Card Game Updates- Fun Digica 29, Rules, Events & 2021 Championship Announced, Promo & Special Cards, & a new Playmat


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Sep 8, 2006
A bunch of Digimon Card Game updates!

First up...

Episode 29 of Fun Digica went up earlier.

With the release of Booster Set 2, this time Fun Digica goes over questions sent in regarding the rules involving playing new cards.

A few screenshots.


Digimon Card Game Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power is out!

Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power Card Images
Info on upcoming Promo Packs

And images from previous Digimon Card Game releases:
Starter Decks 1, 2, and 3, and first 10 promo cards
Booster Set 1 New Evolution
V-Tamer Promo Cards

Index of Fun Digica & Card Battle episodes:

Next up, some more regarding card game rules...

The card game site has added a number of Q&A documents regarding questions about how certain cards work or may be used. First up are questions relating to specific cards, and where they are from:
Starter Decks
Booster Set 1

Booster Set 2

There is also one regarding basic rules here.

Last up, the rules for the card game have been updated to version 1.3 and can be found here.

Then we have a new printable playmat!

This time the playmat features the artwork of ULForceV-dramon, Dukemon, and ShineGreymon from Booster Set 2.

You get the playmat by doing a questionnaire about getting the game. We've gone ahead and extracted the image from the PDF and put it in the gallery under promo items for the new card game. The image embed above is a smaller version, but clicking it links to the full size ones so you can use and print it.

Then we have some card updates!

We found out about the 8 card purple/black promo pack awhile ago, and got some very low resolution previews of all 8 cards, but we have them much better now...


The card game site added all 8 to their card list since they are going to be showing up, so we get much better images.

The cards included in the pack are:
Black: Keramon, Chrysalimon, Infermon, Diabolomon
Purple: PicoDevimon, Devimon, Vamdemon, VenomVamdemon

And yet more cards!

About a week ago we found out about the first 'Tamer Battle Pack'.

Shortly after, we found out these would be participation prizes in 'Tamer Battle' events beginning in August and would include 4 parallel cards.

We have smaller samples of all 4 cards now!


The 4 cards are each parallel cards for one card each of the first 4 main releases of the Digimon Card Game:
MetalGreymon from the Red Starter Deck.
Zudomon from the Blue Starter Deck.
Angewomon from the Yellow Starter Deck.
AtlurKabuterimon from the first Booster Set.

Each of these work the same as any other parallel card, they have different artwork, but are for gameplay and deck building purposes, the same card as the card they are parallel cards of.

It was also announced that winners of the Tamer Battle events in August would get a special 'gilded' card, which is revealed as a special parallel version of one of the Tamer Battle Pack cards:


Another version of the MetalGreymon card, that will only be given to those who win events. This will, as with the other MetalGreymon card, act as the same card for gameplay and deck building purposes.

Nearly done...

Last up is a promo video...

The promo video goes over a few different events, some of which were touched on above.

A quick breakdown of what the video covers...


1- Tamers' Workshop (Tamer's Meeting)
Starts July 2020
Free competition event
Participation gifts include the new black/purple promo pack, and the plastic memory gauges we've seen for a while.


2- Tamer Battle
Starts August 2020
Grab victory with your proud deck.
Tamer Battle Pack for participants.
Special Promo Card for winners. (as mentioned above)


3- Digimon Card Game Evolution Cup
Medium scale events for skilled players.
Those who rank high get a special card.

And then at the end they announce a big event for next year...


the Digimon Card Game Championship 2021.

So a 'lot' of neat things for card fans, and a bunch coming up for the card game, with Bandai appearing to give the full court press (and with a Championship event planned for the next year, seemingly guaranteeing the card game continuing for a bit...)


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Completely digital
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Jan 24, 2020
Still waiting on an English version of the card game. If that does come I think the card game will last a while. But who knows

Sparrow Hawk

You got in
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Feb 23, 2007
Is that WaruSeadramon Zudomon is wrestling against? Damn that's some epic art.

Vamdemon is a bit feminine around that chest in that artwork... I know it's just art style and posing off.

Devimon's throne is cool! Demon should have it, too in next new artwork.

As'Maria is surprisingly good artist for drawing just fine. Without X Antibody designing. Not bad. Four different artstyles?


I'd rather roll
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Apr 28, 2019
Still waiting on an English version of the card game. If that does come I think the card game will last a while. But who knows
the team working on the Transformers TCG for Wizards of the Coast recently cancelled the card game and cited Covid as a factor as to why. I hope the pandemic isn't delaying an english release of the Digimon card game