given away at prior tournament events.

Each player will play in 6 matches.

Winning 2 matches gets you RiseGreymon, 4 adds WereGarurumon, winning all 6 gets you MetalGreymon (each new tier adds an older card that's harder to easily get ahold of affordably.)

All participants will be entered into a lotto for a Chimeramon Winner's Cards, which is still currently possible to get via other events.

A nice stack of midweek updates for both versions of the card game!

Japanese Card Game Details:
We have clean card images for Booster Set 5 Battle of Omega, plus Tamer Battle Pack 4, 4th Scene Vote, & Vital Bracelet Pack-In Cards.

We also just got our first details & images for Booster Set 6 Double Diamond & the Dukemon & ULForceV-dramon starter decks and pre-orders are up!

Plus we have the first details for the 1 year anniversary of the card game, including a number of fun things!

And images from previous Digimon Card Game releases:
Starter Decks 1, 2, and 3, and first 10 promo cards
Booster Set 1 New Evolution
Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power
V-Tamer Promo Cards
Purple/Black Promo Set
Tamer Battle Pack 1 and Tamer Battle Winner's Card
Booster Set 3 Union Impact
Starter Decks 4, 5, & 6, plus Tamer Battle Pack 2 & winner's Card 2, & 1st 2 scene vote cards

English Card Game Details:
All the day 1 cards (the 3 starter decks, special booster 1.0, and a bunch of promo cards) we have clean images for, which can be found here.
We also have all the images from Special Booster 1.5 and a bunch of promo cards, which can be found here.

Special Booster 1.0 and 1.5 are larger than normal 'catch up' booster sets, which contain selections of cards from the Japanese releases of Booster Sets 1, 2, and 3. 1.0 and 1.5 together contain all the cards from those 3 booster sets.

Various rules and other updates for the early release of the Digimon Card Game English version can be found here.
We also have info about the release of Starter Decks 4, 5, and 6 and Booster Set 4 in English here.
Early packaging and promo card details for special booster 1.5 can be found here.
Details of the upcoming Premium Pack & Great Dash Pack can be found here and here.
Details of the January Tamer Party promo cards & rule and Q/A updates can be found here.
Details for the Memorial Pack Promos & Tournament Kits with Promo Cards & Tamer Battle Pack 1 are here.
Details for Tournament Pack V.1 & Tamer Battle Pack 1 Cards from Tournament Kit are here.
English Card Game Delays & Fun Digica English Questionnaire info is here.
The first details for Booster Set 5 Battle of Omni can be found here.
A new playmat and tournament details can be found here.
English Card Game Promo Giveaway with 35,000 Promo Packs w/ Digi-Battle Card Game Themed Packaging info can be found here.
The WarGreymon playmat is getting a release in the west. Details can be found here.
English Card Game Updates- Printable Playmat, Play at Home Kit, Store Celebration Kit, Online Tournament Signup, & Another Commercial can be found here.
An English Card Game Commercial can be found here.


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Aug 12, 2020
(they were mostly unblurred at DigiNavi, showing a few interesting things...)

On the other hand, the blurring itself on these ones makes the effects slightly more clear - both V-mon and Guilmon have normal effects (given their level, presumably On Play, though it could be something like Jamming I suppose if they wanted to play with fire) and Evolution Source effects.